Episode 7.19 : 2:00 A.M. - 3:00 A.M.

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : April 20, 2009
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 7
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Jonas Hodges' favorite attorney, Patricia Eames, gets a phone call at her home. Hodges wants her to represent him. As she opens her front door to leave, she's ambushed by a man hidden behind a mask who gasses her and then gives her a lethal injection. Just before she dies, she sees a woman who seems to be her exact double. The double, Cara Bowden, steals Patricia's glasses. The man uses a device to scan Patricia's thumbprint and transplant it to Cara's hand in the form of a thin plastic coating.

At the FBI, Galvez is ID'd from a Starkwood security camera. A four-block area is locked down. Within that perimeter, Tony shoots himself in the side and then tells Galvez via phone to stay put because the canister Galvez stole is worth a lot of money to the people Tony's working for. The FBI arrives to find Tony shot and Larry Moss dead. He claims they were ambushed.

Later, Tony calls Galvez to warn him about the FBI's movements. Tony advises him to find a large store or warehouse in the area that he can lure the FBI into and then blow it up. Back at the FBI, Kim Bauer says goodbye to Renee. Her father won't agree to the treatment, and she knows there's no point in trying to change his mind. Kim is just happy they got to say some of the things they have always wanted to express. Just then, Renee gets the call informing her that Larry Moss is dead. She is now the ranking agent in charge. Renee is stunned, but pulls herself together and begins issuing orders. She shows no trace of emotion, and cuts Janis off when she tries to offer condolences.

Jack is having trouble with his debriefing because his memory is starting to fade due to the bioweapon's effects. He is distracted by the sight of Renee addressing a SWAT team, and he goes to investigate. When Jack learns that the bioweapon is still out there and that Larry is dead, he insists on going along with Renee. Jack promises that he will stand down if his condition compromises the operation in any way. She continues to protest, but he cuts her off. He is going, and that's final.

At the White House, President Taylor worries about Hodges' claim to be a small cog in a much larger machine. She wants him interrogated by the FBI. Olivia knows he will want some kind of deal in exchange for information. The President promises not to make any deals with the monster who is responsible for her son Roger's death.

Cara, disguised as Patricia, arrives at the White House brig to see Hodges. He knows exactly who she is. She tells him that his actions have put everybody in a very difficult position. He shouldn't have worried about Senator Mayer's subpoenas because he and Starkwood would have been taken care of. The bioweapon wasn't for his own personal use. The consensus is that Hodges has had a psychotic break. He has exposed himself, and there is concern that he will expose the others. Hodges says he doesn't even know who the others are. Cara surmises that he knows enough to be dangerous. She threatens his family, but promises their safety if he does "the right thing." She slips him a capsule that will induce cardiac arrest without leaving a trace. It will look like a natural death. Without Hodges to prosecute, the case against him and Starkwood will be difficult, if not impossible. Starkwood's legacy can be preserved.

Olivia arrives in the brig and Cara's time alone with her client is over. He is being moved. Cara calls Alan Wilson and tells him she hopes his impending interrogation will pressure him to "resolve" the situation. He asks if she's heard from Tony. She assures him that Tony will have the canister secured soon. Wilson notes that Tony is her guy and he'd better not screw up. Cara has faith that Tony will come through.

Tony finds a secluded area and speak to Galvez, who has found a building for the FBI set up. He has less than twenty minutes to rig it with C-4. Meanwhile, Jack and Renee head to the scene in a chopper. Jack tries to advise her on how to cope with the pain of losing a partner, but she doesn't want to hear it. They arrive at Tony's location. Jack realizes that Tony's story about the ambush doesn't quite check out. Most of the bullet holes are from a .45 caliber gun, but Tony was shot with a 9mm. Yet Jack assumes that Galvez must have had someone else helping him.

From a taxi, Kim calls her husband, Stephen, to let him know she's coming home. He asks if she at least told Jack about his granddaughter, 14-month-old Teri. Kim didn't tell him because it would have made things harder for her father. She explains that she will be on the 7:10am flight and be home by nine.

Renee is concerned that the sweep isn't happening fast enough. The FBI are being slowed by civilians who are protesting that their homes are searched without a warrant. Renee orders any civilians who interfere to be arrested. Jack's body begins to shake, and he retreats to an area to administer himself anti-seizure medication. Tony tries to persuade him to go back to the FBI, but Jack says he is here to support Renee.

A static-filled transmission comes in. It's Galvez, pretending to be Agent Stoller, whom he has really just killed. Galvez claims to have a confirmed visual on the suspect and the canister entering an abandoned apartment building. Jack asks if there was anyone with Galvez. The reply is no, which troubles Jack. As Renee and the FBI team prepare to move out, Jack stays behind to monitor operations. Galvez, as Stoller, lures the FBI up to the second floor of the building. Jack gets a call from Agent Mizelli, who was conducting his debriefing earlier, to try to clear up a discrepancy. Is Jack sure that Tony's source on the White House attack was named Vincent Cardiff? Jack is sure, even with his condition. Something catches Jack's attention and he hangs up on Mizelli.

As Renee and the other agents go deeper into the building, Jack sees that the agents' transponders are showing that Stoller isn't in the building with the rest of the team. He radios Renee to get out because it's a trap. As the agents begin to retreat, Galvez, hearing this exchange, sets off the detonator. Confused reports come in of agents being down and requests for assistance. Jack takes command and demands that the perimeter teams hold position. This was an attempt to draw them off their line. Any hole in the cordon and they lose the canister. When Renee appears to be missing, Jack rushes over to the site with Tony in tow.

Hodges is transported to the FBI, and he notices a tattoo on the arm of one of the Marines who have him in custody. It symbolizes that the Marine served in Pakistan, side by side with Starkwood operatives. Hodges asks how he'd rate their professionalism and performance under fire. The Marine tells him they were good men who were well trained. Hodges is moved, and says that he just made his day. Hodges then retrieves the capsule. He regards it for a moment, then swallows it. He goes into cardiac arrest.

Jack and Tony enter the building. Tony meets with Galvez, who is disguised in Stoller's uniform. Galvez confirms that he still has the canister, then dips his hands in the blood of an agent killed in the blast. He smears the blood all over his face.

Jack finds Renee alive and well. Her radio was knocked out and she's been tending to a severely wounded agent. Renee realizes that whoever did this knew their sweep pattern. Jack calls Mizelli back, and Mizelli tells him that Vincent Cardiff didn't expire as a result of the interrogation as Tony had said. Cardiff was arrested by Customs an hour ago while trying to sneak over the Canada border. He shows no signs of any physical abuse whatsoever.

Jack confronts Tony, who is just bundling Galvez into an ambulance. As the ambulance drives away, Jack draws a gun on Tony. He threatens that if Tony ever lied to him, Jack will take him down himself. Tony tries to talk his way out of it, but Jack isn't buying his story. Suddenly, Jack begins to spasm again. He drops to his knees, shaking. He tries to find his hypo kit. Yet Tony has stolen it from him. Tony takes away Jack's gun and says he never wanted to hurt him. As Tony is about to shoot Jack, two medical techs run up so Tony hides the gun. He asks them to help Jack and walks away. Jack tries to shout a warning, but he cannot speak.

When the ambulance carrying Galvez is waved through the roadblock, Galvez stabs the med tech tending to him in the throat. Glavez then takes the driver hostage at knife point.






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