Episode 4.17 : The Salt in the Wounds

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : March 19, 2009
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Steven DePaul
  • Screenwriter Carla Kettner, Josh Berman
  • Main Cast
    • Emily Deschanel as Paint Throwing Fur-Activist,
    • David Boreanaz as Extra,
    • Michaela Conlin,
    • T.J. Thyne,
    • Tamara Taylor,
    • John Francis Daley,
    • John Boyd

  • Additional Cast
    • Pej Vehdat,
    • Nichole Hiltz,
    • Monique Coleman,
    • Kayla Ewell,
    • Andrew Borba,
    • Amy Pietz,
    • Ramon De Ocampo,
    • Brando Eaton,
    • Spencer Breslin,
    • Matt Bushell,
    • Heidi Sulzman,
    • Earnestine Phillips,
    • Lu Parker

The Story


At the City Maintenance Storage Unit, TESS and DARLENE prepare to salt the bridges in the area. There is a black ice alert. As they fill their truck with salt, Darlene notices something fall into the truck. She stops the machine and hoists herself up to have a look. Inside the truck bed, she finds a human corpse covered in salt crystals.

Later, BRENNAN examines the body in the salt truck bed. She explains to BOOTH that the salt "quick-dried" the tissue. Booth likens the corpse to an apple doll. In fact, the corpse is not that of an apple doll but a six-foot tall teenage girl. She has been dead less than a month.

At the Jeffersonian, ANGELA tries to convince her girlfriend, ROXIE LYON, to get a dog together. Roxie wonders about Angela's sudden desire to own a pet. They don't even live together but it seems Angela already has a dog picked out. She presents Roxie with a picture of a white dog with black spots.

Brennan watches as her new intern, ARASTOO VAZIRI, prays on the floor of the Jeffersonian. CAM explains that he is an observant Muslim. Brennan doesn't think her new assistant will work out. HODGINS collects red fibers from the body as Arastoo joins the group to report his findings. There is damage to the hand that is reminiscent of a case in which a girl was chained to a radiator to protect her virginity. Angela enters with an I.D.: ASHLEY CLARK. She has been missing three weeks. Angela tells Brennan about Roxie and the dog. Arastoo overhears, not sure how to react when he learns that Angela's "boyfriend" is a woman. Cam interrupts with news: the victim was pregnant.


Booth and Brennan sit down with Ashley Clark's parents at their home. ELLEN CLARK last saw her daughter before her high school dance. They had made jam that day. Booth gently tells them that their daughter was 12 weeks pregnant. Ellen Clark refuses to believe the news. Brennan inquires about Ashley's injuries. BOB CLARK explains that Ashley was an athlete. He refers Booth and Brennan to her chiropractor.

DR. SEAN FITTS looks over Ashley Clark's X-rays at his chiropractic office. As he lists her injuries, Brennan understands. She was a volleyball player. Booth asks Dr. Fitts if he knew about Ashley's pregnancy. He last saw her six weeks ago but he had no idea she was pregnant. Brennan thanks him. Despite that fact that he isn't a real medical doctor, he has been able to help them. Dr. Fitts isn't offended by Brennan. She isn't a real medical doctor either.

At the lab, Cam and Arastoo work in the autopsy room. Cam removes the top of the skull from the body and hands it to Arastoo. He determines that any damage to the skull occurred post mortem. Brennan enters and she isn't pleased. Why hasn't the flesh been removed from the body? Cam is not done with her autopsy yet. In fact, she plans to rehydrate the tissue. Brennan is angry that she will not get to examine the bones. She storms out.

At the FBI, Bob Clark meets with Booth in his office. Mr. Clark admits that he found a pregnancy test in the bathroom and confronted Ashley about it. Ashley claimed that it belonged to her friend but Mr. Clark wasn't sure. He tells Booth about Ashley's friend, Becca. Becca and Ashley had fallen out over a boy but she still probably knows things about Ashley's life that he doesn't.At the lab, Angela tells Roxie more about the dog she wants to adopt. His name is Donatello and he is afraid of the wind. Her smile fades when she sees Roxie's expression. It's all too clear what's about to happen. Roxie is ending their relationship. She has to think about the future. Angela is all about the moment but their moment has passed. Roxie says goodbye, leaving Angela alone.

At the FBI, Booth struggles with the vending machine when BECCA HEDGEPETH appears for her interview. Booth turns around to find a very pregnant 16-year-old girl. What's going on?


Booth sits down with Becca at the FBI. She explains that Ashley stole her boyfriend, Rory Davis. Becca claims that their hook-up was short lived, and that she and Ashley would have patched things up eventually. She had nothing to do with her friend's murder.

