Kate Beckinsale Channels Old Man With Young Bride Amid Aging Criticism

Responding to relentless criticism about her appearance, the 'Underworld' actress channels J. Howard Marshall accompanied by a friend who dressed up as Anna Nicole Smith.

AceShowbiz - Kate Beckinsale has taken an unconventional approach to shutting down critics who have accused her of plastic surgery and inappropriate dressing for her age. On Wednesday, May 8, the 50-year-old actress shared a series of Instagram photos and videos featuring herself adorned as the elderly billionaire J. Howard Marshall for Halloween in October 2023.

"New deal. This is all you're getting. Hope it is less triggering and more what you consider age appropriate. Sayonara b****es," she captioned one image of herself in a wheelchair with a white cat.

Accompanying the old man costume were photos from a shoot with a friend who dressed up as Anna Nicole Smith to recreate the couple's 1994 wedding. Beckinsale sported an all-white suit with platform heels, while her friend mimicked Smith's puffy-shouldered gown.

Beckinsale disabled comments on all six Instagram posts to avoid further backlash.

The old man photos were posted following a since-deleted post on Sunday where she admitted to suffering from "severe anxiety" about aging. "I hate adding to this conversation, but insidious bullying of any kind takes a toll," she wrote.

Beckinsale claimed that she has been accused of cosmetic procedures since she was around 30, despite having a plastic surgeon confirm that she has not had any. She also addressed her acceptance of aging, noting that having lost her father at a young age has made her less concerned about it.

However, Beckinsale emphasized that the constant accusations of plastic surgery and being obsessed with youth were ironic, considering her past struggles with anxiety and fears of dying young. While acknowledging that her social media response might not end the rumors, she urged people to stop the bullying.

"Please stop now," she concluded. "Whatever someone looks like, accusing them constantly of things they haven't done is bullying."

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