Episode 7.05 : The Twist in the Twister

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : December 08, 2011
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 7
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Jeannot Szwarc
  • Screenwriter Karine Rosenthal
  • Main Cast
    • Emily Deschanel as Paint Throwing Fur-Activist,
    • David Boreanaz as Extra,
    • Michaela Conlin,
    • T.J. Thyne,
    • Tamara Taylor,
    • John Francis Daley,
    • John Boyd

  • Additional Cast
    • Billy F. Gibbons,
    • Joel David Moore,
    • Samantha Quan,
    • Samantha Shelton,
    • Jon Curry

The Story


Camp Director Mrs. Allen takes applicant Jill around Camp Patawomeck's grounds. Jill admits to Mrs. Allen that she's not exactly a camp-lover, but needs this job to help pay for college. Jill trips into some nearby shrubs. Mrs. Allen goes to help her and they both notice a skull.

Angela brings Hodgins an extra large coffee. Michael sits in his stroller, wide-awake. The new parents haven't slept in weeks and are running on empty. Billy F. Gibbons joins the couple in the Ookey Room. Angela is surprised to see her father. Hodgins admits he was too tired to remember to tell Angela about his visit. Billy F. Gibbons brings Michael a toy guitar. He offers to watch Michael while the couple goes to work, but they insist Michael go to daycare, since that is the only place he sleeps.

Brennan examines the remains at the campsite, squatting on all fours. Booth wants to get her a chair but Brennan insists she's fine. She determines the victim is a mid-30's male. He has multiple compound fractures and a fence post sticking out of his chest. Brennan notes that the body looks like it was subjected to some sort of powerful friction. Booth suggests a sandblaster. He adds that the camp has been closed for the last few months, and believes that this was a body dump. Brennan attempts to get up, Booth tries to pull her up, Brennan refuses his help and the two cause a scene with their tug of war.

At the Lab, Cam examines the body. She believes the fence post is the murder weapon. A very tired Hodgins determines time of death was five weeks ago. Colin Fisher sympathizes with Hodgins since he is now living with his cheerful mother who likes to get up early. Cam notes there is no directionality for the "sandblasting" effect found on the remains. Hodgins sees dozens of types of organic and inorganic matter. Fisher recalls a series of tornados that occurred five weeks ago - perhaps the remains were damaged in the storms. Cam notices there is no hemorrhagic staining, meaning many of the victim's injuries happened post-mortem.


Brennan and Booth discuss the new developments in the case in the FBI office kitchen. Brennan grabs her meal from the microwave, and Booth takes it away, citing the high sodium levels. Brennan tells Booth he is being too overprotective. Their discussion is interrupted by a call from Fisher. He believes that an object made from three distinct injuries to the right parietal, could be the cause of death. Brennan asks Fisher to have Hodgins swab for particulates.

Hodgins shows Cam an enlarged image of the orange paint flakes he found in the victim's injuries. Hodgins is feeling much better after downing one too many cups of coffee. Angela, however, is still extremely fatigued when she joins them on the Platform to show off her facial reconstruction. The victim, Scott Braley, was reported missing three weeks ago by his brother. Cam leaves, eager to share the news with Booth. Angela informs Hodgins that her father showed up at Michael's daycare. He wants permission to take Michael for the rest of the day, but the two don't want the baby to be too wired at night. Hodgins suggests they lie to Billy and explain that the daycare gets upset when they change Michael's schedule.

At the FBI, Booth and Sweets question the victim's brother, Kevin Braley. Kevin explains that Scott was an experienced storm chaser. Scott had invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into his MiniMoho, which helped him get into the tornado's "brain." Could someone have killed Scott for his MiniMoho?

Fisher enters Angela's Office while finishing a phone call with a girl he brought home from a bar. She stayed at his house to hang out with Fisher's mom. If only Fisher could remember her name. Cam enters to see Fisher's presentation. Fisher shows them the path of the tornado in relation to where the body was found. It appears that the body was flung out of the tornado. Cam suggests that they should work backwards to try to find out where the body was picked up.

