24 Episode 4.03 Day 4: 9:00 A.M.-10:00 A.M.
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24 Episode 4.03 Day 4: 9:00 A.M.-10:00 A.M.

Episode Premiere
Jan 10, 2005
Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Production Company
Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
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Episode Premiere
Jan 10, 2005
Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
2001 - 2010
Production Co
Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
Fox TV
Official Site
Brad Turner
Evan Katz
Main Cast
Additional Cast

9:00 A.M.

Aboard Air Force One, President Keeler speaks to his advisors and Cabinet via teleconference about Heller. Driscoll announces that CTU has a few active leads. The nation's priority is to stop the terrorists.

9:03 A.M.

Curtis still does not know whether Richard Heller has information about the abduction. Driscoll is alarmed when Chloe says that both Jack and Ronnie are not answering their phones.

9:04 A.M.

Jack calls Driscoll with news of Ronnie's death. He wants to follow the suspect in hopes it will lead to Heller. Driscoll demands that he apprehend the suspect now. The phone breaks and Jack hangs up, still in pursuit. Edgar tells Driscoll that Jack's call is not traceable. Driscoll informs the staff that Jack is no longer officially on the investigation.

9:05 A.M.

Chloe calls the MTA, but they have no news of Andrew.

9:07 A.M.

Kalil calls Omar from the car to let him know that had to kill an agent at the train station. Omar warns him to lose anyone who might be following, so Kalil quickly exits the freeway. Jack hangs an illegal u-turn, putting him in the wrong direction out the freeway entrance. He spots Kalil's car on a side road and is able to continue following him from a safe distance.

9:08 A.M.

Heller tells Audrey about them broadcasting that he will be put on trial. He is frustrated that his daughter has to be subjected to this horror. Omar demands that Heller sign a list of offenses that he is charged with. Heller refuses. They threaten to kill Audrey, and Heller relents.

9:15 A.M.

Driscoll is annoyed that her team has found nothing on Jack's location or the origin of the webcast. The President calls Driscoll, and she is forced to tell him that Jack is trailing a potential suspect. Driscoll asks if he would authorize an assault on the terrorists even if that means the Secretary will not survive. The President says he will cross that bridge if the scenario presents itself.

9:17 A.M.

A techie named Marianne Taylor phones Curtis to ask why she wasn't considered as a consultant for CTU's investigation even though she has the qualifications. Marianne accuses Curtis of being uncomfortable because they once had an affair. She threatens to call Driscoll.

9:18 A.M.

Jack calls Chloe with a request to steal satellite surveillance from CTU so that he can track the suspect's car. Although Driscoll warned her that Jack is operating outside CTU, Chloe agrees to help. Edgar hears the end of the call and tells Sarah that Chloe is acting strangely.

9:19 A.M.

Driscoll informs Curtis that Marianne claimed he gave her classified information on CTU systems. Curtis dubs Marianne a liar. To avoid getting into a conflict, Driscoll will bring Marianne in as a consultant. Curtis' polygraph shows that Richard Heller might be hiding the fact that he told someone about his father's visit. Driscoll wants him to use force to get it out of Richard.

9:21 A.M.

Behrooz tells his mother that Debbie followed him to the compound and now Navi wants him to summon Debbie to the house. Behrooz is worried, and he asks Dina to talk to Navi because he doesn't want him to hurt Debbie. Dina agrees to call.

9:28 A.M.

Richard's arms are strapped down. The man who tortured Nina Myers comes in with a briefcase full of syringes. Curtis demands that Richard admit who knew about Heller's visit. Richard screams, and Curtis stops the needle before it's injected. He goes out to the observation room where Driscoll has been watching. She is angry that he did not obey her orders. Curtis suggests a non-invasive technique instead, and Driscoll reluctantly agrees to it.

9:30 A.M.

Dina calls her husband as he is entering a restaurant. They are concerned because Debbie has seen the warehouse where Heller is being held. Dina assures Navi that she will take care of it. She hangs up and tells Behrooz that he doesn't have to bring Debbie to the house. Behrooz is pleased, and he hugs his mother.

9:31 A.M.

Kalil tells Andrew that "today is about something bigger." He pulls the car under an overpass where other men are waiting for him.

9:32 A.M.

Jack pulls over too, and he gives Chloe the location of where he is. He asks her to get back to him once she has the satellite coverage. Jack grabs rifles from the back and runs over to get a better view of where Kalil's men are beating up Andrew.

9:34 A.M.

Chloe sees Andrew from a Caltrans traffic cam on the freeway. She begs Jack to stop the beating, but he doesn't want to risk losing the trail on Heller. Meanwhile, Andrew tells Kalil that he only found that someone was preparing to distribute some kind of positioning code on the internet. Yet the text was in Arabic, so he couldn't uncover anything else. Kalil relays this to Omar, who orders him back to the compound. Their men will get rid of the body.

9:35 A.M.

Sarah tries to get Chloe to do a project, but Chloe brushes her off in order to track Andrew. Jack tells Chloe that he will follow the suspect who has driven off. She watches as the other two men prepare to kill Andrew. Jack quickly shoots both of them. He tells Chloe to dispatch an ambulance and he takes off.

9:37 A.M.

Chloe calls for help, and then goes to the bathroom to break down in tears.

9:42 A.M.

Heller whispers to his daughter that she may be able to escape once the trial starts, regardless of his situation. Audrey weeps.

9:44 A.M.

Jack calls Chloe, and she tells him that she won't forgive him because Andrew is in bad shape. She wants to go to Driscoll, but Jack talks her out of it.

9:45 A.M.

Marianne comes into CTU. Driscoll has Curtis bring her to an empty workstation. He's clearly annoyed with the situation. Curtis walks to Chloe's desk and assigns her another task.

9:47 A.M.

Chloe tells Jack that the satellite is being overused and she can't get through. She decides to send Edgar to the server room and turns the satellite off of Edgar's computer to make hers run smoother. She lets Jack know she has it up.

9:49 A.M.

Curtis comes into the interrogation room where Richard has been subjected to sensory disorientation. Richard still won't divulge anything. Curtis turns up the intensity.

9:55 A.M.

Marianne grills Edgar about what is going on. He tells her that Jack is following one of the terrorists on his own even though Driscoll wants the suspect brought in. Edgar says his task is to find Jack.

9:56 A.M.

Jack sees Kalil go into a convenience store. He calls Chloe, but she has no movement on the satellite.

9:57 A.M.

Behrooz is shocked when Debbie pulls up to the house. Dina says that she asked her to come over so that they can find out what she knows. Dina greets Debbie warmly and goes off to make tea. Behrooz is worried about his mother's motives.

9:58 A.M.

When Chloe still can't get satellite coverage, Jack comes up with an alternate plan to keep the guy in place. He takes out a handgun and dons a mask. Jack pretends he is there to rob the store. Kalil is one of the customers caught in the holdup.