Kenzie Petty Wins 'Survivor' Season 46 in Dramatic Finale

The season is full of twists and turns, with the jury ultimately deciding that Kenzie's social game and ability to connect with people has earned her the $1 million prize.

AceShowbiz - It all came down to tonight's finale to determine who in the Season 46 cast of Survivor would take home the $1 million top prize.

A final Tribal Council was held, allowing the remaining players to plead their case for winning to the jury members.

The jury then voted for which player was the "Sole Survivor" to take home the show's grand prize.

Tonight's show saw Kenzie Petty as the winner of Survivor 46.

Her friendly attitude served her well, as she beat her fellow final three contestants Charlie Davis and Ben Katzman by a vote of 5-3-0.

"Yeah, I got brought along on votes," she told the jury in a spasm of honesty.

"I'll take it. I'll own it. It's true. I'm not going to say I drove a vote."

Kenzie's victory started with the finale's first immunity challenge.

After solving the puzzle, Kenzie could not figure out the clue to "Count the number of geckos, puzzle pieces, and holes in your plank."

But Liz Wilcox went racing back to retrieve Kenzie's plank, thereby denying Maria Shrime Gonzalez from winning a fourth immunity challenge.

In the end, Charlie was taken by Ben to the final three, while Kenzie and Liz battled it out in fire.

Kenzie won, advancing to the final Tribal Council, and ultimately victory.

After a season full of twists and turns, the jury crowned the "sole survivor" as Kenzie Petty, who has claimed the CBS competition show's grand $1 million cash prize.

Petty, a 29-year-old salon owner from Charlotte, North Carolina, became one of the top five finalists alongside Charlie Davis, a 26-year-old law student from Boston, Massachusetts; Maria Shrime Gonzalez, a 48-year-old parent coach from Dallas, Texas; Ben Katzman, a 31-year-old musician from Miami, Florida; and Liz Wilcox, a 35-year-old marketing strategist from Orlando, Florida.

Of the five contestants last standing, Davis, Shrime Gonzalez and Katzman were all a part of the Siga tribe, while Petty was part of the Yanu tribe and Wilcox joined as a part of the Nami.

The winner was crowned during the three-hour Season 46 finale of "Survivor" on Wednesday, which saw the remaining five castaways overcome multiple obstacles and battle it out in the penultimate immunity challenge.

After dwindling down to the final three contestants, the sole survivor was crowned.

The Season 46 premiere introduced fans to 18 castaways who would be stranded on the islands of Fiji and forced to form a new society as they adapt to their new physical and social surroundings.

After being divided into three tribes of six, one contestant from each tribe was challenged to track down essential camp supplies for their tribe in the two-hour premiere episode.

"Survivor" Season 47 will kick off this fall with 90-minute episodes on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. while "Survivor" Season 48 is slated to launch in the spring of 2025 with 90-minute episodes in the same timeslot.

Jeff Probst will continue to serve as host and executive producer.

"Survivor" Season 46 is now streaming on Paramount+.

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