Episode 4.26 : The End in the Beginning

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : May 14, 2009
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

As BOOTH sleeps alone in his apartment, a woman slips into his bedroom and undresses. She gets into bed with Booth. The woman is BRENNAN and the pair begins to make love.

Later, Booth and Brennan have fallen asleep. Sunlight creeps into the room when there is a knock at the door. Booth gets up to answer it. DETECTIVE CAM SAROYAN and DETECTIVE JARED BOOTH stand in the doorway. Brennan joins Booth in time to hear the news: a body was found at their nightclub.

Booth and Brennan arrive at their nightclub, The Lab. Zack, Brennan's assistant, came in when Brennan left the club at 4AM. Fisher, the chef, was supposed to come in at 5AM so they could do inventory. Could one of their employees be dead?

Inside The Lab Nightclub, Booth and Brennan find that ZACK and FISHER are unharmed. Fisher reports that Zack discovered the body in the bathroom. When he saw it, Zack screamed. Cam appears to escort Booth and Brennan to the body.

In the bathroom, a man is slumped over in a stall, a bullet in his chest. There is a book of matches on the floor from a place called Amicangelo's. Booth and Brennan don't recognize the man. Cam is suspicious. Fisher heard Zack scream but Brennan didn't hear a gunshot? Brennan explains that she left the club at 4AM. Blood coagulation suggests the victim died between 1AM and 3AM. Brennan insists she was in her office from 12AM until 4AM but did not hear anything. Booth leads his wife out of the bathroom. When they are gone, Jared tells Cam she shouldn't have accused Brennan of cheating on her husband. Cam playfully suggests she was helping Jared. If Booth and Brennan split, Jared can go after Brennan.

At The Lab Nightclub, CAROLINE JULIAN addresses the staff. As the nightclub's lawyer, she will represent them. Everyone is a suspect because someone turned off the security cameras. She tells them the number one rule: do not answer questions that don't get asked.

At the Homicide Division, the questioning begins. Fisher paints himself as a suspect. He is a man on the edge. Though he is a professionally trained chef, he spends his days cooking wings. Jared gives him the crime scene photographs but Fisher doesn't recognize the dead man.

ANGELA doesn't recognize the victim either, despite the fact that she is the hostess. She divulges that she went on a few dates with Jared but it's not working. The police shouldn't hold this against her. Angela conveys that Mr. Booth told a hip-hop artist named C-Synch that he couldn't perform at the nightclub. It was unfortunate because C-Synch is very cute.

DAISY heard C-Synch shouting while working the coat check. He was mad about Booth's decision. She nervously confesses that she turned off the security cameras so she could have privacy with her boyfriend, Fisher, even though he won't commit to her.

WENDELL, the bouncer, refuses to say anything at all. He indicates he doesn't know the victim by shaking his head. According to his file, Wendell restrained C-Synch from lunging at Booth but Wendell won't talk about that either.

SWEETS describes councilman Max Keenan. Everyone loves Max but Max is upset because Booth and Brennan won't pay him a "facilitator's fee" for getting the City Council to rezone the club for live entertainment. Sweets is the bartender so people tell him these things.

Zack acknowledges that a man named Arastoo Vaziri wants to buy the nightclub. Brennan is interested in selling but Booth is not. Brennan has taken meetings with Mr. Vaziri.

At the Royal Diner, Booth and Brennan eat breakfast. They realize their club could be shut down for a while because it's a murder scene. MAK KEENAN joins Booth and Brennan, offering his services as their city councilman. Max reminds them that if they had paid the "facilitator's fee" the homicide may have been prevented.

At the Homicide Division, Brennan reasons with Cam. She wants to reopen the nightclub. Cam believes Brennan is cold. She is more concerned with her business than a human life. Cam thinks Brennan left the club before the murder happened because she didn't hear the shot. Brennan sticks to her story.

Booth waits for Brennan with Jared. They talk about Arastoo Vaziri. He has an alibi for the time of the murder but still appears sketchy. Jared gives Booth information: something was used to muffle the gunshot. There were fibers in the bullet track. Jared implies that Booth knows where the item is and that he should destroy it to protect himself.

Booth drives while Brennan conveys that she doesn't like to be called cold. Booth knows that if she were cold, she wouldn't care. Cam thinks Brennan is cheating on Booth and Jared thinks Booth is the murderer. What an exciting couple they are! They get a call from Caroline and Max with good news. The two have pooled their resources and the club will reopen tonight.

