Taylor Swift Believed to Take a Jab at Joe Alwyn With 'Murder Mashup' at Liverpool Show

After her ex-boyfriend broke silence on their 2023 split, the Grammy winner debuts a new mashup of 2022 song 'Carolina' and her 2020 hit 'No Body No Crime' during her final show in Liverpool.

AceShowbiz - Joe Alwyn's recent interview about his breakup with Taylor Swift may have invoked the wrath of his angry ex. The singer/songwriter is believed to have taken a dig at her ex-boyfriend during her final Liverpool show after he broke his silence on their split.

Taking the stage at Antfield stadium on Saturday night, June 15 as part of her "Eras Tour", the Grammy winner debuted a new "murder mashup." She said when introducing the acoustic performance, "This one, I'm gonna call this the 'murder mashup.' "

Picking up her guitar, the country-turned-pop superstar launched into a rendition of her 2022 song "Carolina" and her 2020 hit "No Body No Crime". Interestingly, "No Body No Crime" is about a woman killing her cheating husband, while "Carolina" was a track on the 2022 murder mystery film "Where the Crawdads Sing".

"Her husband's acting different and it smells like infidelity," she sings on "No Body No Crime". "They think she did it but they just can't prove it/ She thinks I did it but she just can't prove it/ No body, no crime."

Meanwhile, the plot in "Where the Crawdad Sings" revolves around a woman suspected of killing her former lover. On the song for the film, Taylor sings, "Carolina stains/ On the dress she left/ Indelible scars, pivotal mark." She continues, "Don't leave/ I'll make a fist, I'll make it count/ And there are places I will never, ever go/ And things that only Carolina will never know."

Fans can't help but speculate that the mashup was aimed at Joe. "OK, you have to give it to Taylor. A murder mashup right before she heads to London is hysterical," one person weighed in on X, formerly known as Twitter.

"And suddenly the murder mashup makes sense now. Good for her," a second user chimed in. A third added, "Murder mashup after all this J in the media discourse. With the lyric I think he did it but I just can't prove it over and over. I mean maybe not related, but funny anyway."

Taylor was also visibly emotional during her last show in Liverpool. She fought back tears while singing "Champagne Problems". "It is genuinely such an honor to play for a crowd like this," the 34-year-old said after getting a lengthy applause from the audience. "That fact that you would do that for us - I love you so much, Liverpool. Thank you."

On the same day of Taylor's performance in Liverpool, Joe's interview with The Sunday Times Style was published. In it, he reflected on his "hard" split from Taylor. "I would hope that anyone and everyone can empathize and understand the difficulties that come with the end of a long, loving, fully committed relationship of over six and a half years," he said, acknowledging that navigating the end of their romance was "a hard thing to navigate."

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