Better Off Ted

Episode 2.04 : It's Nothing Business, It's Just Personal

  • Better Off Ted
    • Episode Premiere : December 29, 2009
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2010
    • Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Veronica is dating a passionate man named Mordor, who also happens to be a world-class magician. Makes sense. You just don't see a lot of guys named Mordor going to med school. All of Veronica's extracurricular activities are taking a toll on her. She's distracted and sleepy. But on the plus side, she's having lots and lots of sex. Of course, that's exactly what's making her distracted and sleepy.

Linda wants Ted to convince Mordor to have less sex with Veronica so she'll be more focused at work. Ted says, "Yeah, that's a normal thing guys tell each other to do." Nevertheless, Ted does suggest to Mordor that he dial things down with his girlfriend. Unfortunately, Modor takes this as a green light to start having sex with other people, like Ashley from accounting.

Linda wants Ted to tell Veronica that her boyfriend is cheating on her. Reluctantly, he does just that. Veronica takes the news surprisingly well. Right up until the moment she shoots Mordor with a spear gun. Hey, it was an accident (we think.) The doctor says Mordor will recover, but they were unable to save the spear.

Veronica figures that since her boyfriend cheated on her and she then impaled him with a spear, it makes them even. Veronica tells Ted that she and Mordor are back together. Ted then accidentally reveals that he was the one who told Mordor to stop having so much sex with her. Veronica decides to punish Ted by sending him down to work out of the ridiculously tiny office. Lem says, "It makes your desk and chair look gigantic, which is cool."

Lem has been given a bright red lab coat and no one knows why. Ted suggests that maybe the company is honoring Lem because he did something good. But Veronica confides to Ted that Lem got the red coat for no real reason. The company gave it to him randomly after a study suggested that any change in the work environment increases productivity.

The ruse works as everyone steps up their game in the hopes that they will also receive a red lab coat. Then Lem comes in one morning to find that his old white lab coat is back in his locker. Ted tries to tell Phil and Lem that the red coat really isn't a reward for doing something good. Of course, they take that to mean it's a punishment for doing something bad. So Phil is understandably freaked to find the red lab coat has popped up in his locker.

Phil works extra-hard to rid himself of the red menace. Lem also works diligently so that the jacket of doom doesn't find its way back to him. Ted puts an end to the Veridian's intimidation experimentation by getting rid of the red coat forever. He places a flower on the lab table to promote a "positive" change. Of course, Phil and Lem feel this may be the company's equivalent of sending a dead fish. Hey, at least it smells better.

Ted and Linda bicker about who's to blame for the Veronica situation. She accuses him of not knowing anything about relationships. She thinks that he thinks it's all about what the guy wants. When Ted pops up to his old (much bigger) office to pick up a few things, he catches Mordor getting hot and heavy on his couch with Tiffany. We're not sure if she's also from accounting. Ted tells off Mordor to defend Veronica's honor. This ticks off Mordor to the point where he repeatedly slaps Ted a few thousand times.

Later, in the ridiculously tiny office, Veronica treats Ted's multiple slap wounds while telling him that she and Mordor are through. Veronica later meets up with Linda in the hallway. They both agree that what Ted did to defend Veronica's honor was Linda can't believe she told Ted he didn't know anything about relationships. Veronica says, "He may not. But he'd sure be good in one." We agree.






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