'Knives Out 3' Gets Official Title, Releases Teaser

Director Rian Johnson has dropped major news about the next chapter in the wildly successful 'Knives Out' series fronted by Daniel Craig, leaving fans buzzing with excitement.

AceShowbiz - Hold onto your detective hats, mystery lovers! The future of the compelling "Knives Out" franchise has just become clearer. Writer and director Rian Johnson unveiled on social media that the upcoming third installment will be titled "Wake Up Dead Man", bringing a fresh wave of anticipation to the franchise's dedicated fanbase. Scheduled for release in 2025, the film will see the return of Daniel Craig as the indomitable detective Benoit Blanc.

In a lively announcement on Friday, May 24, Johnson revealed the film's title and confirmed that production is slated to begin soon. "Wake Up Dead Man," he wrote, succinctly summing up the title. He will once again write, direct, and produce the movie, teaming up with his long-time collaborator Ram Bergman.

Netflix, the powerhouse behind the film's distribution, backed Johnson's revelation with a teaser video, which quickly circulated online, sparking excitement among viewers.

The teaser gave fans a sneak peek into Daniel Craig's portrayal of Benoit Blanc, as he tackled what he described as his "most dangerous case yet." As of now, Craig remains the only confirmed cast member, heightening the suspense around who else might join the star-studded lineup.

Interestingly, the title "Wake Up Dead Man" is the same as a U2 song released on their 1997 album, "Pop"". This nod to rock history adds a layer of intrigue and hints at a potentially thrilling and culturally rich storyline.

The "Knives Out" series has enjoyed tremendous success since its inception. The original film, released in 2019, captivated audiences worldwide with its rich screenplay and intricate plot, earning Academy Award nominations.

Building on this success, Netflix secured the distribution rights for the next two sequels, "Glass Onion" - which premiered in 2022 - and the yet-to-be-released "Wake Up Dead Man", with a record-setting $450 million deal.

As the anticipation builds, fans can only speculate about the twists and turns that await them. Will Benoit Blanc untangle another web of deceit and treachery? One thing's certain: with Johnson and Craig at the helm, audiences are in for a spellbinding mystery that promises to deliver on all fronts.

For all the latest updates, be sure to follow official channels on social media. The detective saga continues, and "Wake Up Dead Man" is poised to be a captivating addition to the illustrious "Knives Out" series.

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