Tiffany Haddish Left Shaken After Car Accident on Her Way to Interview

The 'Girls Trip' actress shares a scary experience during a sit-down with Dax Shepard after she got into a car accident while en route to the podcast interview.

AceShowbiz - Tiffany Haddish, a renowned actress and comedian, faced a terrifying ordeal that could have taken a tragic turn while she was on her way to record an episode of Dax Shepard's podcast, "Armchair Expert." The incident unfolded on May 6, leaving Haddish visibly shaken but, thankfully, unharmed.

The first minutes of the podcast were dedicated to discussing the immediate aftermath of the accident. Haddish, 44, humorously recounted the moment of the crash, revealing how her first thought was whether to pretend to be more injured than she was, especially after noticing that some of her fans had recognized her at the scene.

"When the car spun around, I was sitting there. I was trembling a little bit, and I was like, 'Where did my phone go?' Because it flew out of the holder, and it hit me in the arm and the leg," Haddish shared, painting a vivid picture of the confusion that ensued.

Despite the scare, the "Girls Trip" star managed to keep her cool. After the initial shock, she found herself wondering about the identity of the other person involved in the accident. The driver, who turned out to be a fan and someone she later recognized from the L.A. comedy club The Comedy Store, expressed concern for her well-being.

"I see the guy get out the car, and he's walking towards me. And he's like, 'Are you okay? He said, 'Oh, s***. I hit my favorite person,' " she recalled. "And I'm trembling, and I'm like, 'Did I f*** this guy before? Do I know him?' … And he kept saying 'are you alright? Are you good?' "

Dax Shepard, 49, who quickly arrived at the scene to pick Haddish up, offered to take her home. However, determined not to let the accident overshadow her commitment, Haddish bravely decided to proceed with the podcast recording. "No, because I'm just going to sit around and cry," she replied to Shepard's offer.

Throughout the incident, Haddish exhibited remarkable strength and humor. Her decision to continue with her professional engagements immediately after such a scary event is a testament to her formidable spirit and dedication. Not only did she manage to communicate her experience with grace, but she also used the opportunity to highlight the importance of confronting and releasing trauma in a healthy manner.

For young people everywhere, Tiffany Haddish's ordeal serves as a powerful reminder of the unpredictability of life and the strength that lies in facing challenges head-on. Her ability to inject humor into a frightening situation, while also acknowledging the importance of mental health, makes her story not just a tantalizing piece of celebrity news, but a lesson in resilience and courage.

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