Tyga Enjoys Boat Ride at Cannes Following Huge Brawl With Travis Scott

The 'Freaky Deaky' rapper looks unbothered as he is cruising on a boat at Cannes, the day after he and friends got into a physical altercation with his rap and love rival, Travis Scott.

AceShowbiz - On Friday morning, May 24, footage emerged of a large brawl involving Travis Scott and Tyga's assistants at Richie Akiva's "The After" afterparty in Cannes, France.

The incident began when Akiva acknowledged Tyga and his friend Alexander "AE" Edwards at the DJ booth. Reportedly, Scott took offense and smashed the mic before leaving and returning with his producer Southside.

Southside and Edwards then engaged in a physical altercation, with Scott intervening and exchanging blows with Edwards. Tyga's assistants reportedly came to Edwards' aid, and models were seen "flying everywhere" during the melee. According to a witness, someone was struck with an ice bucket.

Sources claim that Scott initiated the aggression, prompting Edwards to attempt to de-escalate the situation. However, Scott returned with Southside and allegedly told Tyga's security, "Y'all [N-word] wanna die?"

Tyga himself is said to have remained behind the DJ booth and did not actively participate in the brawl. However, his assistants helped Edwards subdue Scott. Video footage shows Scott and Southside fighting Edwards onstage while partygoers look on in disbelief.

Despite the violence, security eventually intervened, and the party continued as if nothing had happened. Scott and Southside left in their cars while Tyga and Edwards stayed at the party until the early morning hours.

On Instagram, Tyga shared a video of himself cruising on a boat in Cannes, seemingly unfazed by the incident. Fans expressed relief that he was unharmed but requested more details.

The reason for Scott's initial outburst remains unclear, as there is no known animosity between him and Tyga beyond their shared history with Kylie Jenner. However, sources indicate that long-standing tension between the two men may have contributed to the incident.

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