Episode 5.02 : The Bond in The Boot

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : September 24, 2009
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Alex Chappele
  • Screenwriter Michael Peterson
  • Main Cast
    • Emily Deschanel as Paint Throwing Fur-Activist,
    • David Boreanaz as Extra,
    • Michaela Conlin,
    • T.J. Thyne,
    • Tamara Taylor,
    • John Francis Daley,
    • John Boyd

  • Additional Cast
    • Michael Grant,
    • Christopher B. Duncan,
    • Michael Arden,
    • Emily Foxler,
    • Riki Lindhome,
    • Katherine Kamhi,
    • J.J. Soria

The Story

A MAN waits on the roof of an airport parking structure, a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. An ASSAILANT attacks the man, shooting twice. He cuts off his victim's hand and makes off with the briefcase. Shots ring out as his car peels away, running over the body.

At the crime scene, BOOTH is incredulous that Brennan's publishers gave her a Rolex. He can't even afford a plumber to fix his pipes. BRENNAN offers him money but Booth won't accept. He will fix the pipes himself. Cats feast upon the remains of the victim, which belong to a Caucasian male. No one parks on the roof much so the body went unnoticed for two days. Booth sees paint on the speed bump. Brennan notes that the man has a broken leg. The killer ran over the victim while making a getaway.

At the Lab, CAM discovers a piece of steel wool on the remains, suggesting the victim was shot with a silencer. WENDELL notes an Ilizarov Apparatus was used to lengthen the bones. This device was employed solely in the Soviet Union prior to 1981. The victim is Russian. Wendell can also tell there is bone bruising. Someone tried to pull something from the victim's wrist. HODGINS arrives with cat excrement. He found plastic in the poop from a Russian airline. The victim was a recent arrival.

At the FBI, Booth meets with HAROLD PRESCOTT, a State Department Official. They have identified the victim as YURI ANTONOV, a courier for a Ukrainian diamond firm. Harold explains that Antonov arrived three days ago via the diplomatic checkpoint. However, the State Department didn't authorize a diplomatic visa. No one knows what is in that briefcase. This is a matter of national security.

At the FBI, Booth meets with LENA BRODSKY, the Ukrainian woman in charge of the diamond firm. She is distressed that her diamonds are missing. Antonov was carrying two million dollars worth. She doesn't know why he went through the diplomatic checkpoint.

In Angela's Office, Angela determines the weight of the car that hit Antonov: 3700 pounds. According to Hodgins, the paint from the speed bump is called Tungsten Silver. Angela has a match for the car. It's an Aston Martin. Did James Bond kill Antonov? Cam interrupts with bad news: Wendell lost his scholarship. The trust that funds it has run out of money. Cam hopes to find other financing, so she hasn't told Wendell.

At the Diner, Booth and Brennan ask SWEETS to profile Antonov. He believes that Antonov could have been a spy. Booth tries to locate a book called Plumbing for Dummies. Sweets discerns that Booth is uncomfortable because Brennan makes more money than he does. Booth simply wants to relearn a skill he lost while in his coma. Booth takes a call saying the Aston Martin has been located. Sweets privately advises Brennan to allow Booth to teach her about plumbing. Booth needs to feel that he is not beneath his wealthy partner.

OFFICER LISA KOPEK waits for Booth and Brennan next to the car. The Aston Martin is registered to a rental service and was leased with a corporate credit card. Brennan notes that the car is bleeding. Booth tells her it's oil but Brennan is right. There is a corpse in the trunk, along with a Walther PPK and a CIA badge.

At the Lab, Brennan views damage to the spine of their newest victim. Hodgins finds residue on his fingers that suggests he killed Antonov. Brennan is saddened that Wendell is losing his scholarship but she won't donate money to his cause. Cam is on a board that awards scholarships. Regrettably, they are only for high school students. Does Hodgins' foundation give grants? Hodgins replies that all assets are frozen due to the economy. Everyone looks at Angela. She's got nothing. Wendell appears and the Squints panic. Did he hear? Wendell reports that Booth is here to drive Brennan to Langley.

At the CIA, Booth and Brennan sit down with ARTHUR RUTLEDGE, the Assistant Director of Intelligence. He identifies the victim as GREG DORIT, a CIA analyst. Dorit studied websites, searching for hidden content. He was not given a weapon. Yet, Brennan reports that Dorit's gun killed Antonov. Rutledge has no insights into Dorit's activities.

At the lab, Cam inspects Dorit's bloodshot eyes. Wendell discovers tiny holes on the right radius. Were they made by a drill? Cam asks about his neighborhood. Wendell relates that his scholarship was a miracle. If he ever comes into money, he is going to start a scholarship for others like him. Cam's heart breaks a little more.

At the CIA, MANDY SUMMERS brings Booth to Dorit's office. She tells Booth that Dorit identified lots of threats. He pushed until his leads were followed so some people resented him. Mandy doesn't know what Dorit was working on last. She does know that the CIA made him testify against a man named Pedro Marquez. Greg wasn't sure if Pedro was guilty but he wanted to help. Pedro was held for a year before being released last week.

