Bill Belichick, 72, Roasted by Joy Behar Over Romance with 23-Year-Old Girlfriend

'The View' co-host Joy Behar mercilessly mocked Bill Belichick's relationship with Jordon Hudson, who is nearly five decades younger than the legendary football coach.

AceShowbiz - The hosts of "The View" recently turned their spotlight towards Bill Belichick's new relationship, engaging in a lively discussion about the legendary football coach's romance with a woman nearly five decades his junior.

During a "Hot Topics" segment, Joy Behar, 81, initiated the conversation with a critical tone, highlighting the 49-year age difference between Belichick, 72, and his 23-year-old girlfriend, Jordon Hudson.

Behar humorously questioned, "This girl is hearing wedding bells, but the question is - can HE hear them?" She went on to jest about the physical aspects of their relationship, saying, "Not in the bedroom, he's not! There's only so much Viagra in the world, OK?"

Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin attempted to offer some balance, with Haines suggesting Hudson might be benefiting from exposure to opportunities she wouldn't otherwise have. However, Hostin speculated that the public reaction might be different if the genders were reversed. To this, Behar quipped that such scenarios are highly improbable, saying, "It would be like if she hooked up with Timothee Chalamet, who's 28."

Adding to the conversation's playful undertone, Behar sarcastically warned about the age disparity's long-term implications, saying, "The guy is 48 [years older,] by the time she's 48, he'll be in an urn on a mantel."

Despite Behar's mocking commentary, it was acknowledged that if the couple is happy, their age difference shouldn't be of concern to others. This sentiment reflects a broader societal debate over age-gap relationships and public perception.

Belichick, who has a reported net worth of around $70 million, met Hudson during a flight in 2021 while the then-college student was working on a philosophy project. Their relationship reportedly began as a friendship but turned romantic after Belichick's breakup with his previous girlfriend, Linda Holliday.

The couple has been spotted together in public settings, including a PDA-filled afternoon in Nantucket and a shirtless sighting of Belichick outside Hudson's home, hinting that their relationship is flourishing despite the scrutiny.

As public figures under the media's watchful eyes, Belichick and Hudson's romance continues to make headlines and stir conversations, whether light-hearted like on "The View" or serious regarding societal norms and personal happiness.

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