Matt Bomer and Nathan Lane to Star on a Modern Take on 'The Golden Girls'

Get ready for a gayer roommate sitcom with Matt Bomer, Nathan Lane and Linda Lavin on 'Mid-Century Modern', helmed by Ryan Murphy and inspired by the beloved classic 'The Golden Girls'.

AceShowbiz - Hulu's upcoming series "Mid-Century Modern" is set to be a splash of colorful, nostalgic fun blended with contemporary relevance. Helmed by executive producer Ryan Murphy and created by "Will & Grace" masterminds Max Mutchnick and David Kohan, this new multi-cam comedy draws heavy inspiration from the iconic "The Golden Girls".

The series will star Tony Award winner Nathan Lane and Golden Globe winner Matthew Bomer. Lane will be taking on the role similar to Dorothy, originally portrayed by Bea Arthur, while Bomer will channel the ditzy charm of Betty White's Rose. Linda Lavin, best known for her role on the classic sitcom "Alice", will join them as Lane's on-screen mother, taking on a role akin to Sophia.

The intriguing premise of "Mid-Century Modern" revolves around three best friends-gay gentlemen of a certain age-who decide to spend their golden years together in Palm Springs following an unexpected death. The wealthiest among them, Bunny Schneiderman, played by Lane, cohabits with his mother Sybil (Lavin) and a naked Gen Z housekeeper. A successful businessman with retirement on the horizon, Bunny's journey will be marked by his quest for love and self-worth.

Bomer's character, Jerry Frank, brings a unique backstory as a former Mormon who left his church and marriage in his early 20s. Now, described as "pure of heart, hard of body and soft of head," Jerry adds a layer of complexity and heart to the ensemble.

The show promises to balance heartfelt moments and witty humor, with the official logline humorously noting, "As a chosen family, they prove that no matter how hard things get, there's always someone around to remind you it would be better if you got your neck done."

Mutchnick, Kohan and Burrows, who had immense success with "Will & Grace", bring their experienced touch to "Mid-Century Modern". The original "Golden Girls" has long held a cherished spot in the LGBTQ+ community, making it fitting that its spiritual successor be set in the gay mecca of Palm Springs.

The series is positioned uniquely with its blend of nostalgia and modern, inclusive storytelling, targeting both fans of the original show and a new, younger audience. Alongside Lane's and Bomer's impressive resumes, with credits ranging from stage to screen, "Mid-Century Modern" is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated shows.

As the series moves forward, viewers can expect a blend of charming characters, witty dialogue, and poignant moments that pay homage to its predecessor while carving out a new space in the comedy landscape.

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