Diddy Reportedly Prepares for Possible RICO Indictment

The Bad Boy Records founder is said to have put together a legal dream team to fight a possible RICO case amid federal investigation for alleged sex trafficking and other allegations against the rapper.

AceShowbiz - Sean "P. Diddy" Combs may be praying for the best, but he has prepared for the worst. Rumor has it that the embattled hip-hop figure has put together a legal dream team as he anticipates a possible RICO indictment "any day now."

A source tells Media Take Out that the rapper's legal team has warned him of the aftermath of federal investigation for alleged sex trafficking and other allegations against him. They believe that federal indictments could be handed out "any day now."

According to the "rock solid source," Diddy's lawyers have informed him that they believe federal agents are putting together a grand jury, which could imminently indict the star. Diddy's team is reportedly worried most about a possible RICO case, which would tie all of his alleged depraved activities, from the beatings of Cassie to alleged sex trafficking, into a single charge which carries an up to 20 years to life sentence.

"Diddy told everyone close to him to prepare for the worst. He says that his lawyers are expecting a grand jury to look into a RICO," the source spills. The so-called insider adds, "[They] believe that the leaked video came from the feds, who obtained the footage during one of the raids to Diddy's home. [According to Diddy's camp] the feds put it out to get any potential jurors to hate Diddy, just before the indictment."

But the Bad Boy Records founder isn't going down without a fight. "Diddy is spending millions on his expanded legal team. He's planning for this case to be bigger than O.J. Simpson," says the informant.

Prior to this, Gloria Allred has said that video of Diddy assaulting Cassie in 2016 could potentially lead to federal racketeering charges against him if it provides evidence of sex crimes like trafficking. The prominent victims' right attorney said on Saturday, May 18 on "NewsNation Prime", "So we'll have to wait and see if any charges are filed by the federal government."

Gloria's statement came after the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office stated on Friday that they would be unable to charge Diddy in the incident because it "occurred beyond the timeline where a crime of assault can be prosecuted."

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