At the lab, Hodgins and Arastoo lower the victim's body into a tank while Cam supervises. Once the body is in, they turn on the hoses. Ruffer's solution sprays over the body. Now they wait. Meanwhile, Hodgins has identified the fibers. They are from a vehicle, very possibly the killer's vehicle. Hodgins will work on identifying the make of the car. Arastoo leaves to pray when Angela enters. She tells them about Roxie. Hodgins offers to take her for a cup of coffee.

Brennan and Booth visit the high school weight room and find RORY DAVIS with his friend CLINTON GILMOUR. When they question him, Rory immediately claims innocence. Booth asks Clinton, who think it's cool that his friend is a murder suspect, to leave. When alone, Rory is full of remorse about getting Becca and Ashley pregnant but says he didn't have sex with either girl. As a Christian, he is waiting until marriage. "I think some of my, you know, stuff may have found it's way in there." Brennan isn't convinced. "Pregnancy is unlikely without intercourse." All Rory knows is that Ashley had a fight with her volleyball coach before she disappeared. Booth asks where they can find him.

In the Jeffersonian Basement, Angela and Hodgins find themselves in Cleopatra's bed, naked. Angela thanks Hodgins for comforting her. She explains that she is fine about Roxie. She just doesn't understand what's wrong with being in the moment. Hodgins explains that for a couple to really be together, they have to think about the future. She realizes that she and Hodgins are not together. She gets up and leaves. Hodgins notices her earring lying next to him. He picks it up and decides to keep it.

Booth and Brennan question COACH ADAM HAWTHORNE. He claims that Ashley tried to seduce him unsuccessfully. She then threatened to say he was the father of her child unless he gave her $5000 but he didn't murder her. He did the appropriate thing and reported it to the school. Half of the volleyball team is pregnant. He points Booth and Brennan toward the multipurpose room. They are having another baby shower.

In the high school multipurpose room, Booth and Brennan find a group of pregnant teenage girls. ALYSSA HOWLAND approaches Booth and Brennan. She heard about them from Becca. Alyssa was the captain of the volleyball team and several other clubs until she was removed for setting a bad example. Brennan tells her she is a bad example. Booth wants to know who fathered their children. Clinton Gilmour fathered Becca's baby, Ashley's baby, Alyssa's baby and Jenny's baby. The other girls got pregnant from their boyfriends and such. Booth and Brennan are stunned.


In the weight room, Booth confronts Clinton. He doesn't believe that a guy like him slept with four great looking girls. That's not how high school works. Booth easily bench-presses more weight than Clinton thereby proving his point. Clinton insists that he was the one who fathered the children but that was all he did. He didn't commit murder. Booth still can't believe it. Those girls are using him for something. Clinton offers his DNA. He is proud about what he's "accomplished."

At the lab, Cam reports that the Ruffer's solution is working. Arastoo is worried that Brennan will become more agitated about not having access to the bones. Cam tells him he will have to find a way to examine the bones without touching the flesh.

At the Founding Fathers Bar, Brennan and Angela have lunch. There is a story on the news about a "Pregnancy Pact." Angela is a little down but says her relationship with Roxie was worth it. So was her subsequent romp with Hodgins, even though it was the last time because Hodgins doesn't know how to keep it casual. Brennan is proud of Angela. "Like me, you are not swept away by your emotions. You remain rational. You use your brain to pick someone for sex and companionship." Angela disagrees. She uses her heart for love, not her brain. Brennan gets a text from Hodgins. He found pectin in the scratches on the victim's arm. Brennan pays for her share of the meal. Pectin is found in preserves and Ellen Clark was making some on the day Ashley disappeared.

Booth sits with Ellen Clark in the interrogation room at the FBI. Ellen says she grabbed Ashley's arm. That was all. Booth produces a photo. She must have grabbed her hard because she left a mark. Ellen explains that she was angry because Ashley forged her signature on a check for $5000. She breaks down in tears.

In the observation room, Sweets has a theory. Perhaps the other girls in the pregnancy pact killed Ashley because she couldn't come up with $5000. Sweets wants to question the captain, Alyssa Howland.

At the lab, Arastoo works in the bone room. He has created a virtual skeleton using most of the monitors in the lab. Cam is annoyed that he requisitioned everyone's monitor but that quickly fades when she realizes he has found something, something he never would have seen on the actual skeleton. There is a hairline fracture on the stapes. They may have cause of death.


