Episode 3.06 : Day 3: 6:00 P.M.-7:00 P.M.

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : December 02, 2003
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

6:00 P.M.

Jack pilots the helicopter away from Mexico. He knows that the feds will only shoot him down at the border.

Chase phones Chloe from the road. She sends him radar maps following the chopper that show Jack is flying toward downtown Los Angeles. Jack knows that he can't be shot down over a populated area. Chase asks Chloe to try to get through on the radio to tell Jack that they already have Kyle Singer and the virus.

6:01 P.M.

District Director Ryan Chappelle assumes control of CTU in Tony's absence. He calls a Major Blanchard to find out when the military will intercept Jack's helicopter. Chappelle instructs Blanchard to shoot Jack down before he reaches the downtown area. Chappelle has Michelle round up Adam and the staff for a briefing. Chloe apologizes to Kim for yelling at her in Jack's office. Although she told Michelle about Jack's drug use, the prison riot occurred right after. Chloe doesn't think anything has been officially done about it yet.

6:03 P.M.

Chappelle warns the gathered staff that, since Kyle Singer and the virus have been contained, both Jack and Salazar are now expendable. Gael reacts. Chappelle is under the impression Jack will probably be killed by Ramon once he hands off Salazar.

6:04 P.M.

At the Mexico ranch, Hector is frustrated because he can not reach Gael. Claudia tries to soothe him. Hector says that Jack Bauer is delivering Ramon to them, and Claudia becomes alarmed. Although she thinks it's too dangerous to allow Jack to come there, Hector has plans of his own for Jack. Gael finally calls with news. He tells Hector that Jack has escaped with Salazar, but that they are being pursued by the military.

6:06 P.M.

Kim asks Adam what Chappelle said in the briefing. He lets her know that they will have to shoot Jack down if they can't make contact. Michelle pulls Kim aside, and says that she and Chappelle feel Kim should remove herself from the job until the situation is resolved. Although Michelle is worried that Kim's emotions will get the best of her, Kim is resolved to complete her duties. She wants to help them contact Jack. Michelle dismisses her to get back to work. Chappelle tells Michelle that he wants Kim gone if they are forced to fire on Jack's helicopter.

6:07 P.M.

Jack recognizes the planes following him as military. He assumes they have orders to fire.

6:08 P.M.

Chase calls Chappelle to question whether President Palmer approved the use of force against Jack. Although Palmer is in the middle of a televised debate, Chappelle doesn't need the White House's authorization because Jack is now a fugitive from the law. Chase warns him that it would be politically prudent to do so because of Jack and Palmer's personal relationship. Chappelle rethinks his stance, and orders Major Blanchard to stand down from firing at Jack.

6:09 P.M.

Chappelle phones Wayne, who is backstage at the debate. He lets him know that the virus has been contained and a new situation involving Jack has arisen. Wayne knows that his brother won't like shooting down Jack Bauer, and he promises to get back to Chappelle with an answer quickly.

6:10 P.M.

While taking part in the debate, Palmer gets a message from Wayne through his transmitter earwig. Wayne explains the Jack situation and asks him what he wants to do. Palmer interrupts the debate under the guise of a national security emergency. He walks off the stage to opponent Senator Keeler's outrage. Wayne clears their advisors from the backstage area.

6:18 P.M.

Kyle Singer is wheeled into the National Health Services center in an enclosed bio-stretcher. He is panicked. Linda is in the same contraption, but is taken to another area of the facility. Dr. Nicole Duncan tries to calm him down and doesn't let on to the seriousness of his condition. She tells him that his parents are on their way.

6:20 P.M.

Jack sees that the military helicopters on his tail have him locked in. He doesn't know why they have not fired.

Kim watches nervously as Chloe frantically attempts to get through to Jack's communicator. Meanwhile, Major Blanchard notifies Chappelle that Jack is locked on target. They are awaiting the signal to fire.

6:21 P.M.

The debate moderator informs the audience that there is no news about the national emergency that the President spoke of. Senator Keeler's staff questions whether the whole thing was a ruse to end the debate. Palmer walks into the backstage green room, and pops a pill before catching his breath. He tells Wayne that he can not give the order to kill Jack. Wayne admits to being worried about Jack disclosing their arrangement, but he is sure that ridding the world of Salazar is more important. "You have to do what's right for this country," Wayne argues. Palmer calls Chappelle and authorizes him to fire at Jack. Chappelle gives the go-ahead to Blanchard.

6:24 P.M.

