Aoki Lee Simmons Confirms Her Parents' Concerns Following Fling With 65-Year-Old Vittorio Assaff

Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons' 21-year-old daughter has shared a new cryptic post that offers a hint at mom and dad's response to her hooking up with much-older man.

AceShowbiz - Model Aoki Lee Simmons, 21, has shared a cryptic Instagram post that seemingly hints at her parents' apprehension about her brief fling with 65-year-old restaurateur Vittorio Assaf.

Aoki posted a quote from an interview with actress Chloe Sevigny, who described her parents' fear and protectiveness during her own teenage years.

The quote reads, "That was my big year of going out... I do know for my mom it was very terrifying, but I checked in a lot, and my dad would always remind her that there was more good in the world than bad."

Aoki also highlighted Chloe's remarks about her parents' concerns about drugs, "They were pretty worried about drugs, but I just never liked doing them. I've never even done cocaine. I partook in other things: acid, ecstasy, candyflipping."

Aoki captioned the post, "Her words [are] also mine [at this point]."

Aoki Lee Simmons hints at the aftermath of her conteroversial fling

Aoki Lee Simmons hints at the aftermath of her controversial fling

The upload comes a week after viral PDA photos of Aoki and Vittorio surfaced. Both Russell and Kimora have publicly expressed their reactions.

Russell stated that he would not condemn his daughter's choices but would offer guidance and unwavering support. Kimora, on the other hand, shared a video of a protective mother bear with the caption "on [her] last nerve."

Sources claim that Aoki and Vittorio are now "100 percent done." Aoki herself has expressed feelings of sadness and fatigue on social media.

Notably, Aoki's parents have an age gap of their own, with Russell being 19 years older than Kimora. This may add another layer of complexity to their concerns about their daughter's relationship with a significantly older man.

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