On their way to North Carolina, Sweets explains to Booth that it's possible another storm chaser killed Scott for his van. Brennan calls Booth to confirm that the blunt force trauma to the head is the cause of death. Brennan explains that the weapon was cylindrical, with a diameter between 5 to 7 centimeters, and an orange color. Brennan wonders about the van, and Booth informs her that the van has been parked in North Carolina for days. Booth lies and tells Brennan that he sent a team to check it out.

Booth and Sweets finally pull up next to the MiniMoho. As they approach the van they realize there are two people inside having sex. Booth immediately knocks on the door and directs them to come out with their hands up and their pants on.


Booth and Sweets talk to Scott's driver, Nolan. Nolan had been his driver for three seasons, but Nolan had been holding the "MiniMoho" hostage. Scott was having some money trouble and hadn't paid Nolan yet for this season. Nolan had been using the van to lure "chaser chasers," which are storm groupies.

Angela checks in on Hodgins, whose coffee high has faded. Billy F. Gibbons shows up to confront the couple about their day care lie. Angela says a strict routine is crucial for the baby. Billy F. Gibbons tells them he is leaving tomorrow and it doesn't seem right that the baby doesn't get to spend any time with his grandpa.

Booth and Sweets grab a bite. Booth finishes up a phone call. He informs Sweets that the National Science Federation is making an IMAX movie about tornados and the movie contract was worth half a million dollars. The filmmaker who got the contract was Antonia "Toni" Lawrence, who Scott had arrested last year. Scott claimed Toni put sugar in his gas tank to keep him away from the storms. Booth is having Toni's credit cards traced to find her location. Sweets tries to figure out why Booth lied to Brennan, but Booth says he has to protect her.

Fisher signs papers to have the MiniMoho parked in the Jeffersonian loading dock. Hodgins comes out to see the van, and the two go inside to do some exploring.

Booth and Sweets track down Toni Lawrence and her film crew at a Country Bed and Breakfast. There's a storm brewing and the crew is getting ready to chase it. Booth asks Toni about her rivalry with Scott. Toni explains that there was no rivalry: she has a four vehicle crew, a tour service, and is a commentator on The Weather Channel. Scott just couldn't compete with her. Toni needs to get ready for the storm but Booth and Sweets herd everyone into the storm cellar. Booth spots a metal fire extinguisher that fits the description of the murder weapon. He grabs the extinguisher just in time to take shelter in the cellar. Suddenly, the door swings open... it's BRENNAN!


Brennan, Booth, Sweets, and the storm chasers sit huddled in the cellar. Brennan used the cell tower ping method to find Booth, and he is not pleased with her for coming out on such a dangerous trip. Brennan thinks that the extinguisher could be the murder weapon. Booth questions, Wes Ott, the director on the shoot. Wes met Scott a month ago, and Scott told Wes he would bring him on his next chase but never did. Booth moves on to question Misty Clemmons, but she explains she didn't spend much time with the chasers. Sweets notes her rainbow t-shirt and earrings. Misty believes rainbows are God's promise after every storm. Toni interjects. She overheard one of Scott's phone conversations. Apparently, he owed someone a lot of money.

Hodgins and Fisher snoop around the MiniMoho. They are impressed with all the technology Scott invested into the van. Hodgins finds a plexiglass container that contains tubing and fans to create miniature tornados. Fisher recalls a TV show that a recreated a tornado with a wicked witch that oscillated on the top. Oscillate? Hodgins has an idea...

The gang gets out of the cellar to survey the damage of the tornado. Booth tells Brenan that she shouldn't have come, but Brennan believes she gained valuable information by coming. Booth notices that a huge pole has landed on top of his SUV, leaving him without transportation. Brennan gets into her Prius and leaves Booth and Sweets stranded.

