Episode 8.20 : 11:00 AM-12:00 PM

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : May 03, 2010
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Dalia Hassan addresses the world, thanking a visibly discomfited President Taylor for her integrity and moral courage. As Logan watches on TV, Pillar reports that Dana isn't cooperating, and that Blesdoe wanted confirmation on how to deal with Dana afterwards. Logan confirms that they're all committed to the same outcome, "not that I have any idea what you're talking about, do you understand?"

As Dana is waterboarded, Jack and Cole arrive outside the location where she's being held. Jack plans to cut a deal with Dana in exchange for the evidence. Chloe calls Cole, who continues the subterfuge as Chloe says she's never seen Jack like this before. Chloe asks Cole to make sure the psych officer is the first person Jack sees when Cole brings him in.

Jack and Cole go through the roof to get into the building, taking out the first team they encounter then using a stolen comm unit to lure the rest of security onto the roof. Jack breaks into the command station and gets Dana's location at gunpoint. He and Cole burst into the room where Dana is being tortured. Blesdoe grabs Dana and holds a gun to her head. He thinks Jack won't shoot; it's too risky... but Jack shoots him right in the forehead, shocking Cole. Using a stun grenade as cover, Jack and Cole make their escape with Dana.

Arlo informs Chloe that Agent Greer called and reported that Jack escaped and took Cole hostage. Chloe puts out an APB for Jack and informs the White House. Meanwhile, Jack demands from Dana the video file that implicates the Russian officials responsible for Renee's death. He can't offer her immunity, but he can offer to let her go. Dana doesn't believe him, so Jack pulls over and holds Dana at gunpoint, giving her three seconds to say the location of the file. Dana gives in; it's in a safe deposit box in her name. Dana turns to Cole and tells him that Jack is after revenge, not justice. She thinks he will kill everybody on that list, one by one, starting with her. Jack tells an increasingly torn Cole that Dana is just trying to get into his head. Jack only wanted Dana to think he'd pull the trigger. Cole continues to go along with Jack, but a seed of doubt has been planted.

Reporters grill Dalia about whether her new leadership position will be accepted by the people of the IRK. Tim Woods passes a note to the President, who read it and pales. She leaves the dais and meets with him privately. Not only has Jack escaped and captured Dana, but Logan is insisting on speaking to President Taylor immediately. She berates him for losing Jack; he assured her that Dana would be more secure in the hands of his private contractors. The President suddenly realizes she's on speakerphone and demands that Logan pick up the damn phone. Logan says he has a solution: appoint his aide, Pillar, to CTU and have him lead the manhunt for Jack. Taylor reluctantly gives her assent for an operational exchange, but that's it. She hangs up on him. Yet Logan pretends, for Pillar's benefit, that the arrangement is more cordial than it is. He tells Pillar to leave for CTU then meets with Novakovich and his attaché, Pavel. He asks Novakovich to have Jack killed. Pillar will feed him information about Jack's whereabouts from CTU over an untraceable phone.

Jack, Cole and Dana arrive at the bank. As Jack stands sentry in the lobby, Cole takes Dana into the bank. Dana desperately tries again to convince Cole that Jack's out for revenge, not justice, and would have pulled the trigger.

Pillar arrives at CTU along with his aide, Eden. Chloe questions why he's there. He says he's under Presidential orders, and it's time to stop treating Jack with kid gloves. As he takes command of the search for Jack, he countermands Chloe's order to use non-lethal force. Jack is armed and dangerous. The level of force to use against him is now unrestricted.

At the bank, Brian - a high school friend of Cole's - leaves Dana and Cole in a viewing room as he goes to get the safe deposit box. Dana tries to play on Cole's emotions again, and says she was going to use the video file as leverage to force the Russians off so they could be together. Brian brings the box and leaves again. Cole orders Dana away from it. He opens the box himself, to find a memory card... and a silenced gun. Cole shakes his head ruefully and takes the gun, but concealed under the gun is a device with a flash-bang charge, activated by the moving of the gun. There is a searing white light and a pop of sound. Dana uses the sudden distraction to knock Cole out with a chair and grab the gun. Brian hears the noise and rushes in. Dana shoots him dead.

Dana secretly puts the video card in her back pocket, then picks up the phone and calls 911. In a breathless, scared tone, she says there's a man at the front door that she's seen on the news, and she thinks he has a gun. "Oh my god, he's looking in my direction," she says, then hangs up. Dana regards the unconscious Cole, strokes his cheek tenderly, and exits the room.

At CTU, Pillar gets confirmation of Jack's location at the bank. The NYPD is dispatched to arrest him. Pillar calls Pavel and tells him that the NYPD will get there first; he'll have to take Jack out in custody. However, when the police arrive, Jack manages to escape, first taking one cop at gunpoint, then disarming his partner. With a sincere whisper of "Sorry," Jack shoots the officer in the foot, then pushes the first cop away and doing likewise. He takes their ammo.

As Jack runs after Dana, he shouts at passerby to call an ambulance; there are two policemen down. He pursues Dana through the streets to a construction site. Jack tricks her into using her last bullets by throwing his jacket around the corner where she's hiding. He corners her and asks if she killed Cole. "I could never do that," she breathes. Jack demands the evidence. Dana says they can still make a deal, but Jack isn't having it. He has her take the video card out and put it slowly on the floor. He then walks right up to her, his gun still trained on her. "Is there anything I can do?" Dana asks. "Nothing," says Jack, his face creased with pain and sorrow. And then, he shoots Dana, point blank. As she goes down, he empties more bullets into her with the force of revenge. Jack takes the video card, his eyes hard, cold and dead.






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