Episode 8.18 : 9:00 AM-10:00 AM

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : April 19, 2010
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Grieving and dazed, Jack becomes further wounded when he realizes that he cannot answer the nurse's questions about how to contact Renee's next of kin. As Renee's body is taken away, the nurse gives Jack some clean clothes to replace the blood-stained ones he's wearing. Jack slowly staggers back into the hospital corridor and sits, putting his head in his hands. It's a rare moment to himself, sagging under the weight of what's happened. But the moment is soon cut short, as his phone rings. It's Chloe. An enraged Jack demands to find out who shot Renee, promising her he won't compromise their investigation. All Chloe knows is that it is somebody from Red Square, so it must be Bazheav's mob. Bazheav is being arraigned right now in the Federal Court downtown.

Ethan Kanin arrives at the UN in defiance of his doctor's orders for bed rest. He figured he would have to convince President Taylor to speak with Logan, and he is surprised to find that she has already done so. Yet Ethan is horrified to find that the President has no idea what leverage Logan has over the Russians.

Meanwhile, Logan meets with Novakovich and says that they both know that Hassan's opposition had outside help from the Russian government, chiefly Novakovich himself. Logan is heading back to the UN to meet with President Taylor. Either Logan can tell her that Russia is back at the table for the peace conference, or he can tell her the truth about Russia's involvement with Hassan's assassination.

Jack arrives at the courthouse just in time to see Bazhaev denied bail. Jack gets five minutes to talk to Bazhaev and threatens to kill his family if he doesn't tell him who shot Renee. Bazhaev knows that they will kill his family either way. Jack gives his word to get them witness protection if Bazhaev cooperates. Bazhaev informs him that Red Square no longer exists. The order came from Moscow. He doesn't know who exactly gave the order. Everything was arranged by their plant at CTU -- Dana Walsh.

President Taylor lets Logan know that Novakovich gave her notice that Russia was coming back to the table to sign the peace treaty. She credits Logan with the success. Ethan Kanin asks what Logan said to Novakovich, but Logan refuses to say, per his deal with Taylor.

Jack calls Chloe to arrange the witness protection for Bazhaev's family. He also wants to talk to Dana because she is Moscow's spy. Chloe worries what Jack might do, so she asks Cole to be there when Jack questions Dana.

Jack arrives at CTU. Chloe apologizes for the need to keep the cameras on. Jack says if he was going to kill Dana then she'd already be dead. As Chloe and Cole watch from the monitor, Jack asks Dana about Renee's murder. Dana refuses to talk. Jack roughs her up, but before it goes so far that Cole needs to intervene, Dana agrees to give them names all the way to the top. She can also provide proof, but she first demands her immunity deal signed by the President reinstated. She will be dead without it. Dana also wants witness protection, relocation abroad, and enough money to live in comfort. Jack growls that if she lies to him, he will find her.

Logan's aide, Pillar, gets a call from a contact at the Justice Department telling him that Bazhaev talked to Jack. They can't let Jack interrogate Dana, especially since he seems to have a personal stake. Pillar says that Logan may need to ask the President to intervene. Logan is aghast. He cannot tell the President the truth, but he has no choice. "Bauer torpedoed my Presidency," Logan says. "Tried to ruin me. Almost did. There is no way I'm going to let that happen again."

At the UN, Taylor tells Dalia that the delegates have voted unanimously to accept her as the IRK's representative. Dalia says her government will vote within the hour to confirm her appointment as interim President.

Logan arrives at the UN to speak with President Taylor and Ethan. He tells them that Jack is out of control and needs to be stopped. When pressed, he reveals what he has known all along about the Russian involvement with Hassan's assassination and the nuclear threat. The President and Ethan are outraged. Taylor asks if he could have prevented anything that happened today, but Logan says the information only came to him recently via a source he won't reveal. The source has no proof and they could plausibly deny even knowing him. Logan is sure that if Jack brings the Russian involvement into the open, the peace process will be dead. Ethan Kanin says that it doesn't matter because they can broker a better peace later, with honest partners. Logan says it's now or never.

Jack calls the President about Dana's immunity agreement. Taylor says she'll have to call him back. Ethan tells her that there's no choice here, Yet Taylor says there is a choice, and only she can make it. She is going to CTU to talk to Jack.

Chloe tells Jack that CTU can take it from here. He doesn't need to do this to himself. Jack says that he needs to see this through. The President arrives and makes a speech to the staff, thanking them for their hard work and exhorting them to keep it up. Then she meets privately with Jack. Taylor asks him to stand down, apologizing for even asking him to make such a hard choice. She won't be giving Dana immunity. Jack wants justice, but the President wants the peace process to be protected. Jack doesn't think they can trust the Russians, and asks if Dalia knows she's signing a treaty with the people responsible for her husband's murder. "That's enough," snaps the President. The peace treaty is for the greater good and her decision is final. Jack will be taken to McGuire Air Force Base to be debriefed. "You're locking me down," breathes Jack, pained and saddened.

Jack is escorted out of CTU by a pair of Secret Service agents. As Chloe watches him go, the President asks Chloe to have Dana locked down. Nobody will have access to her without President Taylor's express permission. Taylor says that Dana won't be getting immunity because she is a sociopath who will say anything. The President doesn't want the peace process derailed by unfounded allegations. There's going to be a press conference in two hours to present Dalia Hassan as the new leader of the IRK, and Taylor asks Chloe to make sure that the security there is airtight. Taylor notes that Tim Woods always spoke highly of Chloe, and he insisted she be the one to take over from Hastings at CTU. President Taylor says that it was a pleasure to finally meet her, and Chloe tersely acknowledges with a "Thank you." The President hesitates for an awkward moment, but when it becomes clear that Chloe isn't going to say anything further, she takes her leave.

Chloe orders Cole to the UN to head up the security there. Meanwhile, at CTU's helipad, Jack is escorted by Agent Winnick, who respects Jack and is sorry that they had to meet under these circumstances. As they approach the helicopter, Jack grabs Winnick's gun and tells him to order his men to drop their weapons. Chloe, watching on a security monitor, orders all security to the helipad. Yet it's too late. Jack has stolen the helicopter and heads west over Manhattan towards the UN. Chloe has Winnick contact the FAA and the Air Force. They are to intercept the helicopter and force it down.






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