The Blacklist

Episode 2.01 : Lord Baltimore

  • The Blacklist
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      January 17, 2018
    • Episode Premiere : September 22, 2014
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Action, Thriller
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2013 - Now
    • Production Company: Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

As Season 2 opens, we find Red handcuffed, lying in the bed of a jeep under fire, piloted by child soldiers through the jungles of Cameroon. Worse yet, one of the kids is wearing Red's hat. Finally, they reach a militia compound presided over by General Yaabari, for whom Red has a business proposal: Berlin hired Yaabari's bounty hunter to find Red. If Yaabari agrees to give Red the names of the other bounty hunters Berlin hired in the next 30 seconds, he can have $3 million. Or he can give Red the names for free... BAM! A hellfire missile hits the dirt as Red prepares to set the $3 million alight. When the second hellfire deploys, Yabaari offers another name: Lord Baltimore. Touching his cigar to the $3 million, Red walks off into the jungle.

Back at the Post Office, Deputy Attorney General Reven Wright lays into Cooper's replacement, Agent Walter Gary Martin. Red has spent $12 million in the past few months and returned with no leads on Berlin. Wright wants to talk to Red, and she's not happy to learn that he only talks to Liz... who's shacked up in a motel room, paranoid and obsessed with the connections she has yet to draw between Sam, Tom, Berlin and Red. She reminds Red that Martin won't protect the task force; without Cooper, they're toast. But Red's concern is with Lord Baltimore, a deadly cyber tracker, and their first real lead on Berlin. It turns out Aram knows Lord Baltimore by reputation, an urban legend with the data analytics crowd. Aram has located cyber engineer Rowan Mills, whom Lord Baltimore may have bribed for data. Rowan's aware of the breach of her data, and it's not the first - but she no idea who might have done it.

Somewhere, a man reports back to Berlin, who's languishing in an ice bath. Lord Baltimore has located Reddington, and the extraction will take place tomorrow - but the Feds are involved, so it will cost more. Berlin nearly drowns the man in his bath to underline his point: no additional expenses. Meanwhile, Rowan receives a scary call from a digitally altered voice. She is not to talk to the FBI again... which she does immediately, just as Aram confirms her network was hacked from the outside. It's not long before the FBI finds a rundown apartment leased in Rowan's name and containing a laptop with the screen handle Lord Baltimore full of the hacked data. Rowan insists the apartment isn't hers... but admits to having a twin, Nora, who died years ago in Mosul. The only plausible explanation is that Nora is alive. Rowan and her mother provide the story of Nora, who was molested by an uncle, though no one believed her. Troubled and lost, Nora found herself working for a paramilitary security company and was on a job when she was presumed KIA, though her body was never recovered. Since there's a chance Nora is still alive, the FBI decides to release Rowan.

Red visits Cooper, who now walks with a cane and is intent on retirement. Offering a memory stick that contains the only copy of their "little adventure in Kuwait" as a bribe, Red asks him to return to the task force. What's more, he knows about Cooper's diagnosis. Red proceeds back to his hotel, where out of nowhere, a helicopter drops to fire on the lobby. Commandos rush in, and Red is whisked to a safe house... presided over by Mossad Agent Samar Navabi. Red's not worried, knowing her boss will phone in his release momentarily, but he's impressed by her tracking skills. Moments later, Martin frees Red with an executive order. In the car, Red peruses a stack of photos - Aram has discovered Lord Baltimore's target is a woman, whom Red identifies as Naomi Hyland, his ex-wife. Naomi and her husband Frank are having a dinner party at their home in Philadelphia when Liz shows up at the back door. Liz wants to bring her to safety, but Naomi's unwilling to give up everything like the last time she saw Red.

The man Berlin nearly drowned, whom we'll call Marcus, shows up at Rowan's loft to play her a record. As Rowan psychically morphs into her sister Nora, Ressler returns to her mother's home to find one twin's corpse secreted in a freezer in an old van. Meanwhile, Rowan sets up a sniper rifle in an apartment across the street from Naomi's home and starts shooting agents. Moments later, her team bursts into Naomi's house. Liz and the team are tasered, and Naomi is taken. Liz revives, just in time to take down Rowan/Nora and call Red with news that she's got Lord Baltimore. But the Rowan personality is back in play, and she has no memory of recent events. Liz knows they need to find her trigger, which leads her to Marcus and the Ink Spots song "We Three." She plays the song for Rowan and offers the theory that it was Nora who survived and murdered Rowan, which caused her personality to split. Once the split is opened by Liz, Rowan/Nora offers Naomi's location, but the FBI gets there too late. Only one of Lord Baltimore's men is still alive, and Red demands to speak with him. He offers the address of an apartment, where Berlin is scaring the crap out of Naomi, taking her photograph. By the time Red arrives, the room is deserted, save a locket on the pillow containing a photo of Naomi.

Liz meets with her lawyer, who informs her that her marriage to Tom is now annulled. Feeling oddly free, Liz cuts her hair and returns to work, only to discover Cooper has returned - it's the first good news she's had in a long, long time. Across town, Red takes delivery of a package, which contains a phone and a small box. Berlin's going to do to Naomi what Red did to his daughter and send her back piece by piece. Indeed, the box contains Naomi's thumb.

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