Jay Leno Officially Obtains Conservatorship of Wife Mavis Amid Her Battle With Advanced Dementia
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The former 'Tonight Show' host has been legally named the conservator of his wife Mavis Leno who has been progressively losing capacity and orientation due to dementia.

AceShowbiz - Jay Leno has been granted conservatorship of his wife of over four decades, Mavis Leno, following her diagnosis with dementia.

At a hearing in Los Angeles County Superior Court on April 9, Mavis' lawyer stated that she was in agreement with the arrangement and receiving excellent care from her husband. The judge agreed, noting that Mavis was in a "least restrictive environment" and well-cared for by Leno.

The judge acknowledged that Mavis "consents" to the conservatorship and confirmed Leno's suitability for the role. Leno is currently in the process of estate planning and reviewing his wife's will. All assets are considered common property, so there will be no issues under the conservatorship.

Earlier this month, Mavis' court-appointed attorney, Robert Ostrin, reported that Mavis "sometimes does not know her husband or her date of birth." Despite her disorientation and ruminations about deceased family members, Ostrin described the couple's relationship as "loving and supportive."

Leno filed for conservatorship in January after Mavis was diagnosed with "advanced dementia." His motive was to establish a living trust to ensure that she has managed assets for future care if he predeceases her.

The couple, who have been married since 1980, met at a comedy club in the 1970s. Leno has previously praised his wife for being someone who helps him be a better person.

The couple was recently spotted on a date night in West Hollywood.

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