Episode 8.19 : 10:00 AM-11:00 AM

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : April 26, 2010
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Even with CTU, the Air Force and NYPD in pursuit of him, Jack manages to get away in the stolen helicopter. He lands at a helipad on the Cooper Building, then escapes on foot. Chloe realizes that Jack is going to try to find Dana Walsh, and she asks Cole to lead the search team.

Ethan Kanin, believing that the truth will come out one way or another, advises the President to save her administration by coming clean about the Russians' involvement, even if it means the end of the peace accord. Reluctantly, she asks him to prepare a statement about a U.S. withdrawal from the talks.

Logan presents the President with an alternative to granting Dana immunity, which would make her confession part of the public record: keep the truth from ever coming out by classifying Dana as an enemy combatant. Then hire a private security firm he has standing by to incarcerate her in a private facility and torture her until she gives up the information, off the public record.

President Taylor lets Chloe know that a Mark Blesdoe from a private security firm is coming to take Dana to a safe house. She asks Logan to have his men use non-coercive interrogation on Dana.

Jack buys several disposable cell phones. He calls Chloe and tells her the President is lying, and asks for her help in locating Dana. Chloe hesitates, but ultimately tells Jack that Dana's being transferred. Jack wants the address, then hangs up and throws away the phone. Using another phone, he calls ex-military friend Jim Ricker who owes him a favor. He'll be at Ricker's place in ten minutes, and he needs weapons and other equipment.

Bledsoe arrives at CTU. Logan's aide, Pillar, tells Bledsoe to hand Dana back to CTU once they've extracted the information. However, Bledsoe says this is a cleanup mission; it'd be better if they killed Dana and made it look like it happened while she tried to escape. Pillar is uncomfortable with that option, but says he will discuss it with "the client."

Bledsoe meets up with Chloe, who asks where Dana will be held. When Bledsoe won't disclose the location, Chloe claims she needs to see the Presidential Order before she can turn Dana over. While she has Bledsoe's PDA, she surreptitiously uses a mini-USB drive to copy its contents.

As Dana is handed over to Bledsoe, she begs Chloe not to let them do this because they'll kill her. Chloe remains silent as Dana is dragged away. She then examines the data on the USB drive and gets the address where Dana is being transferred to. She notifies Cole that Jack called and she very nearly helped him. However, she's under a Presidential Order, and furthermore, she doesn't think that Jack is thinking clearly. She tells Cole to bring Jack in before he gets himself killed.

Jack arrives at Ricker's place, which is festooned with security cameras. Ricker has the promised equipment: weapons, ammo, communication gear, binoculars and more. Ricker thinks they're now even, but Jack says he'll let him know when they're even. Jack tells him to stay put as he might need him again.

Jack calls Chloe, who implores him to turn himself in. Jack asks if she's going to give him the address or not. Chloe hesitates...then gives Jack a false address ten minutes away. At the address in question, Cole is briefing a team of CTU agents on Jack's capture. He hopes to grab Jack by surprise before he has the chance to fight back. Chloe asks Cole to use non-lethal force, but Cole says he can't tell his men not to defend themselves.

Kanin is so horrified and troubled by President Taylor's decision to go along with Logan's plan that he plans to submit his resignation. He will say it's for health reasons; he's here against doctor's orders anyway. Taylor implores him not to abandon her, but he says he needs to follow his conscience. "You've got Charles Logan now. There's only room for one of us."

At the UN, Dalia and Jamot go over her speech. Her hand is shaking. She is worried that she will be accused of grabbing for power and exploiting her husband's death. Kayla enters, and suggests she remember what her father always said: "The best way to dispel public misperception is to address it directly." Kayla apologies for being selfish earlier, but now she is here for her mother.

Jack arrives at the trap set by Chloe and Cole. He calls Chloe to notify her that he has arrived, and Chloe tips off Cole. Hiding behind a bank of parked trucks, Jack slings a large automatic rifle over his shoulder and stashes the rest of the equipment under a truck. He enters the building and gets the drop on one of the CTU agents, holding him at gunpoint as Cole and the other agents rush in. They all surrender their weapons to Jack.

Cole wonders how Jack figured out that it was a trap. "I know Chloe," he says. He has Cole report to Chloe that a caught Jack is being brought in. "I know I should feel relieved," says Chloe, "But I just feel worse." Cole asks what Jack is planning to do, but Jack angrily cuts him off, shouting to just do as he says.

Jack sits down with Cole in the next room and tells him he only risked coming here because he knew Chloe would send him. He wants Cole's help to gain access to Dana. Cole wonders how Jack can be sure that the President is lying. Jack says she told him to his face. Jack notes that Cole's hands aren't clean - he aided Dana, the Russians got the nuclear materials because of that, and they killed Hassan as well as four of his men. This is Cole's chance to make the people responsible accountable. Jack gives Cole a gun. "It's your call." Cole hesitates then takes the gun, confessing that Dana is in a safe house a few miles away. They leave, pretending for the benefit of the bound agents that Jack is taking Cole hostage.

A terrified Dana is led by Bledsoe and his men into a warehouse full of various implements of torture. When Dana claims she has no evidence to give them, Bledsoe orders her strapped down.

At the UN, Kanin confronts Logan, accusing him of maneuvering the President into a corner. There's too much blood on this treaty. Logan says that every treaty ever signed had blood on it, but Kanin says not like this. Kanin comments that Taylor isn't like Logan, but Logan says she's finally got some teeth. Kanin, outraged, tells Logan that if Taylor suffers, he'll come after him. Logan is unfazed by the threat.

The press conference begins. President Taylor, in introducing Dalia as the new IRK head, conveys that sometimes the pursuit of peace comes with a stark price. As she speaks of Hassan's assassination, we see Dana being strapped down and waterboarded. As Taylor says that peace must prevail, no matter what the cost, she spies Kanin watching her speech from the back of the room. Kanin, saddened, turns away and leaves. The President is momentarily thrown, but continues her speech. As she brings Dalia to the podium, Novakovich, the Russian emissary, watches disapprovingly while the President tries to mask her troubled expression.






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