Taylor Swift's Music Returns to TikTok After Dispute Over Royalties
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The songs by the 'Speak Now' hitmaker have reappeared on the social media platform following a brief absence because of the dispute over licensing and royalties.

AceShowbiz - On April 11, TikTok users rejoiced as the music of Taylor Swift, distributed by Universal Music Group (UMG), reappeared on the streaming platform. In late February, UMG and TikTok had a licensing dispute, resulting in the removal of music from artists like Swift, Drake, and Lady Gaga.

Swift, who has owned the publishing rights to her songs since 2019, may have negotiated independently with TikTok to restore her music, as only her songs have returned. However, other UMG artists, such as Olivia Rodrigo and Bad Bunny, have also had their music reinstated.

Some fans speculate that Swift's ownership of the master recordings for her UMG albums, including "Lover", "Folklore", and the Taylor's Versions re-recordings, gave her the leverage to broker a separate deal. However, it's not confirmed if this is the reason.

The return of Swift's music coincides with the upcoming release of her 11th studio album, "The Tortured Poets Department", on April 19. Fans are eager to use her music in their TikTok videos, especially with the album's expected success.

UMG and TikTok have not publicly disclosed the terms of their agreement or why Swift's music was restored before others. The licensing dispute highlighted the ongoing tension between record labels and streaming platforms over fair compensation for artists and songwriters.

Despite the brief hiatus, Swift's music remains a powerful force in the music industry. Her return to TikTok will undoubtedly inspire countless creative videos and further solidify her status as one of the most beloved artists of our time.

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