'Power Book IV: Force' Concludes With Season 3, But Tommy Egan's Journey Continues

While 'Power Book IV: Force' reaches its final chapter with season 3, star Joseph Sikora and showrunner Gary Lennon assure that Tommy Egan's story is far from over.

AceShowbiz - The upcoming third season of 'Power Book IV: Force" will be its last, as confirmed by Joseph Sikora in a video shared across his and Starz's Instagram pages. Sikora explains, "When Gary Lennon and the other writers and I were mapping out our third season, we saw that we were telling a complete story, and that this was the perfect opportunity to stay true to our artistic vision and make this the final chapter in Tommy's journey in Chicago."

Nevertheless, fans have reasons to stay optimistic as Sikora hints that Tommy's journey is "far from over," promising that intriguing developments are on the horizon.

This announcement comes in tandem with the news that "Power Book II: Ghost" has entered its fourth and final season. With only "Power Book III: Raising Kanan" continuing at Starz, having been renewed for a fifth season in March, the "Power'" franchise is at an intriguing crossroads. Notably, "Raising Kanan" is a prequel series that dives into the origins of Kanan Stark, a character originally played by franchise creator Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson on "Power" and later by Mekai Curtis on the spin-off.

In addition, Starz revealed that a new series, "Origins", is under development, continuing the tradition of expanding the "Power" Universe. The storyline and direction for "Origins" are yet to be fully disclosed, but it signals ongoing investment in the franchise's rich narrative world.

Gary Lennon himself reflected on the bittersweet nature of concluding "Force", emphasizing, "Season 3 will question everything we thought we knew of Tommy's world and I promise you it will not disappoint! Although this may be the end of the road for 'Force', there is much more expansive, compelling storytelling for the characters within the 'Power' Universe."

These sentiments were initially echoed in a written statement and later reiterated by Sikora's video message, where he underlined the commitment to future projects within the "Power" Universe.

"Power Book IV: Force" narrates the adventures of Tommy Egan as he leaves New York for Chicago, navigating the city's underworld to establish himself as a formidable drug dealer. With a dynamic cast including Isaac Keys, Kris D. Lofton and Lili Simmons, the series has enjoyed significant viewership and accolades. Executive producers of the series encompass a powerhouse team including 50 Cent, Courtney A. Kemp, Mark Canton and more, indicating the high stakes and quality underlying each episode.

As fans bid farewell to "Power Book IV: Force", the anticipation for the next chapter in the "Power" Universe builds. Whether it's further exploits of Tommy Egan or new characters rising to prominence, one thing is clear, ghosts never die, and power never ends.

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