Episode 5.12 : The Proof in the Pudding

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : January 21, 2010
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Emile Levisetti
  • Screenwriter Bob Harris
  • Main Cast
    • Emily Deschanel as Paint Throwing Fur-Activist,
    • David Boreanaz as Extra,
    • Michaela Conlin,
    • T.J. Thyne,
    • Tamara Taylor,
    • John Francis Daley,
    • John Boyd

  • Additional Cast
    • Diedrich Bader,
    • Richard T. Jones,
    • Scott Connors,
    • Dylan Kenin

The Story

It is Friday evening and CAM rushes into Brennan's Office holding a pregnancy test. Is Brennan pregnant? BRENNAN assures Cam she is not. Perhaps Angela is? Cam certainly hopes so because Michelle was here earlier and she does not want to be a grandmother.

SWEETS intercepts Cam on her way to question Angela. She blows him off and hurries on her way, barging into Angela's Office. She holds up the pregnancy test, not realizing Hodgins is standing there. Embarrassed, Cam leaves without an answer.

MR. WHITE of the General Services Administration prevents Sweets from leaving the Lab. He informs Cam that he has taken over. He instructs his men to secure all exits. "Your government requires you to figure out how this person died. Until you do, we're all locked in here together as a matter of National Security."

Sweets phones Booth. "A bunch of government guys came in. They sealed the place up." Booth promises to help. Meanwhile, Cam and Brennan open the body bag to reveal a skeleton, each bone placed carefully in its own mold. Mr. White ONLY wants them to determine cause of death. He provides them with a silver case of particulates. No destructive testing is allowed and no one will enter or leave the lab. Mr. White and his men will observe the entire time.

Booth is surrounded by the GSA in the Jeffersonian Parking Garage. He wants an audience with Mr. White. Mr. White finally arrives but he won't give Booth any information. He requests that Booth go home. Booth complies but he hasn't given up.

On the Forensic Platform, Brennan determines that the victim is male and older than 39 years of age. He suffered from spinal degeneration and osteoporosis. Brennan locates a bone graft, a repair to a screw hole. Blunt force trauma to the skull could have been caused by a high velocity gunshot. There is also evidence of scratching on the skull, as though a metal grid was dragged across it. Cam calls Hodgins to analyze the particulates. He must not degrade the samples. Brennan believes she can date the bones if she compares them to specimens in Bone Storage.

At the Diner, Booth explains the situation to ANDREW HACKER. Andrew won't help Booth get inside but he won't stop him either. They'll stay in touch. Sweets calls Booth to report his observations: the unit has likely been partnered together for some time and they don't like working for Mr. White. They treat the body with great deference. Booth thanks Sweets and hangs up.

Angela and Hodgins work in the Ookey Room. Could the remains belong to Jimmy Hoffa? D.B. Cooper? Hodgins encourages her to do a facial reconstruction. Angela leaves as he examines a pink thread. Something about it makes him think.

Brennan and Cam return from Bone Storage. They tell Hodgins that the victim died in 1963. Hodgins asks if there is a nick on a right rib near the third thoracic vertebra. Brennan confirms there is and adds that is was likely caused by a bullet. Hodgins lists what he knows: pink wool, bad back, 1963, bullet, head this JFK?

On the Forensic Platform, Cam, Brennan and Hodgins wonder if the bones truly belong to JFK. Hodgins reminds them that after JFK was shot, the funeral home dressed him with a wig. They used wax and metal mesh to hold it in place. Cam remembers the crisscross pattern on the skull. They hear a gunshot and shattering glass! It's Booth! The guards tackle him. Mr. White is not pleased.

Brennan visits Booth in the Lounge Area where he holds an ice pack to his head. Brennan updates him on the situation: they have the bones of JFK and Michelle is pregnant. Mr. White interrupts. Booth may not leave the building. Booth is perfectly content to stay and cause as much trouble as he can.

Cam is deep in thought when Angela enters the Autopsy Room. Cam is about to call Michelle but Angela stops her. The pregnancy test belongs to her, not Michelle. Angela apologizes. Cam is relieved at first but then she realizes Angela is in a difficult situation. She doesn't know what she is going to do.

In Angela's Office, Angela confesses to Hodgins that she is pregnant. She tells him that it is not the right time and Wendell is not the right guy but Hodgins knows she will be excited. She has always wanted children. She will be happy about this baby. Wendell is a good guy. He will do the right thing.

Later, the gang takes a look at Angela's facial reconstruction. They all agree that it is not JFK. When Mr. White intervenes, they pretend to have made a non-descript face to see what the skull would have looked like in flesh. Sweets believes the face resembles Ricky Martin while Cam sees James Garner and Brennan sees Booth. Mr. White leaves.

