The Blacklist

Episode 1.10 : Anslo Garrick - Part 2

  • The Blacklist
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      January 31, 2018
    • Episode Premiere : December 02, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Action, Thriller
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - Now
    • Production Company: Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Michael Watkins
  • Screenwriter Lukas Reiter, J. R. Orci
  • Main Cast

The Story

Anslo Garrick pushes Dembe against Reddington's enclosed cell and places a gun to his head. If Reddington doesn't give up the access code to open the box, Dembe will die. Meanwhile, Aram finally locates the final system jammer and smashes it. The post office's intelligence network reboots, allowing him to call the FBI for help. As he stands up, one of The Wild Bunch walks in with a gun to Liz's head. Garrick is counting down from three... to two... to - suddenly, a gunshot goes off, and Garrick orders his men to investigate. What they don't know is that it's Aram who's holding the smoking gun. Knowing this is no time to freak out over a first kill, Liz orders him to help her find cover before Garrick's men find them...

... which doesn't take them long to do. Liz warns them that an FBI tactical team is on the way, but no one seems to care. Garrick puts a gun to Liz's head and continues to threaten Red. Desperate, Red pulls out his gun and pushes it against Ressler's temple, begging for the code to the box. Though he's struggling to stay conscious, Ressler complies and the box door opens. Reddington and Liz are whisked away to a secured exit as the FBI raids the post office. Some of Garrick's men stay behind to hold Cooper and his staff hostage, forgetting all about Ressler, who uses Red's gun to shoot them all just as the FBI arrives on scene.

Garrick escapes with Liz and Reddington via ambulance. As they speed away, he orders The Wild Bunch to rip the tracking chip from Red's neck. With a meaningful look to Liz, Red whispers, "Contact Mr. Kaplan at the Emissary Hotel." Off his cue, Liz fires up the defibrillator and uses it to knock out one of Anslo's guards. She then grabs a gun and shoots the driver. Anslo kicks the dead driver out of the car and takes the wheel. A tussle ensues, and Liz is thrown from the vehicle. She commandeers a vehicle and orders the driver to tail the ambulance. Unfortunately, when Red's chip is thrown out the window, Liz loses the ambulance. Red's disappeared.

Garrick takes Reddington to an abandoned warehouse, chains him in the air and injects him with a chemical that heightens the brain's pain sensors in hopes he'll talk. After doling out a grueling beating, Garrick reveals that this mission isn't about his personal vendetta; a mysterious man named Mr. Fitch has hired him. When Fitch orders Garrick to unchain Red, Red manages to steal scissors from a guard's pocket. Fitch wants to know what happened to their arrangement? "They" could have had Red killed at any time. Fitch knows what Red has and what would happen to it if he died. He always thought his secret was safe with Red, but everything changed once he surrendered to the FBI...

Fowler shuts down Cooper's entire operation. But Liz knows Red is still alive and has Aram trace surveillance footage in hopes of finding a mole. Aram manages to find a series of suspicious phone calls coming from the apartment across the street from Liz. When she breaks in to investigate, Liz finds a room full of surveillance equipment trained on her house. Suddenly, a man puts a gun to her head and she's forced to attack. Within a few seconds, the man is dead, and Liz is forced to call Red's friend, Mr. Kaplan. When Mr. Kaplan shows up, Liz is stunned to meet an older woman. She cleans up the crime scene and tells Liz her two orders from Red were to protect Liz and to find his location at all costs.

Using the GPS in the car of the man Liz killed, Mr. Kaplan and Liz find an abandoned warehouse where they hope Red is located. Mr. Kaplan's team, comprised of armed men led by Dembe, raid the warehouse filled with high tech surveillance equipment, but Red is nowhere to be found. Liz believes that whoever set up the site was monitoring the post office with the goal of infiltrating it to kidnap Red. Once Fowler realizes that she's been watched for months, Cooper's task force is back in business. Liz has an epiphany: why not look for Red at other decommissioned black sites? Logically, they're the last places the FBI would look for its own people!

After Red convinces his captors that he's told the FBI nothing and nothing has changed, Fitch turns him over to Garrick. But when Garrick gets too close, Red stabs him in the neck with his hidden scissors. When Liz and the FBI arrive, all they find is Garrick in a pool of his own blood; Red is long gone. Fowler orders Cooper to put Red back on the Most Wanted List. Ressler is recovering in a hospital following surgery. His ex-fiancee, Audrey, shows up to see how he's doing - she's still his emergency contact, since he has no one else. Ressler sees that she's engaged, and though the revelation is upsetting, the two share a nice moment reminiscing.

At home, Tom begs Liz to give up her job. They can move to a quiet place in Nebraska and settle into a simpler life. Liz knows she's in too deep at this point, and has to finish what she's started. Suddenly, her phone rings, it's Reddington. Liz asks where he is, but he won't tell. She tells Red the FBI is looking for him, which of course he already knows. Red tells Liz that no matter what, if she ever needs him, he'll be there. Gathering up her courage, Liz asks Red if he is her father... and he says no. But before her hangs up, he begs, "Be careful of your husband." Off this horrifying revelation, Red disappears into the night.

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