Jelly Roll Sued by Band With Similar Name for Trademark Infringement

The 'Son of a Sinner' crooner is being taken to court by a wedding band Jellyroll for allegedly violating the trademark rights held by the group since 2010.

AceShowbiz - Country music star Jason DeFord, known professionally as Jelly Roll, is facing a federal lawsuit from a Philadelphia-based wedding band named Jellyroll. The lawsuit alleges that DeFord's use of the Jelly Roll stage name violates the trademark rights held by the wedding band since 2010.

Kurt Titchenell, a band member of Jellyroll, has filed a complaint accusing DeFord of infringing on their trademark. Titchenell claims that the band has used the Jellyroll name since 1980 and has built a strong reputation and market presence with it.

According to the lawsuit, DeFord's recent rise to fame, particularly his hit songs "Son of a Sinner" and "Need a Favor," has led to confusion in the marketplace. Potential clients searching for the Jellyroll wedding band are now finding search results dominated by references to DeFord. This is allegedly damaging the band's ability to gain exposure and book gigs.

Titchenell's lawyers have sent a cease-and-desist letter to DeFord and have had several conversations with his team to resolve the issue, but no resolution has been reached. They now seek an immediate court order to stop DeFord from using the Jelly Roll name.

The lawsuit specifically points to an upcoming concert at Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center in October, alleging that DeFord's use of the Jelly Roll name in connection with the concert is causing irreparable harm to the wedding band.

DeFord has not yet publicly commented on the lawsuit.

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