At The Lab Nightclub, VINCENT sets up his DJ equipment. Zack watches idly. Vincent eavesdropped on the police and reports that the killer smashed the victim's head against the wall and finished him off with a gun. The police believe something was used to muffle the shot. Zack notices a gun amongst Vincent's equipment and picks it up. That wasn't a smart move. Zack's fingerprints are now on the murder weapon. What should they do? Vincent believes he should kill Zack and tell the police that Zack attacked him after confessing to the murder.

At The Lab Nightclub, HODGINS sits at the bar, working on his latest crime novel. Sweets shows him a picture of the victim on his cell phone. Judging from the photograph and the fact that he saw the man last night, Hodgins believes the victim was a hired killer.

Booth, Brennan, Caroline and C-SYNCH confer on the nightclub stage. C-Synch is eager to perform at the club because past acts have gone on to fortune and fame. Booth agrees that C-Synch is talented but won't book him because of his gang ties. C-Synch defends himself: his brother is involved with a gang, not him. Vincent interrupts. He needs to talk to Booth.

In the DJ's Area, Vincent and Zack show Booth where they found the gun. Zack admits that he touched it. Booth involves Caroline and Brennan. Vincent offers to throw the gun away but Caroline has to report it. She is an officer of the court.

Later, Cam arrives to inspect the gun. It is the same caliber as the murder weapon. Brennan reports that Zack touched it. Hodgins appears to share his theories on the murder. In his eyes, the gun belongs to the victim but the murderer turned the weapon on its owner. Cam takes Vincent and Zack into custody. Booth promises to bail them out.

At the bar, Hodgins gives Sweets a tip. Vincent was arrested, so that means the club needs entertainment. This is the perfect time for Sweets to audition his band. All he needs is a hot girl to work the tambourine. ARASTOO VAZIRI approaches the bar. Hodgins is not a friend to the Persian real estate mogul. He doesn't want his "home-away-from-home" ruined.

Outside The Lab Nightclub, Wendell shares information with Booth. The bolt on the door isn't sticky, so it wasn't taped. The murderer must have hidden inside the club before it closed. Wendell confesses that he spoke to the victim. He didn't tell the police because his loyalty lies with Booth. Booth tells Wendell he didn't commit this murder.

Inside The Lab, Brennan speaks with Arastoo. Booth intervenes to find out that Arastoo has made another offer on the nightclub but the murder has lowered his price. Booth doesn't care what his price is because he is not selling. Sweets approaches and asks Booth for a chance to audition his band. Booth agrees but Brennan still tells him to make "the call."

Later, Angela finds Brennan in her office at the nightclub. She hands Brennan a napkin with a floor plan of the club drawn on it. Angela confesses that she drew it for the murder victim. She was showing off her interior design skills when Jared interrupted. Angela couldn't show it to Booth because there is an "X" marked over Brennan's office. Did he want to rob the safe? Angela doesn't think so. The victim was after Brennan.

At the Diner, Brennan meets with Max Keenan. She shows him the napkin with the floor plan. What does it mean? Did someone try to hurt Booth through Brennan? Max admits it could be the Persians or the gangbangers. He reiterates that if Booth and Brennan had paid him, the murder wouldn't have happened. Max works for the Grave Digger, a man more powerful than the Persian and the gangbangers combined. Jared works for the Grave Digger too.

At the Homicide Division, Cam and Jared have the victim's identity: DICK VORSTENBACH, a mobster. Brennan decides to hand the napkin over to the police. Booth believes this proves someone was sent to hurt his wife. Brennan asks if it could have been the Grave Digger but Jared dismisses it. There is no Grave Digger.

Booth drives while Brennan tells him about her meeting with Max. Apparently, Max and Jared both work for the Grave Digger. Did Max give her the napkin? Brennan admits that it was Angela. Booth sees a pattern: all of their employees are holding out on the cops. Brennan knows it's because they all believe Booth killed Vorstenbach to protect Brennan. Therefore, they are protecting him.

At The Lab, Sweets prepares to audition his band. Daisy is the hot chick with the tambourine. All of the employees watch. The women love the performance but the men aren't as thrilled. Booth tells Sweets his music isn't right for the club but Daisy is there to console him. C-Synch appears to tell Booth that his brother is waiting for him outside.