Angela sits in her office, sipping tea. Arastoo approaches her. He has made her a CD to help heal her broken heart. Angela is touched as Arastoo tells her the names of all the songs on the CD. Angela gives him a hug.

On the Forensic Platform, Ashley Clark lays on a table. Her body is almost fully rehydrated. Cam takes pictures of the body. Arastoo arrives to get an update for Dr. Brennan. Cam is putting the next phase of her plan into action. She injects glycerine around the ear to see if there is tissue damage that will explain the fractured stapes.

At the FBI, Sweets questions Alyssa Howland. Alyssa explains that there is no pregnancy pact and it's not her fault the other girls on the team got pregnant. They're all just really close. After all, you can only really count on your friends. Parents, boys and teachers all pressure you but your friends don't. Alyssa doesn't care that she's no longer going to college. She is committed to being a mother. It was her idea that the girls get a house and live together, raising their children. They are each going to put in $5000. It'll be great. Sweets wonders why four of the girls chose Clinton to father their children if this wasn't a pregnancy pact. Alyssa explains that she didn't choose Clinton. He was just there for her after she found out she'd gotten a full college scholarship. Her parents were planning her life and pressuring her. One thing just led to another. He doesn't even want to be involved with the kids and that's just what the girls want. They want to rely on each other, not anyone else.

At the lab, Arastoo aids Cam with her latest experiment. She plans to use colorimetrics to look for bruising using certain light wavelengths. Cam aims a UV light source at the victim's head through an orange filter. A circle the size of a quarter is now visible on the jawline. Brennan appears. When she sees the bruise, she realizes it sits on top of the vagus nerve. According to Brennan, "when the vagus nerve is triggered with enough force, the victim will go into cardiac arrest and die." They have their cause of death.


In the autopsy room, Can and Brennan discuss possible murder weapons. The bruise was caused by a single blow so they are looking for something completely flat and round. Hodgins enters, having identified the vehicle from the red fibers he found. Ashley's body was transported in a Mercedes or BMW. He mentions that Arastoo is praying again. Brennan wonders if praying is appropriate in the lab. Cam assures her that it is just like taking a coffee or cigarette break. Now Brennan wonders who smokes. Cam replies that nobody does. "Not very often anyway, just very rarely in times of great stress." Brennan admits that they wouldn't have discovered the cause of death if she had removed the flesh. Cam thanks her for acknowledging she was wrong. Brennan adds that only someone with knowledge of human anatomy could have hit the vagus nerve. Perhaps they should see what kind of car the chiropractor drives.

At the FBI, Booth tells Cam and Brennan that Dr. Fitts drives a BMW. However, it wasn't enough for a warrant. There are over a thousand BMWs in D.C. Brennan realizes they could have gone undercover if they hadn't already questioned Dr. Fitts. Maybe they can send someone else...

At the chiropractic office, Sweets and Angela sit in the waiting room. They are undercover as a married couple. Angela reviews the picture of the possible murder weapon: a Chiropractic Adjustment Tool. She tells Sweets about Roxie and Hodgins. Angela is fine but she is interested in Sweets' advice. He tells her to be celibate for six months in order to connect with someone on another level, not just sexually. Angela does not feel good about this suggestion. However, Dr. Fitts appears. It's time for their appointment.

In the treatment room, Dr. Fitts examines Sweets while Angela looks around. Dr. Fitts tells Sweets he needs an adjustment. He pulls out a Chiropractic Adjustment Tool. Angela snaps a picture with her cell phone. It looks like they have their man.

At the Founding Fathers Bar, Booth explains the circumstances surrounding Ashley's death. Ashley needed $5000 for her share of the house with her friends. She seduced her chiropractor and blackmailed him for the money. However, he didn't want to pay and didn't want to go to jail for statutory rape, so he killed her. He didn't know that he wasn't the father of her child. Booth wonders about the girls who gave up their lives in high school to have children. Brennan is able to understand. It makes sense that they would band together. They have been taught that women cannot count on men. As an example, she mentions Clinton Gilmour. He was happy to have sex without the responsibility. Booth realizes Brennan is right. He calls Clinton and tells him to meet at the Royal Diner.

At the Royal Diner, Booth explains why Ashley was killed. She needed money to raise her child; his child. Clinton proved Booth wrong. Those girls really did have sex with him. Booth bursts his bubble when he tells Clinton that if these girls changed their minds, he'd have to pay child support. Clinton does not want to hear this but Booth makes his message clear. He fathered these children. They are his responsibility. He needs to make a decision about what kind of man he is going to be. Clinton suddenly has a lot to think about. Brennan sees Booth with Clinton. Maybe there are some men women can count on.






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