Celine Dion Honored with 'Titanic' Tribute at Cello Show

The iconic singer returned to the stage at HAUSER's 'Rebel With a Cello' show in Las Vegas, where she received a special rendition of her 'Titanic' theme song.

AceShowbiz - Celine Dion made a special appearance at HAUSER's "Rebel With a Cello" show at the Wynn in Las Vegas on Saturday night. The Croatian cellist, HAUSER (born Stjepan Hauser), aware of his VIP guest, performed a rendition of Dion's iconic "My Heart Will Go On" from the 1997 film "Titanic".

As Dion entered the venue, she received applause from the audience. Transfixed by HAUSER's performance, she sat still until the end, overcome with emotion. She then gave the musician a standing ovation and expressed her gratitude to the concertgoers.

HAUSER expressed his dream of performing with Dion, but she politely declined due to her stiff-person syndrome diagnosis. However, she indicated they could talk soon.

Despite her condition, Dion hasn't lost her passion for music. She attended HAUSER's show to support the arts and connect with her fans. Her resilience and love for her craft were evident throughout the evening.

Dion has not performed publicly since 2020 due to her illness, but she maintains her belief that she will return to the stage in the future. Her documentary, "I Am: Celine Dion", set to stream on Amazon Prime Video on June 25th, will shed light on her condition and her journey to recovery.

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