In the Bone Room, Brennan finds a possible entry would on the back of the skull. Some skull fragments are missing so she cannot determine an exit wound. Booth asks her to look at the right temple. JFK's exit wound was in that location. Brennan does so. Booth is right. Booth wonders if Angela can recreate the shooting so they can rule JFK out.

In Angela's Office, the Squints and Booth watch an animation from the Justice Department. Hodgins doesn't think they can trust it because it is based on the official record. He believes there was more than one gunman. Otherwise, how could John Connally, the man in front of Kennedy, be shot only 1.6 seconds afterwards? It's not possible. Booth believes that if he had the rifle, he could prove that there was only one shooter. Hodgins takes the bet. There is a replica of the rifle right here in the Jeffersonian.

Booth, Hodgins and Sweets huddle out of sight. Hodgins explains that the replica of the rifle is in storage. He suggests they sneak into the janitor's closet and use a secret passageway he discovered to retrieve it. Hodgins will keep watch.

Sweets and Booth easily recover the rifle. Meanwhile, Hodgins informs Mr. White he is leaving, creating the perfect distraction so Sweets and Booth can sneak out of the closet. Mr. White strikes Hodgins in the kidney. Booth intervenes and helps him up.In the Bone Room, Cam and Brennan determine the diameter of the entry wound: 6.5 millimeters. It is a match to the rifle that killed JFK. Booth elects Brennan to help him convince Mr. White to let them run the experiment.

Brennan explains that they need permission to shoot a cantaloupe. However, she does it in the most complicated terms she can manage, making it impossible for a confused Mr. White to refuse. He also hands over his sidearm with one bullet. Booth prepares for the experiment but at the last second pulls out the rifle. He aims and fires two bullets in succession, one into each cantaloupe. Mr. White is not impressed.

Mr. White reprimands the Squints for their stunt. When he leaves, Hodgins explains that Booth made the shot but he still doesn't believe that Oswald could. He was a lousy shot. Booth is a great shot. The conditions in the lab were perfect. It wasn't a real life situation. Even Angela agrees and Brennan points to scientific evidence on the skull that suggests there was a second gunmen. Booth walks out.

Brennan follows Booth to her office. He explains that if there were two gunmen, that means the government covered something up. They lied. Before Brennan can dig deeper, Hacker calls. A congressional committee is trying to get permission to exhume JFK. They want to see what modern science can determine about his death and there are many parties interested in the outcome.

Hodgins finds Angela in her office. He has made a decision. He will be there for Angela and the baby. Wendell is young and still in school. Hodgins can be there for Angela instead. He will marry her, move in with her, whatever she needs. He leaves her alone to think about his offer.

On the Forensic Platform, Cam explains to Sweets and Brennan why Booth is so upset. He has killed about fifty people for the US government. If they lied about JFK, maybe they lied about the reasons those people needed to die. Mr. White arrives to inform them that their services are no longer needed. They can all go home. Brennan protests. They results are inconclusive and she wants to further test unexplained calcification on the bones. Mr. White tells her to pack up the remains for transportation.

Cam informs Angela that she is not pregnant. She retested the sample, thinking the test belonged to Michelle. It was a false positive. Angela thanks Cam, but is confused.

Booth needs to know if these remains belong to JFK. He handcuffs Mr. White to the railing so Brennan can run one more test. Brennan grabs the bones and runs while Booth takes out the other two men. The Squints stare in amazement. A moment after everyone is subdued, Hacker arrives with reinforcements. He is too late to save the day but makes a great entrance. Oh well.

In the Ookey Room, Brennan places the radii into tubs of pudding. One of the bones sinks while the other floats. She explains to Booth that the healthy bone sank while the other bone is riddled with osteomyelitis. JFK never had this condition. The bones do not belong to him. Booth hugs his partner, relieved.

At the Diner, the team eats and regroups. Sweets thinks the whole situation was a test. Maybe Booth was being tested after his surgery? Or Cam to see her leadership skills? Hodgins tells everyone that he heard a congressional committee wants to exhume JFK. They could have been preparing the Squints for that situation.

Angela tells Hodgins that she is not pregnant but thanks him for being there for her. She will never forget his offer. Cam pulls Brennan aside. Was she aware that JFK had scarlet fever as a child? Scarlet fever can cause osteomyelitis. Brennan believes this is a rare occurrence. Cam tells her she is a good person. Booth and Brennan walk off together, happy to be free in the open air. A TV store displays the latest news: "Congressional committee denied motion to exhume President John F. Kennedy, citing respect for the family'."






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