Angela shows Cam that after she went through the particulates' density ratio and used a probability index, she was able to find where the twister picked up the body.

Angela visits Hodgins, who has invented his own plexiglass tornado maker and has strapped Michael's car seat to the top. This will put him to sleep! Angela vetoes the idea of putting their child into a homemade ride and instead suggests they give into her father's requests to watch Michael.

Booth comes home to his apartment and has some dinner with Brennan. He apologizes for lying to her. Brennan tells him the extinguisher was not the murder weapon. Booth is having forensic accountants look to see who was asking Scott for the money. Booth is interrupted by a text message: Scott's brother was the one who bankrolled him.


Angela and Hodgins show Billy F. Gibbons around Michael's nursery. They are nervous to leave Michael, but Billy F. Gibbons is confident that he and his grandson will have a good time.

Booth and Sweets question Kevin Braley again. Kevin had a life insurance policy as well as disability and liability policies for his brother. Kevin admits to Booth he was getting sick of Scott taking money from him, but Scott promised that he would do one more season and if he couldn't make it on his own he was going to quit chasing. Kevin tells Booth he was not there the day of the tornado.

Hodgins and Angela sift through the area Angela determined was the murder site. After hours of searching, the couple finally finds one of Scott's tornado probes. Angela believes she can download some of the storm information from the probe. One of the FBI techs finds blood. They tell the team to box everything up and bring it back to the Lab.

In the Bone Room, Cam hands Fisher a file of papers. Brennan has requested he figure out the directionality of every bone injury. Cam tells Fisher that of the tornados in the Northern Hemisphere rotate in a counter clockwise motion. Fisher hopes that if he figures out the directionality of the victim's body within the tornado it could get him published in a journal. He gets to work as Hodgins asks Cam to join him on the Platform.

Hodgins found broken glass from the scene. It has a stronger strength than window glass-2.63 grams per cubic centimeter. Cam notes there is blood and orange paint on the glass. There are also other pieces of glass that are painted green.

While Booth and Brennan are at the FBI they get a call from Cam. The murder weapon was a heavy-duty, reusable glass water bottle. It had thick glass, so it did not break when the victim was hit with it. Cam tells them that the glass was also painted red, yellow, green, and blue. A rainbow. Brennan remembers that Misty Clemmons loves rainbows.


Booth shows Misty the water bottle in the Interrogation Room. Misty admits that it belongs to her. Booth shows her a picture of Scott standing by the MiniMoHo. Misty knows that van! She saw it parked outside a motel, met Nolan, and ended up having sex with him. She must've left her water bottle. Misty admits she was dating Wes, but he broke up with her a few weeks. He had figured out she'd cheated on him.

Brennan, Angela, and Cam watch Wes' storm footage. Wes claimed he never went out to the tornado that occurred the day of Scott's death. Brennan notes the directionality of the twister looks different. In slow motion, the twister is going at a clockwise rotation, which is very rare. Angela pulls up the information she downloaded from Scott's weather probe. The probe tells them that the twister Scott was in moved at a clockwise rotation-Wes was there.

Booth confronts Wes in the Interrogation Room. Wes has nothing to say-he knows he's been caught.

Fisher brings his lady friend, Emma, to see the MiniMoho. Emma admits that she only spent time with Fisher's mother so that she could see him again. That makes Fisher feel... what's the word? Happy.

Hodgins and Angela come home to Billy F. Gibbons blaring rock n roll music. They're shocked to see Michael is sound asleep. Billy F. Gibbons tells them that Michael likes the music and has been asleep for four hours. Angela and Hodgins are happy that they now will be able to get a little shuteye themselves.

Booth comes home to Brennan. He tells Brennan that he trusts her, but he's not going to stop being overprotective of her and the baby. Booth knows that he can't always be there to protect them, but acting like he can makes him feel less helpless. Booth notices that Brennan is walking on the hardwood floors sockless. Booth tells her she needs to put on slippers...and so it continues.

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