At the FBI, Booth and Brennan question PEDRO MARQUEZ. Pedro isn't angry with Dorit. The CIA gave him $100,000.00 for wrongful incarceration. Brennan has her own ideas. Pedro owns a chop shop. Does the chop shop have a 70-gauge drill bit? Pedro admits it does. Brennan knows a drill that size could make the holes in Dorit's arm. Things look bad for Pedro but he wants to go to court. With the money from another incarceration, he could buy his mother a condo.

At the Lab, Wendell determines that a drill did not make the holes in Dorit's arm. There are no striations. This tool left smooth cavities. Brennan is impressed and will be sorry to see Wendell go. She relates that he lost his scholarship. Wendell is devastated. Hodgins rushes over. He found a bug! Not an insect but a surveillance bug in Dorit's watch. Shouldn't they look more pleased? Wendell tells Hodgins that he lost his scholarship.

In the Interrogation Room, Mandy confesses that she put the bug in Dorit's watch. She thought he might have been cheating on her. She heard Dorit and Rutledge talking about diamonds. It sounded like Dorit was going to propose so she disconnected the bug. Then Dorit emailed her a picture of him waving goodbye. He was breaking up with her.

At the Lab, Angela analyzes the photograph of Dorit. The image file is bigger than it should be. Something is hidden inside. Dorit wasn't breaking up with Mandy. He was sending her a message.

At the Lab, Wendell still has no cause of death but he does know that Dorit was tortured. He was forced into a painful position. Despite the torture, Cam found no distress to the heart. Perhaps Dorit was tougher then he let on.

At the FBI, Brennan presents Booth with his book: Plumbing for Dummies. She found it at a used bookstore. Booth offers to teach Brennan how to fix pipes and she accepts. They now know that Rutledge was lying. He talked to Dorit about the briefcase. Still, they need more proof that he was involved in this murder.

At the Lab, Wendell discovers that a precision knife-hand strike was delivered to the victim's C3 vertebra. This would have caused severe nerve damage. Only a skilled agent like Rutledge would know this special maneuver.

At the FBI, Booth, Brennan and Sweets meet with Harold Prescott from the State Department. Prescott informs them that Rutledge was a field agent in Russia known for his torture. A JUNIOR AGENT hands Booth a file: Rutledge requested that a baggage inspector be pulled from the diplomatic checkpoint. He allowed Antonov into the country.

At the FBI, Rutledge faces Booth and Brennan. He explains that Antonov brought an extra twenty million dollars in diamonds with him. The diamonds were to be exchanged for political prisoners in Pakistan. Rutledge didn't kill Dorit. He told Dorit to stay away but Dorit read chatter about the exchange. He thought Antonov was bringing something dangerous into the country.

In Angela's Office, Cam has urgent news: the CIA is taking over. They are coming to collect both bodies in ten minutes. Angela doesn't know how quickly she can decode the image file. Cam tells her to work fast.

In the Bone Room, Booth, Brennan, Wendell and Cam try to solve the case in nine minutes. This is Wendell's "last game." He has to shine. "The heads of each femur were dislocated from the acetabula. Mr. Dorit's body was bent back so far that the tendons snapped the bone." His hands and feet were tied behind his back and he was hung from his hands. This would lead to asphyxiation, which explains the bloodshot eyes. Brennan has seen this before. It is a Ukranian torture called the "Swallow." And diamonds are cut with lasers. Perhaps a laser made the holes in the radius. Lena Brodsky is a Ukrainian with access to a laser, as she heads a diamond firm. The case is solved just as Rutledge arrives.

At the FBI, Booth, Brennan and Rutledge confront Lena. She remains silent though the FBI has the laser she used to torture Dorit and the gun she fired at his car. Booth wants to send her back to Ukraine. Her boss won't be happy. Lena talks. She doesn't know where the briefcase is. Dorit never told her. He was the bravest man she has ever seen.

Angela calls Booth. She has decoded the image. Dorit encoded a map in his hand to tell Mandy where the briefcase was hidden. Rutledge calls in the Calvary.

In a locker room, the Bomb Squad approaches locker #134. There is a briefcase inside with a pair of handcuffs still attached. Inside is a USB Computer Drive. This was all about valuable information.

At the Lab, Angela, Hodgins and Brennan say goodbye to Wendell. Cam arrives with some good news. His scholarship has found new funding. Someone made an anonymous donation. Wendell can stay. Brennan sends Wendell to work as Cam tells the Squints that the trust received enough donations for three scholarships. No one claims responsibility. They just smile.

At Booth's Apartment, Booth and Brennan huddle under the sink. Booth reads the instructions while Brennan fits two pipes together. Even with their differences, Brennan admits that she feels close to Booth. Booth turns on the water. The pair is pleased with their work until the pipe begins to spray everywhere. Brennan's Rolex takes a direct hit.






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