Wendell follows Booth as he heads out. He has a gun to defend Booth in case things get sticky. Booth does not want to hear this. He jams the door so Wendell can't join him in the alley. Wendell runs around to the other side as a fight erupts between Booth and C-Synch's brother.

In the alley, Wendell and Brennan arrive as Booth and GRAYSON BARASA, C-Synch's brother, sit exhausted from their altercation. Wendell points his gun at Grayson but Jared points his gun at Wendell. The police are here and they are taking everyone in.

At the Homicide Division, Booth and Grayson sit handcuffed in the interrogation room. They have a chance to talk. Grayson just wants what's best for his brother and that includes playing at The Lab. Grayson will guarantee that Booth will not have a gang problem. He will make the club off limits to his gang and any other gang. Booth relents. C-Synch can perform at the club.

At The Lab Nightclub, Booth and Brennan are back from the Homicide Division but Wendell is still being held. Brennan is concerned. The police have half her staff. Sweets and Daisy approach. Daisy has a confession: she had a conversation with Vorstenbach. She told him about a place where she goes to be alone with her boyfriends.

In the Coat Room, Daisy shows Booth and Brennan her secret hiding spot. Wendell never checks it when he does his sweep. Brennan sees a match on the floor. There were matches on the floor all around the victim's body. Vorstenbach was here.

Later, Sweets and Zack show Brennan the remains of her expensive Belgian corduroy coat: a pile of ashes. They found a bullet hole in it so they burned it. The murderer used it to muffle the sound of the gun. Sweets and Zack wanted to protect Booth and Brennan.

Booth walks with Jared to the Diner. Jared confirms that the fibers on the body were from a Belgian corduroy coat. Booth admits that Brennan's coat is missing. Jared implies that coat should be destroyed. Booth wants to know if Jared is in the Grave Digger's pocket. Jared denies it. In fact, he thinks Brennan is cheating on Booth with Arastoo. They met and called each other dozens of times. Booth punches his brother and walks out.

At The Lab, Booth speaks with Angela. She apologizes for drawing the napkin for Vorstenbach. Booth forgives her but wants to know why the drawing was never finished. Angela tells him that Jared interrupted her to ask her out. Booth heads off to find Max. Again, Max tells Booth to make the payment. Booth has had enough. He thinks that Max is the Grave Digger and he has one final message: if anyone hurts his wife, he will come after Max.

At The Lab Nightclub, Booth and Brennan get ready for the night ahead of them. Brennan asks Booth if the police made him believe she was having an affair. Booth knows that Brennan would never have an affair, just as Brennan knows Booth would never kill someone. Brennan disagrees. She believes Booth would kill someone for her.

MOTLEY CRUE does their sound check on stage while Booth and Brenna watch from the catwalk. Booth realizes who the murderer is. Brennan confesses that she knows as well. Cam arrives with Vincent and Wendell. They have been released from jail. Max stops Cam and whispers something into her ear.

In the nightclub office, Booth has a drink while Brennan tells him that Jared killed Vorstenbach. Booth wonders what to do. Brennan doesn't want to do anything. Jared saved her life. They should thank him. Wendell interrupts. He needs Booth and Brennan.

Outside The Lab Nightclub, Cam trains her gun on Jared. GPS puts him in the building at the time of the murder. Jared killed Vorstenbach. Jared won't surrender his weapon. He isn't going down without a fight. He reaches for his gun. Brennan intervenes. She steps between Cam and Jared. Jared surrenders his weapon to her. It's over.

Inside The Lab Nightclub, the show must go on. Motley Crue performs for a packed house. At the end of the night, Booth and Brennan get ready to leave. After everything that has happened, Booth now believes they should sell the nightclub. Brennan isn't so sure. According to Caroline, Jared could walk. The police can't find Brennan's coat and they can't trace the gun to Jared. They have to keep the club because Jared might need a job. They also need a steady source of income. Brennan is pregnant. Booth kisses his wife and the two hold each other.

Brennan sits in Booth's hospital room, typing a story about The Lab Nightclub. She looks at Booth. He is not awake. She turns back to her computer and deletes her entire story. When she looks up again, Booth stirs. He mumbles that he had a strange dream. Brennan tells him that he has been in a coma for four days due to a negative reaction to the anesthesia. Thankfully, his operation was a success. Brennan sits tearfully by her partner's side. He stares at her. "Who are you?"






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