Episode 2.06 : The Girl in Suite 2103

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : October 04, 2006
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Karen Gaviola
  • Screenwriter Christopher Ambrose
  • Main Cast
    • Emily Deschanel as Paint Throwing Fur-Activist,
    • David Boreanaz as Extra,
    • Michaela Conlin,
    • T.J. Thyne,
    • Tamara Taylor,
    • John Francis Daley,
    • John Boyd

  • Additional Cast
    • Cerina Vincent,
    • John Kassir,
    • Carlos Lacamara,
    • Danny Woodburn,
    • Bertila Damas,
    • Laura Leigh Hughes,
    • Andres Londono

The Story


Brennan and Booth step out of a hotel elevator into a bombed out hospitality room. Bodies are scattered in the wreckage and firefighter sift through the debris for survivors. B&B are approached by Alex Radziwill, a little person and State Department Rep. He informs them that an ant-drug traffic conference was being held in the room when the bomb went off killing four people. One of the survivors was the keynote speaker Colomian Judicial Attache, Dolores Ramos. Cam appears and explains that the blast came from the room next door and suspects that drug cartel members were behind the bombing. Brennan steps in to ID the bodies and finds scattered bone fragments from another body. Whoever it was, was in the room where the bomb went off, but they can't find the rest of it. Brennan looks up and finds their dead bomber tangled in a chandelier. Shows


Back at the lab, Booth has more information to share with the gang. Apparently, the room next door was unoccupied for renovations. Paint and chemicals made the explosion more deadly. Brennan and Cam have found the sex of the body, but are still trying to ID her. Hodgins has found fragments of glass, wood, plaster, and drywall. Zach adds hat the body is Caucasian, 5'4", early 20's, bleach blonde and ankylosis in the right trochlea and capitulum and scaphoid show that she was a waitress that carried a tray. Angela arrives with her composite of the bomber. Now they have a face.

B&B are at the FBI with Radziwill to question Judge Dolores Ramos, the keynote speaker from the conference. She doesn't recognize the bomber from the composite that Angela created and Booth doesn't get anything useful out of her.

At the lab, Hodgins brings Angela photos that he'd taken of the bombsite. From the way the explosion happened, it seems there was fire first which left a shadow imprint on the wall proving that someone else was in the room.

On the forensic platform Zach runs a check on the bombers dentals and fids a match. He tells Cam that the bomber's name was Lisa Winokur. She runs to tell Booth.

Booth sits with Lisa Winokur's mother, Jill. After telling her that Lisa is dead he question her about Lisa's lifestyle. Jill explains that Lisa was a waitress at the hotel bar, and had a lot of boyfriends. Her most recent boyfriend was nicknamed Senõr Hot Stuff and that he was rich.

Angela has Hodgins by her side at the lab. She done a little work with the pictures he took and found that the person the left the blast shadow was 6' tall. Lisa Winokur was only 5'4", so we might have a new bombing suspect.

B&B hit the hotel bar and talk with the other waitresses. They say that Jill was at the bar the night of the bombing, but wasn't working. She was there to meet rich men and went upstairs with one of them. All the waitresses take guys up to that room from time to time. Then, the waitress spots the man that Lisa had gone upstairs with. Brennan and Booth confront him. He tries to run, but Booth gets him down. A gun is put to Booth's head by another man and he quickly disarms him as Brennan keeps the suspect in place. With the situation under control the suspect tells B&B that he's Antonio Ramos and that he has diplomatic immunity.


In the autopsy room Cam and Zack examine Lisa's body thoroughly. Cam finds traces of semen, but she couldn't find a cause of death. She decides to hand it off to Zack.

B&B sit with Antonio Ramos at the FBI and question him. He is Judge Ramos' son and he refuses to say more. Brennan notices that his arm is hurt and asks him what happened. He ignores her and tells Booth about his night with Lisa Winokur after he shows him a picture. He met her at the bar and went upstairs for a roll in the hay. After Brennan reads his file she concludes that he fell off of his motorcycle while driving it through a mall. She's right. Then Alex Radziwill arrives with Judge Ramos and they escort Antonio out as Brennan tells him the Lisa is dead. He stops, shocked. He tells them that he told Lisa who his parents were, but that's all. He's urged to leave by Mr. Radziwill as Brennan butts heads with the little person.

