Jon Hamm Shares DC Role That He Rejected
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The 'Mad Men' star reveals in a new interview the DC role he turned down, pitches himself for Marvel, and discusses his aspirations for the superhero genre.

AceShowbiz - Jon Hamm, known for his iconic roles in "Mad Men" and other projects, has a keen interest in joining the superhero realm. Despite being fan-casted in various upcoming Marvel and DC movies, one particular DC role has eluded him, Green Lantern.

Hamm recently confirmed that he passed on the 2011 "Green Lantern" movie, stating, "That was one I definitely didn't want to do." While he didn't elaborate on his reasons, the film's critical and commercial failure suggests it may have been a wise decision.

However, Hamm's enthusiasm for superhero media remains undeterred. He has been in talks with both Marvel and DC, and has even pitched himself for specific roles in the Marvel universe.

"I pitched myself for a couple parts of the Marvel universe, a part of a comic book that I really liked," Hamm revealed. "I was like, 'Are you going to do this story?' And they were like, 'Yeah, we're actually thinking of that.' "

While Hamm didn't disclose the character he had in mind, he expressed his admiration for Jeff Goldblum's versatile career, suggesting that he seeks a similar variety in his own work. "I'm modeling my life to be that: varied and happy and fulfilled," Hamm said.

Hamm's past near-misses with superhero roles include the role of Mister Sinister in "The New Mutants". While the role eventually went to Josh Brolin, there is speculation that Hamm could reprise the character in the MCU's upcoming "X-Men" reboot.

As DC's "Chapter One" slate, titled "Gods and Monsters" begins to take shape, there are numerous potential roles for Hamm to consider. The Brave and the Bold, for instance, is expected to feature an older Batman, leaving open the possibility that Hamm could finally don the cape and cowl. Alternatively, he could join the "Lanterns" TV series as Hal Jordan, the character he originally passed on.

While nothing concrete has been announced yet, Hamm's ongoing conversations with Marvel and DC suggest that it's only a matter of time before he enters the superhero realm. Whether he joins the MCU or the DC Universe, his passion for comic book media and his proven acting abilities make him a welcome addition to any franchise.

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