Episode 3.05 : Day 3: 5:00 P.M.-6:00 P.M.

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : November 25, 2003
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

5:00 P.M.

Anne waits backstage with Palmer before he is to go on for the debate. She apologizes about his having to deal with her ex-husband. He warmly kisses her forehead before taking the stage.

5:02 P.M.

A full riot is in effect at the federal holding facility as the prisoners take over the outer cell block. Jack removes the handcuffs on Salazar. Two guards approach, and Jack and Salazar knock them down. They put on the guards' uniforms.

5:05 P.M.

The warden tries to regain control of his prison, but Chase is adamant that Jack and Salazar need to be found first. To convince the warden of the severity, Chase is forced to tell him about the virus threat. The warden then redirects his guards to follow Chase's command. Michelle calls to inquire about the prison riot, and Chase says that Jack set it off in order to free Salazar. He asks that she notify him the moment they find Kyle Singer. Jack may hand over Salazar if CTU has the virus contained.

5:07 P.M.

Inside the warehouse container, Kyle apologizes to Linda for getting her into this predicament. The people from the government told his father that he wouldn't be contagious for a few more hours, so she may survive if they are found in time. Kyle tries to break open a conduit in the ceiling to find a way out.

5:08 P.M.

Kim discovers Kyle in a truck on a traffic camera. She passes the tape over to Adam when Michelle summons her. Michelle lets Kim know that Jack is working outside of CTU by removing Salazar with force. Her father had lied to her about the prison transfer, and she was unaware that she was violating protocol.

5:09 P.M.

Jack and Salazar charge down the corridor, beating prisoners as they pass to make their way out. A group of prisoners take them hostage. The guards open fire, but Chase sees Jack among the group and lowers his gun. The prisoners pull Jack and Salazar into a room.

5:15 P.M.

After Kim neglects to forward Adam a file, he lashes out at her for being forgetful. Michelle asks Adam to cut Kim some slack. She explains about Jack using Kim to create a transfer order and start a prison riot.

5:16 P.M.

Kyle Singer manages to break a piece of the conduit open to reveal internal wires in the ceiling. As he is standing on a chair, he wraps the wires around his neck and hangs himself. "If I die, the virus is dying with me," he says to Linda. She climbs up and loosens the conduit, so that Kyle falls down. He is still alive. Linda takes him in her arms.

5:18 P.M.

Workers set up for Salazar's homecoming party at the Mexico ranch. Claudia goads Hector into standing up for his position in the family against his brother. Gael phones Hector. Although Jack still has Salazar alive, CTU is getting closer to finding Kyle Singer. Hector warns Gael that he must prevent that from happening.

5:19 P.M.

Kim zooms in on the traffic photograph and sees that someone is holding Kyle at gunpoint in the pickup truck. Adam notifies Michelle as Kim attempts to ID the vehicle.

5:20 P.M.

Chase and the warden review the live security feed and see Jack and Salazar among the prison hostages. Suddenly, one of the prisoners named Peel shoots the camera. In the room, Peel tells his fellow inmates that the police won't care if they kill off the guards. Peel pulls Jack and another guard from among the hostages and sits them at a table. He places a gun down and forces them to play Russian Roulette with each other. The guard is afraid, but Jack convinces him that this is their only way out. The man puts the gun to his temple and pulls the trigger. It fires, and he falls to the ground.

5:29 P.M.

As Kim waits for an image of the truck to download, Adam lets her know that there is an internal inquiry about the prison transfer and riot. He offers to help her out. Suddenly, the image stops downloading due to a router error.

5:30 P.M.

In the ITS room, Gael scrambles to finish manipulating the router. He sees Kim on his monitor. She goes into the ITS room, and he explains that a line surge may have damaged the router. He tells her that he has fixed it.

5:31 P.M.

Kim goes back out and asks Adam if a line surge could have been the problem. Adam calls Michelle with the license plate, and she orders a search. Michelle then asks Chloe to check Jack's phone logs, emails and office for clues.

5:32 P.M.

Michelle calls the hospital to find out about Tony's condition. He is still in surgery. She has a tech at CTU send video feed from the operating room to her desktop. She is rattled at the sight of the doctors cutting into her husband. Michelle quickly shuts off the feed.

5:34 P.M.

Chase arranges explosive devices around the prison perimeter. He checks the fiber optic camera feed on his headset. He leads his team into a maintenance tunnel.

5:35 P.M.

Peel selects Salazar to play Russian Roulette against Jack. Salazar explains that he is a prisoner. Jack confirms that he is a federal agent. Peel insists that they still continue. Chase can see the situation on the camera. With a throng of prisoners pointing guns at his head, Jack raises the pistol and pulls the trigger. It is empty. Salazar takes the gun next and also gets an empty round.

5:37 P.M.

Chase sets explosives on the wall, and Jack notices the light from Chase's headset in the air vent. As the prisoners chant for the game to continue, Jack takes the pistol and shoots Peel in the chest. Salazar fights off another prisoner. Suddenly, a blast knocks a hole in the wall and the entry team led by Chase raids the room. They fire at the prisoners. Jack and Salazar make it to a door. Chase shouts after his partner.

5:43 P.M.

Chloe rummages through Jack's office and finds the heroin vial and syringe in the trashcan. She phones the lab and asks someone to come up with a drug kit.

5:44 P.M.

In the televised debate at the USC auditorium, Senator Keeler charges that Palmer's current girlfriend, Anne, fabricated results of a clinical drug trial that later caused three deaths. Palmer says that Keeler's accusation is false. Backstage, Anne lowers her head in shame. "Now do you get it?" Wayne says to her.

5:45 P.M.

The lab tech tests the substance in found in Jack's office. It comes up positive for drugs. Kim comes in, and asks Chloe if a line surge would have shut down the routers. Chloe says that it wouldn't. Chloe is resistant to reveal to Kim what she found in Jack's office, but she finally admits that she thinks Jack is using drugs. She pulls out the tourniquet, syringe and heroin. Kim is in shock. Chloe says she feels uncomfortable about what Kim made her reveal.

5:48 P.M.

Chloe goes to Michelle and shows her the drug paraphernalia. The liquid in the vials tested positive for opiates. But Michelle has no time to respond because Adam has located the truck carrying Kyle Singer at an industrial complex. Michelle orders a raid.

5:49 P.M.

Jack and an armed Salazar make their way through the prison. They see the SWAT team and a helicopter outside. Jack is struck with an idea, and he makes Salazar strip off his guard uniform.

5:54 P.M.

Adam and Kim pull up a satellite image of the industrial complex to see if they can spot Kyle among the buildings. Kim fights back her tears as she works.

5:55 P.M.

Jack sees Chase outside with the SWAT team. He asks Salazar to follow his lead. They walk outside, and Jack demands the helicopter from Chase. Chase refuses to give up because CTU is close to finding Kyle Singer. Jack responds that there isn't enough time. If he doesn't let Salazar go soon, then hundreds of thousands of people will die. Chase tells the warden to release him because CTU can track the chopper. The SWAT team stands down. Jack and Salazar board the helicopter.

5:58 P.M.

The biosuit-wearing CTU team storms the warehouse and shoots the terrorists working for Hector. They rescue Kyle and Linda.

5:59 P.M.

Chase watches as Jack disables the comm and locator on the helicopter. His cell phone rings. Michelle tells Chase that they have captured Kyle Singer. Chase attempts to warn Jack as the chopper takes off, but Jack doesn't hear him. Salazar chuckles as he flies away to safety. "Now you're an even bigger enemy to your country than I am," he tells Jack. Jack shoots him a look.






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