Episode 7.09 : 4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : February 16, 2009
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 7
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

As Jack works to keep the wounded Henry Taylor alive, the police and EMTs arrive and take over. Jack calls the President and tells her about her husband's condition, and that Dubaku has fled and will probably try to leave the country. The President tells Ethan Kanin she wants to be by Henry's side at the hospital; he objects, but she insists, and Bill Buchanan offers to take responsibility for her security, along with Chloe. Their government clearance is provisionally reinstated, again over Ethan's objections.

Dubaku meets Marika behind the diner where she works. He tells her that his passport visa expired months ago and he has to leave the country - and he wants her to come with him. Tonight. She doesn't want to leave Rosa behind, but Dubaku claims that she will join them later. Marika finally agrees. He tells her to go home to pack and wait for his call. Dubaku then calls Ryan Burnett, a suited man in a government office who is arranging an FAA flight path for just two passengers on Dubaku's orders. Burnett thinks Juma will be displeased, but Dubaku says the mission is over. They arrange to meet to get Dubaku his passports and itinerary, at the Roosevelt Continental Hotel. At the hotel, Dubaku realizes that Burnett has men positioned to take him out, and tells him that if anything happens to him or to Marika, a data file containing the names and bank transactions of everyone involved will be sent to the Justice Department. Outmaneuvered, Burnett complies.

Larry calls Agent Walker. He's horrified at what she did, and that Vossler ended up dead. Vossler's wife had to be sedated and the child is being treated for psychological trauma. Walker is shaken, but continues to work with Jack, who has found a possible safe-house address for Dubaku. Meanwhile, Marika arrives home and finds Rosa asleep in front of the TV; quietly, she begins to pack. Meanwhile, Chloe arrives at the FBI, ostensibly to help shore up the CIP firewall. Janis doesn't trust her. Larry shows her to a workstation where she'll be able to track Jack and Renee via satellite. Larry then offends Chloe by implying that Jack's dangerous and gets his associates killed. Chloe tells him to worry about Dubaku rather than Jack.

Rosa wakes and finds Marika packing. Marika tells her that they're going to live with "Samuel" in Belize. Rosa knows he's lying, but Marika won't listen. Suddenly, Jack and Renee burst into the room and hold them at gunpoint, demanding information on Dubaku. Marika claims not to be able to recognize a photo of him, but Rosa identifies him. Marika begins to cry.

President Taylor arrives at the hospital, where the doctor tells her that Henry's chances aren't good. She comforts Henry, and tells him he was right about Roger's death. As he's wheeled into surgery, she asks Bill Buchanan to have her daughter Olivia brought here; they haven't spoken in years.

Marika reels as she learns the truth about Dubaku. He calls, and Jack begs her to answer the phone. Although she's terrified, she gets through a conversation with him. He's sending a driver for her and won't say where they're going. To Rosa's horror - as well as Renee's - Jack asks Marika to go with the driver; they'll track her from a mile behind via the GPS in her cell phone. Marika agrees. Jack calls Larry, who puts him through to Chloe, who will be doing the tracking. Meanwhile, Janis is trying to log into the conference room server, and her suspicions are aroused when she can't. She asks Sean for the digital beta key, afraid that Chloe is being considered as a replacement for her. Sean refuses - until Janis threatens to expose his office affair with Erika.

Olivia Taylor is having a business meeting when she is interrupted, much to her annoyance, by Aaron Pierce. She won't go with him; she refused Secret Service protection long ago. However, her confrontational stance evaporates when Aaron tells her that her father has been shot - information that is currently confidential.

As Marika prepares to leave, Renee tries to give the frightened girl a code she can dial if she gets into trouble, but Jack angrily cuts her off - do nothing that will raise the driver's suspicion. The driver arrives. Marika gets in the car. Just as Jack and Renee begin pursuit via directions from Chloe, Janis gains access to the computer Chloe is using. Chloe's screen glitches out for a moment; shortly after it returns, she realizes there's been a security breach - somebody in the office knows exactly what they're doing.

Meanwhile, Jack and Renee find themselves trapped in a roadblock formed by the Metro Police, who arrest them based on a warrant sent out from the FBI - or rather, from the mole there. Larry calls the police captain and demands that they be released and insists he has the authority to revoke those warrants. Janis returns the passkey to Sean, who then calls Burnett. Sean's the mole; he's been tapping into Larry's phone and knows exactly what's going on. Burnett tells Sean about Dubaku's blackmail, so now Sean is also invested in helping Dubaku get away. Burnett calls Dubaku and tells him that Marika has been turned by the FBI, but they've managed to temporarily stall the surveillance team. He offers to have his driver take care of her, but Dubaku, angry and betrayed, says he'll take care of her himself.






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