Hodgins and Zack are in their lab preparing an experiment for Cam and Angela. They explain that the explosion came from the fire igniting with paint turpentine and liquor. They conduct the test and find the mixture very explosive. This reveals that the bomber probably wasn't a bomber, but a murderer that killed Lisa Winokur and set a fire to cover the evidence. Cam commends their work.

With this new info, Booth shakes down Radziwill to erase Antonio's immunity and he won't budge. He gets a call from Cam.

At the lab Cam explains that Lisa was strangled to death with some kind of fabric. There was also a split between two of her vertebrae. Hodgins found a necklace full of rare stones that Lisa Winokur could never afford. Booth suspects that maybe Antonio was lying about not knowing her and that he bought her the necklace.

Because the necklace was so rare Booth is able to find the jeweler that made it and he confirms that Lisa was the one that bought it. She paid for it through a bank routing number. Booth gets the number and plans to run a check on it.

While Booth searches the bank trails, Brennan reminds him that Antonio had an injured arm, which means he couldn't have murdered Lisa. He was too weak. Booth finds the ID for the bank routing number, but it's blocked.


Booth confronts Radziwill and asks if he blocked the routing number. He admits nothing.

With Angela, Hodgins watches her examine surveillance video taken from the elevator the night of the explosion. Antonio is seen wearing a silk tie that could have been used to strangle Lisa.

Zack shows Cam that Lisa was wearing an aluminum splint at the time of death. He asks Cam if she can get anything from that and she calls Booth with an idea.

At the FBI B&B sit with Mrs. Winokur and she gives them insurance records of Lisa. Booth exits to run a check on the records. Mrs. Winokur tells Brennan that she told Lisa to try and get pregnant by a wealthy man so that she could get out of the vicious cycle of the lower class. She's not proud of it, but she was going to get dumped by Antonio and Mrs. Winokur didn't want her daughter to lose out on all his wealth. After checking the records, Booth finds info that Lisa was taken to a hospital Judge Ramos' husband, Juan Vasco. They conclude that Lisa was having an affair with the Judge's husband, not the son, but when the husband tries to break up with her, she gets Antonio drunk and seduces him in an attempt to get pregnant. Perhaps in a jealous rage, Juan Vasco killed Lisa to prevent the pregnancy.

B&B wait at the FBI offices for Radziwill to bring in Juan Vasco for questioning. When Radziwill arrives solo and tells Booth that Juan Vasco is on a flight back to Columbia, Booth calls Hodgins and tells him to make a threatening call to the FAA to stall Juan Vasco's flight.

It works like a charm and B&B arrive at the airport to find the Ramos family exiting their grounded private jet.


Mr. Radziwill is furious that the Ramos plane was grounded and he confronts Booth, Brennan, and Cam about it. He explains that the only channels they can go through are the Columbian government and they've got twenty-four hours before the Ramos leave U.S. soil, which is about the time it will take to go through the Colombian government.

Zack follows Cam and updates her on the type a split he found in Lisa's vertebrae which explains a puncture that Cam had found in the lungs. This means she was stabbed with something, but Zack explains that it would have to be something soft because it left no markings on the bones. He suggest that Lisa was stomped on by Mr. Juan Vasco Romas with something like a golf tee.

Booth's not buying the golf tee concept and suggest they search further. They look at surveillance footage from the elevator again in see that the Judge herself is wearing 3-inch stiletto heels. They conclude that the Judge must have found out about the affairs Lisa was having with her husband and son, strangled he with her silk scarf and then stomped her with a piercing heel. Booth is pleased with their work, but there's no way they can arrest her because she's got diplomatic immunity.

At the diner, B&B discuss with Cam on how they can get around the Ramos family diplomatic immunity. Cam suggest that they use the evidence to bluff and go after Antonio in hopes that the Judge will come forward and confess to save him. Booth isn't game because he doesn't want to diminish the value of diplomatic immunity for Americans across the globe.

They bring in Judge Ramos to the FBI office and she does not confess. She hides behind her immunity. Radziwill won't budge either until he reveals that if the case goes through proper channels with the Attorney General in Columbia, the Judge will be put on trial and because the Columbian AG doesn't favor the Judge she will most likely go to jail and be killed by the drug cartel soldiers she's been fighting for years. He suggests she wave her immunity and go to trial in the U.S. where she faces better chances in prison. B&B like what Radziwill has to say for the first time. The Judge waves her immunity and B&B get the bad guy.

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