Episode 8.22 : 1:00 PM-2:00 PM

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : May 17, 2010
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Logan watches the news, pleased, as the new press secretary announces his role in the peace process. An aide tells him that President Suvarov will be touching down at JFK within the next half-hour. Logan's mood is undercut, however, when Pillar calls with news: Jack, in the company of reporter Meredith Reed, got away with the evidence, and Jack brutally murdered and eviscerated Pavel. Jack's out for blood.

In a back alley, Ricker tells Jack he'll need to go back to his place to track the number Pavel dialed on his cell phone. As he leaves, Jack tells Meredith the truth about the conspiracy, and that since she was seen with him, she can't go back to her home or office. He also throws away her cell phone. Meredith says she can trust her editor, Gary Klausner. Jack has her arrange to get the evidence to him on a pay phone. After that, she's on her own.

Dalia is suspicious of President Logan's involvement. She trusts President Taylor, but is still having Jamot try to find out exactly how Logan got the Russians back to the table.

Logan pulls President Taylor aside and tells her that Jack got away with the evidence. He exhorts her to call Klausner and have Meredith's story killed, under the pretence of national security. Taylor curses him; he's poison. She says the country survived his Presidency, but Logan points out that he inherited his office. She's a popular President, one who is so trusted that she even had her own daughter arrested rather than see justice go unserved. He's sure she'll do what needs to be done.

At CTU, Arlo shows Chloe the feed from Pillar's team. It is of Pavel's battered body and the gun that killed Renee. Chloe is still going to try to talk Jack down before Pillar's men kill him. Arlo has identified Jack's associate as Jim Ricker, who served with Jack in the Gulf War. However, the records show that Ricker's been dead for seven years. Chloe says they must find him so that they can find Jack.

Ricker has learned that he's tracing Logan's location and calls Jack, reluctantly giving up the information. He warns Jack that he's crossing a line there's no coming back from. "I wasn't planning on coming back," Jack says. Jack thanks Ricker for his help and tells him he doesn't have to be a part of this anymore. He then steals an SUV.

President Taylor, who has a headache, orders a reluctant Tim Woods to kill the story. Meanwhile, Meredith calls her editor Klausner with the basics. She arranges to meet him at a diner in fifteen minutes.

In Logan's limo, he's calmly speaking to Novakovich, who is panicking that Jack will come for him. Logan promises that Jack will never find him. However, Jack, suited up in full-body armor, arrives as Logan's limo enters the Park Avenue tunnel. Jack shoots out the tire of a cab, bringing traffic to a halt, and boxing Logan in. Logan, terrified, realizes that Jack is coming for him. Logan's Secret Service agents are unable to stop Jack, who slowly advances, while commuters flee in terror. Jack climbs onto the hood and begins firing at the bullet-proof windshield. The heavy artillery he got from Ricker allows him to crack the glass enough to make a small hole. He drops a canister of tear gas into the limo, forcing Logan to leave the vehicle. Jack takes Logan hostage, a gun to his head, threatening to kill him right here if he doesn't start moving.

As Chloe and Arlo figure out where Ricker's been living, they hear that Jack's kidnapped Logan. Chloe asks Arlo to patch into Pillar and Eden's phone calls. As Pillar's men track Jack, Pillar reminds them to shoot to kill.

Jack takes Logan to an empty utility room. Faced with a rageful Jack, a sweating, terrified Logan confesses everything. He protests his innocence in Renee's death; he was brought in afterwards. Logan claims there is no evidence, no complete list of names of everyone involved in the Russian plot to kill Hassan and derail the peace process. Logan was bluffing, and it worked, but Jack screwed everything up. With a gun to his chest and five seconds to confess, Logan gives up Novakovich's name. Jack then chokes Logan until he passes out, and flees a moment before Pillar and his men arrive and find Logan's unconscious form.

Back at CTU, Chloe and Arlo listen as Pillar calls Eden and reports what he's found. They need to get Jack before Pillar's men do, but how? All agents are already in the field. Chloe says there's one person they can send.

Eden demands to know why Chloe has ordered Cole released into her custody. Chloe claims it's because Pillar took away all her resources for security at the UN, and Cole's the one who designed the operation. She needs his help.

Meredith is waiting at the diner when she gets a call on the diner's phone from Klausner. The FBI arrived before he left and aren't allowing anybody to leave. They say the evidence she has poses a national security risk. Meredith tells him it's a cover-up, and Klausner tells her to protect that evidence. He says he told the FBI he hadn't had any contact with you, but they could be tracing this call. She had better get out of there. As the FBI bang on Klausner's office door, yelling that they told him no communication outside of their presence, he tells Meredith that he'll try to call Ed Sampson at the Justice Department. She needs to lay low until then.

Chloe orders Cole to find Ricker and get him to tell them where Jack is. Log sheets will show Cole accompanying Chloe to the UN, but she's arranged a separate vehicle for him as well as some weaponry.

At Novakovich's hotel, his aide Berkov informs him that President Suvarov's plane has touched down. Novakovich has Ivan bring the car around. However, Ivan is waylaid in the garage by Jack, who roughs him up until he tells Jack the suite number where Novakovich is as well as how many guards there are. Ivan doesn't have a keycard, but the guards do. Jack, a shotgun in hand, pistol whips Ivan unconscious then charges at the elevator security guards. Jack gets a keycard, but is stabbed in the side by one of the guards. Jack kills him with his own knife, then enters the elevator, bloody and wounded but still determined.

Meredith calls Dalia from a hotel phone, but instead reaches Kayla, who doesn't want to speak to her. Meredith says she has information about who is really responsible for her father's death. She gives Kayla the hotel phone's number, but as she hangs up, the FBI arrives to arrest her and seize the video evidence. Tim Woods informs President Taylor of the arrest, and Taylor says that the video is for her eyes only.

Logan, wearing an oxygen mask and speaking with difficulty as he waits to be taken to the hospital, tells Pillar to warn Novakovich that Jack's coming for him. However, it's too late. The phone is answered by a wounded Berkov -- the only survivor of Jack's assault. Novakovich has been impaled. As Berkov begs for an ambulance, Pillar confirms that Novakovich didn't say anything; Jack arrived with guns blazing and killed him.

Pillar informs Logan, who calls President Suvarov. It transpires that Suvarov was giving the orders, but Logan assures him that as far as Jack is concerned, the trail ended with Novakovich. Logan tells him not to worry about Jack; every law enforcement agency is looking for him. Besides, he's been wounded. "There is nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal," growls Suvarov. As Logan reassures Suvarov, Jack, standing in an alley, listens in on their conversation via a tiny fiber-optic micro-dot that Jack has hidden in Logan's collar. Jack is recording the conversation. As Logan hangs up, Jack turns the device off and moves on. Jack leaves a large bloodstain on the wall where he was leaning.






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