Justin Timberlake to Perform in Chicago Despite DWI Arrest

The 'Cry Me a River' singer is still scheduled to perform in Chicago this weekend, despite being arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) in New York.

AceShowbiz - Justin Timberlake, the beloved 43-year-old singer-songwriter, has been thrust into the spotlight for reasons other than his music. Timberlake was arrested in Sag Harbor, New York, where reports indicated he was "operating his vehicle in an intoxicated condition" after running a stop sign and failing to stay in his lane. The incident has left many of his fans in shock as he was seen "reeked of booze" and declined to take a breathalyzer test at the scene.

Timberlake has maintained silence on the issue, and questions remain about the potential impact on his ongoing tour. Yet, according to sources with direct knowledge, the pop star "will, in fact, perform in Chicago starting Friday (June 21)," despite the arrest. The performances are scheduled at the United Center, and attendees can expect his full, high-production stage show, which includes a floating, moving platform that doubles as a massive vertical video screen. The platform allows Timberlake to perform above his audience, secured by a safety harness.

Ticket prices for these Chicago concerts range dramatically, starting at $81 and going up to a staggering $5,897 for premium seats, revealing the high demand and anticipation among his fans. Notably, Timberlake began his tour in April and has received acclaim for its elaborate production values.

Meanwhile, Timberlake's next court appearance is scheduled for July 26, leaving his driving privileges suspended in New York. Though it remains uncertain if he will address his arrest during the Chicago shows, his commitment to continuing with the tour suggests a willingness to move past the controversy, focusing instead on his performances. Given that he hasn't commented publicly on the incident, fans are left in suspense over his personal reaction.

Timberlake's schedule includes two more significant dates at Madison Square Garden in New York City set for June 25 and 26. It's unclear if his arrest, which occurred in the same state, will impact these upcoming performances. However, if his Chicago shows proceed without disruption, it stands to reason that he might continue his tour plans without further hitches.

Justin Timberlake's arrest has also reignited some old controversies related to his past relationship with Britney Spears. Social media has seen an influx of Spears' fans pointing out the irony of Timberlake’s DWI, given his past comments about sobriety.

While Timberlake remains tight-lipped on his arrest, his scheduled concerts and dedication to his tour indicate a performer not willing to let a legal setback deter him from his professional commitments. As always, the show must go on.

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