Chase and everyone else at CTU listen as the order is passed. Kim silently hopes for a reprieve. As the military pilots try to get a lock on the chopper's position, Jack flies between the tall buildings of the downtown corridor. Major Blanchard orders his team to stand down because Jack is too close to civilians. With a new plan in effect, Chappelle instructs the CTU staff to have units ready on the ground to bring Jack in. Meanwhile, Jack lands the helicopter in the middle of a downtown street. Chloe finally patches Chase in to the helicopter, and he tells Jack that they have found Kyle and have contained the virus. Unfortunately, his message is transmitted to an empty helicopter. Jack and Salazar are already running down the street and have hurried to the stairs of a Metro Station.

6:30 P.M.

The Singers are greeted at National Health Services by Dr. Duncan. She tells them that there is nothing they can do for Kyle. He only has a few more hours to live. The Singers talk to him over a speakerphone since he is separated from them by a plexiglass divider. "I deserve what I'm getting," Kyle says. His parents cry. Mr. Singer blames himself for causing Kyle to seek money elsewhere. Kyle goes up to the glass and says his goodbye.

6:34 P.M.

Chase arrives at the Metro Station, and a LAPD officer briefs him on the trains that have moved through the station. Knowing Jack wouldn't trap himself inside a train, Chase calls Kim for the schematics of the station. She tells him that there is one emergency exit about a block away in an alley. Chase runs off alone to find Jack.

6:35 P.M.

Kim notifies Michelle about Chase's request. She wonders whether they would still have to use force now that Jack is on the ground. Michelle says that the mandate is unchanged. Sensing Kim's unease, Michelle notes that there's a good chance now that they can capture Salazar without harming Jack.

6:36 P.M.

Chase comes upon an open grate at the emergency exit. He has Michelle seal off the area.

6:37 P.M.

Jack and Salazar walk up to a parking lot and take a set of keys from the valet stand. Jack clicks the alarm remote and a car chirps. They get in and drive away.

6:41 P.M.

Wayne tells Palmer that CTU has still not found Jack or Salazar. The President hopes that they can be picked up without incident. Since news of the prison break has already leaked, Wayne advises Palmer to publicly denounce Jack's actions even though Jack put his life on the line to stop the virus.

6:43 P.M.

As he drives, Jack calls Salazar's pilot circling the skies in a private jet. He tells him that he has Salazar. Gael is listening in, and confirms for the pilot that this is true. Gael is also buffering the call so that CTU can not track it. The pilot calls Jack back and arranges to meet at the Santa Margarita airstrip. Salazar chuckles at his imminent freedom. He mentions that when Jack was with him in Mexico he took the drugs even though he didn't have to. "What's your pain, Jack?" Salazar taunts. "What does the needle make go away?"

6:45 P.M.

Dr. Linzer calls Michelle from the hospital to let her know that Tony is out of surgery. With no nerve damage, he should make a full recovery. Michelle happily tells Chappelle the good news. He gives her an uncomfortable hug but gets right back to business. Chappelle suggests that she have Gael look for an anomaly in air traffic patterns to find the plane picking up Salazar. Michelle asks Adam to send Gael up to her office.

6:47 P.M.

In the IT room, Gael talks to the pilot as he watches a video feed of the private jet land at the airstrip. Kim and Adam approach, so Gael hangs up and wipes the video monitor of his Salazar feeds. Adam sets Kim up in the IT room on a task. Gael offers to do the work, but Adam sends him to Michelle's office. Gael leaves, and Kim looks at him curiously.

6:52 P.M.

Anne comes into the green room as Palmer prepares his statement. He takes Anne aside, and she again apologizes for her ex-husband's lies surfacing in the debate. Wayne interrupts to remind the President about a response to Keeler's accusations about Anne. He also says that Palmer's been hurt in the quick polls after the debate. Anne tries to interject her opinion, but Wayne shoots her down. Palmer tells his brother that Anne is not going anywhere and that they are not changing their strategy. Anne suggests to Palmer that they put their relationship on hold until after the election. Palmer says that he needs her. She agrees to stay.

6:55 P.M.

Dr. Duncan tells Kyle and his parents that tests prove he is not affected with the virus. She gets hold of Chappelle and gives him the news. He doesn't know whether this was a bluff or some other plan by Salazar.

6:57 P.M.

Jack arrives at the airstrip and pulls up next to the plane. Salazar's henchmen take Jack prisoner at gunpoint. Salazar tells Jack that he would never have been able to leave. The men knock Jack out. Just as Salazar is going to shoot Jack, the men say that Hector wants him brought back alive. They all board the plane, and drag the unconscious Jack with them.

6:59 P.M.

Kim works alone in the IT room and notices that Gael did not log off from his computer. She turns his system back on and sees video feeds. One shows Jack being knocked out and carried onto a plane. She is stunned, and tries to call someone. Kim sees a man walking into the IT area, and thinking it's Adam, calls out to him. It is actually Gael, who says that he forgot to close a file. He pulls out a gun.






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