Megan Thee Stallion Requests Respect at Concerts: 'Keep Your Weed Away from Me!'

The rapper took a firm yet playful stance on personal boundaries during a recent hometown concert, reminding fans of her right to a smoke-free performance environment.

AceShowbiz - Megan Thee Stallion is in high spirits as she journeys across the country to reconnect with her devoted fans, affectionately known as "Hotties." However, during a pair of sold-out performances at the Toyota Center in Houston over the weekend, the rapper made a plea for the crowd to respect her personal space by keeping marijuana smoke at bay.

The Saturday night, June 15 show unexpectedly went viral, not just for Megan's electrifying performances, but also for a candid moment when she briefly paused the concert to address the weed being smoked around her. "I said don't blow that weed by me. I don't want to be high. If I get high, the show is over," Megan declared, adding a playful twist to her serious request. "I'm going to the hospital. Call the police."

While some members of the audience were unsure how to react, others couldn't help but laugh as Megan lightheartedly twerked across the stage, waiting for the next song to begin. Despite the brief interruption, the remainder of the concert proceeded smoothly, with fans respecting her boundary.

Following her lighthearted rant, many of Megan's Hotties took to social media to defend her stance. One fan on X noted, "Megan has expressed before (in her music actually) that weed doesn't agree with her so she lightheartedly stated the show would have to be stopped if she got high because of the negative physiological effect it has on her. There was no threatening and it's her right to suggest people at HER concert keep it away from her."

Another fan echoed their support, saying, "Listen i enjoy 1 weed just as much as the next person but if you have to sneak weed into an event you need to go see that lady. It was a girl in front of me smoking at the concert last night I was so mad. Nobody wanna smell like smoke hun."

The "Hot Girl Summer Tour" continues in the marijuana-friendly state of Colorado, with a scheduled performance at Denver's Ball Arena on Monday night, June 17. As the tour heats up heading into the summer, fans eagerly await the drop of Megan's highly anticipated album, "MEGAN," set for release on June 28.

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