Episode 3.08 : Day 3: 8:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M.

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : December 16, 2003
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

8:00 P.M.

Tony explains to Chappelle that Jack is back working undercover on the Salazars. Chappelle is angry that he wasn't kept in the loop.

8:01 P.M.

Tony calls the President to inform him that everything from the infected body to Ramon Salazar's prison break was part of an elaborate sting operation. Jack had pre-recorded a video message to further clarify. He says that the Salazars were never in control of a threatening virus. Jack had deliberately promoted that lie in order to weed out a more dangerous group of Ukrainian scientists who are trying to sell a weaponized virus on the open market. Jack offered the Salazars up as buyers, and then convinced the Salazars that he had switched sides by springing Ramon from prison. He, Tony and Gael kept this a secret to protect the President from exposure. Jack asks Palmer to give Tony the authority to interdict with the military and take possession of the virus.

8:05 P.M.

After watching the video, Palmer chides Tony from keeping a matter of national security from him. With Jack setting up a meeting between the Salazars and the Ukrainians in Mexico, Tony solicits the military's help. The President reluctantly grants his request, but warns Tony that he will face consequences later on. Palmer hangs up, angry. Wayne agrees with what Jack did in order to protect the Administration, but he knows that the President should censure Jack later.

8:06 P.M.

The CTU staff files out of the conference room after hearing Tony's admission on the secret mission. Michelle eyes Tony mistrustfully. Chappelle tries to regain control of the operation, but Tony insists that the President put him in charge of helping Jack find the virus. Chappelle vows to be on his back. Michelle notices Tony steady himself against the desk because he is still weakened from the surgery.

8:07 P.M.

At the ranch in Las Nieves, Mexico, Hector makes it clear to his brother that Jack came to him with an opportunity to make billions. By purchasing a deadly virus from Ukrainian scientists, they can resell it to Al Qaeda and North Korea. Jack had dropped an infected body at the National Health Services building to prove it was real, and now he is supposed to meet with a representative to purchase the virus within the next hour. Hector explains that Jack is out make $50 million. Jack had lost his wife and brought down Salazar, but still ended up with a demotion at CTU. "I'm done putting my ass on the line for nothing," Jack says bluntly. Salazar is still suspicious, so Hector hands him a gun. Yet when Salazar aims at Jack, Hector pushes his arm out of the way so that he misses. Salazar thinks Hector is crazy for trusting Jack. Jack tells them that time is running out to make the buy. They should either shoot him or let him make the call.

8:15 P.M.

Tony gives direction to the staff, showing them that Jack's transponder locates him at a ranch in Mexico. Kim takes Tony aside to tell him that Chase went to rescue Jack and has tracked him to Las Nieves. He is unreachable because he went dark. Chase may blow Jack's cover.

8:16 P.M.

Jack sweats through his heroin withdrawal in a room at the ranch. Claudia comes in with food and slaps him across the face. "You said you'd take me away from here," she says, feeling betrayed when she learned he was really an undercover cop. Claudia belittles him for being a junkie and deceiving his own country. She contemptuously offers him some heroin, but then feels sympathy. Jack is conflicted because he can't tell her the truth.

8:19 P.M.

Tony sends Chase's dossier and photo to an agent in Mexico. He then becomes dizzy and falls to the ground. Tony gets back up and sees that no one noticed.

8:20 P.M.

Tony tells Michelle and Kim that he is sending a man named Rafael Gutierrez to Las Nieves to reel Chase in. Kim notes that Chase would never use a landing strip to touch down because it's too exposed. Tony agrees, and orders a topographic overlay to find another potential area to land a plane.

8:21 P.M.

Palmer tells Wayne that he can't reach Anne. He is worried because she was upset after the debate. Wayne advises him to be evasive with the press about Anne's connection to her ex-husband's illegal affairs.

8:22 P.M.

Anne arrives at her ex-husband Ted's office. He apologizes for lying about her involvement in his scheme. She sees that he has a gun and she questions whether he is going to commit suicide. Anne tries to get the gun, but Ted grabs it and points it to his own temple. Anne lunges for it again, but he pushes her down. She watches in horror as Ted kills himself before her.

8:29 P.M.

Michelle finds Tony in a weakened state, and she urges him to go back to the hospital. Tony brushes off her concern, but then senses that she is bothered by something. Michelle mentions the secret mission, and Tony apologizes for allowing the job to come between them. Michelle is upset that she could not tell that he had been hiding something for a month.

8:32 P.M.

Anne calls Palmer to tell him about Ted's suicide and the letters exonerating her from the falsified research. Palmer hangs up and gives Wayne the news. Wayne is relieved. He respects her for cleaning up her own mess, noting that she may be learning what it takes to be a part of the political game. Palmer is uneasy at the thought of this.

8:35 P.M.

To persuade his brother even more, Hector elaborates about Jack setting up the deal with the Ukrainians and the real prison break. Plus, all of their contacts in the American agencies and military confirm that Jack is a fugitive. Salazar becomes convinced when Hector says that they will kill Jack as soon as they have their hands on the virus. Salazar gives Jack the go-ahead to call his contact.

8:42 P.M.

Rafael Gutierrez phones Tony from Chase's potential landing site. Tony is alarmed that Gutierrez is alone because Chase is a good field agent.

8:43 P.M.

A plane lands and Tony listens as Gutierrez approaches it. But the plane is empty. Gutierrez hangs up.

8:44 P.M.

Gutierrez goes back to his car, and Chase appears out of nowhere. He holds Gutierrez at gunpoint and checks his badge. Gutierrez says that Tony sent him to find Chase. He gives Chase a phone to call Tony. Before they can speak, shots ring out and Gutierrez falls dead. Chase gets in the man's car and takes off. Tony can still hear the gunfire, and Chase says that he is being pursued. Tony, Michelle and Kim listen as the car crashes. They fear the worst. Chase is alive, but dazed. The snipers descend upon the car and take Chase prisoner.

8:51 P.M.

Anne arrives at the District office, and Palmer greets her with a tender kiss. Wayne looks over her papers from Ted and is glad that they will clear her name. Anne ends her relationship with Palmer because she can't live in his world and do the things she would need to do in order to survive.

8:55 P.M.

Jack uses a satellite phone to call Michael Amador, the Ukrainian contact. Amador takes the number to call him back. Suddenly, the henchmen come in to the ranch house with Chase in tow. Salazar recognizes Chase as Jack's partner. He readies his men to move location because he is sure more agents will arrive. Jack tries to defend himself, saying he didn't know that Chase was coming. Betrayal and anger dawn on Chase's face, and he asks if Jack is now with the Salazars. Jack confirms that this is true. Chase breaks away momentarily to charge Jack. In doing so, Jack slams his watch against the wall. Salazar demands that Jack shoot Chase to prove that he's on their side. Chase spits in Jack's face. Jack raises the gun to Chase's temple and fires, but there is only a clicking sound. The chamber is empty. Salazar applauds Jack, and orders his men to interrogate Chase. He and Jack will go to a safe house to wait for Amador's call.

8:59 P.M.

In a van, Jack warns Chase to shut up. He then notices that his watch isn't working.

At CTU, Gael comes up to notify Tony that the transponder on Jack's watch went dead. Tony is concerned that by the time the assault teams are in position, they will have no idea where he will be.






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