Kate Winslet Shuts Down 'Stupid' Feud Rumors With 'Titanic' Director James Cameron

The Oscar-winning actress and the 'Avatar' director, who worked together on the iconic 1997 film, prove their solid relationship with her starring in 'Avatar: The Way of Water'.

AceShowbiz - Kate Winslet and James Cameron, the director and star of "Titanic", have dispelled rumors of a feud between them. In a recent interview with Variety, Cameron stated, "There was never a rift between us. She had a little postpartum depression when she let go of [the character of] Rose. She and I have talked about the fact that she goes really, really deep, and her characters leave a lasting, sometimes dramatic impression on her."

Winslet expressed her disappointment that the "stupid, speculative 'Titanic' stuff" from the past overshadowed her actual relationship with Cameron. "He knows I'll be up for anything. Any challenge, any direction you want to give me, I'll do it," she said.

Winslet's comments came after Cameron admitted that he was surprised to work with her again on "Avatar: The Way of Water". He revealed that she had been "traumatized" by the "Titanic" experience and had declined to work on water-based projects for a long time.

However, Winslet has since overcome her fears and demonstrated her exceptional diving skills in "Avatar". She broke Tom Cruise's record by holding her breath underwater for seven minutes and 14 seconds.

Despite past reports of Winslet's negative experience on the "Titanic" set, she acknowledged that she did eventually "understand" Cameron. She praised his filmmaking expertise and said that working with him again on "Avatar" had been a positive experience.

The duo's current collaboration on "Avatar 3" further solidifies their professional relationship and debunks any lingering rumors of animosity.

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