Episode 7.22 : 5:00 A.M. - 6:00 A.M.

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : May 11, 2009
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 7
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Cara reports that the bioweapon will be ready on time for an attack at Washington Center Station, so Tony instructs Jibraan to take the subway there. Meanwhile, Jack delays the med tech from giving morphine to Harbinson, the operative who was holding Jibraan's brother Hamid hostage. Jack tortures Harbinson until he screams that he doesn't know the attack location. However, he does have a number for Tony. Jack has him call Tony, but they're not on the line long enough for Chloe to run a full trace.

Chloe and Janis get into an argument about how Chloe deliberately makes Janis feel stupid. Chloe narrows the location down to the Adams Morgan district. As Jack and his team scramble in that direction, Jibraan enters the subway station. He nervously removes his earpiece and begs the token vendor for help. The bemused vendor waves him over to a transit cop, who is really one of Tony's operatives in disguise. He forces Jibraan to put the earpiece back in. Tony tells him that he's always being watched and if he tries something like that again, his brother will die.

Aaron Pierce calls Olivia Taylor, wondering why she's not at the White House and isn't under Secret Service protection. The Jonas Hodges car bombing is being investigated and they need phone and internet records from all eleven people who knew that Hodges was alive. It's obvious the information was leaked. Olivia makes a suspicious Aaron promise to cover for her until she gets back. She then meets with Martin Collier, who told the assassin to go ahead with the killing. The time for conscience was before she set this into motion. Now she needs to pull herself together in order to avoid bringing him down, along with her mother and her administration. Collier warns Olivia to transfer the funds, or the assassin will be unhappy with her.

At the airport, Kim Bauer calls her husband Stephen with news that her flight's been delayed. Stephen thinks it's a sign she should stay and try to convince her father to spend his last moments with her. As Kim's cell phone battery dies, she sees a man staring at her intensely. A moment later, he's gone. She is unsettled.

A disguised Cara enters the same subway car Jibraan is on. She stashes a duffel bag with the bioweapon below a seat. It's set to go off when the train reaches Washington Center. Jibraan gets a glimpse of her and is puzzled as to why she seems familiar. Cara leaves the train at the next stop as Tony moves to pick her up.

At the FBI, Chloe decodes Tony's location data and alerts Jack that Tony is actually moving towards him. The van passes right by where Jack is staked out. Jack rams his SUV with it. Jack drags Tony out of the back of the van. Tony tries to smash his mobile computer, but Jack manages to get it away before it is completely destroyed. Tony won't talk. Jack threatens to shoot him, but Tony's got nothing to lose. Yet Jack can't bring himself to do it.

Janis manages to one-up Chloe by tapping into the damaged computer's memory after Chloe says it can't be done. They find that Tony had been tracking Jibraan. They run the tracking program and see that he's on the subway. The end of the line at Washington Center is the target. They've only got a few minutes. Chloe patches Jack through to Jibraan's earpiece. He explains to Jibraan who he is and that that his brother is safe. Jack asks if Jibraan was given a package, but he says no. Jibraan realizes that the woman he saw earlier was with the men who attacked him.

Jibraan nervously starts looking for a package, attracting the attention of a business-suited man who eyes him suspiciously. Jack tells Jibraan to stay on the train until all the passengers get off. He does so, and finds the package. Jibraan sees that there's only a little over two minutes on the timer. Hazmat can't get down there in time, so he'll have to immediately bring it up. Scared as hell, Jibraan runs for the escalators clutching the duffel bag, pushing people out of his way. The business-suited man points him out to a transit cop.

To avoid being delayed, a desperate Jibraan takes the canister out of the duffel bag and screams that he has a bomb. Fearful people clear away from him, and he manages to get outside just as the SWAT team, a Hazmat truck and Jack pull up. Jack takes the canister and gets it into a containment chamber in the Hazmat truck just in time. He tells Jibraan that his brother will be brought right away. As Jibraan moves off to have his statement taken, Jack slumps in exhaustion. He then begins to tremble. Renee tries to get him to take an injection, but Jack says he just took one twenty minutes ago. It's not working. Renee holds him, assuring Jack that he can finally rest.

As Kim waits for her plane, she sees the man staring at her again. She goes and sits by another female passenger named Sarah and asks her to check if he's still looking. He's not, but is now moving away. The man is FBI Agent Franks, who was asked by Jack to keep tabs on Kim. He calls Jack.

Renee tells Jack about Hodges' death. Jack realizes that whoever did it may try to kill Tony as well. He orders a full security detail assigned to Tony. Cara calls Wilson with news that the FBI now has the canister, Tony and Jibraan. She doesn't think they need to kill Tony because they have got another play. Back at the airport, it's time for Kim to board her flight. Sarah's husband, Bob, offers to go get some coffee. Instead, Bob follows Agent Franks into the bathroom, breaks his neck, and then hides his body in a locked stall.

As Olivia returns to the White House, Aaron Pierce demands to know why she broke protocol. He threatens to resign as her Secret Service agent. She claims that she was simply overwhelmed by the day's events and needed to clear her head. This seems to win his trust back. As soon as she's gone, he calls Ethan Kanin and asks if the voice-activated recording system that Mike Novick installed in the Chief of Staff's office is still there. It is, but it currently requires Kanin's thumbprint to activate it. He'll be at the White House within the next 30 minutes. Meanwhile, Olivia goes ahead and transfers the funds to the assassin.

At the FBI, Janis is upset that Chloe hasn't thanked her for her work or even acknowledged that she'd been wrong. The argument is cut off as Chloe finds a photo of Cara and sends it to the field agents. Jibraan identifies her. He is then reunited with his brother.

At the airport, Bob returns with coffee and then sits opposite Kim and Sarah. His laptop's camera is trained on Kim. As Renee angrily tells Tony he's going to pay for what he did to Larry Moss, Jack gets a call from Cara. She sends him a link so he can see that they've got Kim in their sights. Cara tells him that Agent Franks has been neutralized. If Jack doesn't help Tony escape, they will kill Kim. Cara orders him to leave the line open. If he tries to warn anybody, Kim will be killed.

Jack gets into the armored van with Renee and Tony. Cara tells him that he'll do exactly what she tells him to do. If any FBI agent gets in his way, he must kill them. Horrified, Jack steals a glance at Renee as Tony, knowing what's happening, gives Jack the slightest smug smile.






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