Jay Leno Seeks to Establish Conservatorship Over Wife Mavis Amid Her Advanced Dementia Batlle
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The former host of 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' reportedly files court documents as the comedian is seeking to establish a conservatorship over his wife due to her health issue.

AceShowbiz - According to court documents obtained by E! News, Jay Leno has filed paperwork seeking to establish a conservatorship over his wife Mavis Leno's estate due to her advanced dementia.

Mavis' court-appointed counsel, Ronald Ostrin, revealed that she "sometimes does not know her husband, Jay, nor her date of birth." Ostrin's filing also notes that Mavis suffers from "disorientation" and frequently reminisces about her deceased parents. Despite her cognitive impairment, Ostrin stated that Mavis "still has a charming personality and could communicate." She also expressed a strong desire to vote and engage in philanthropic work, showing her continued connection to her surroundings.

Dr. Hart Cohen, Mavis' neurologist, has been treating her since a car accident in 2018. He confirmed her diagnosis of advanced dementia and praised Jay for his dedication to her care.

Ostrin interviewed both Jay as well as Mavis and reviewed medical records to support his recommendation that Jay be appointed as conservator of her estate. He emphasized the need for planning to ensure Mavis' well-being if something were to happen to Jay.

In his petition, Jay stated that he has always handled the couple's finances and wants to ensure that Mavis has sufficient assets to provide for her future care. However, he is not requesting a conservatorship over Mavis' person, which would grant him control over her care and safety.

Mavis has consented to the conservatorship and trusts Jay to protect her. Ostrin stated that Jay "seems to be a standup guy" whose private persona matches his public image.

Jay and Mavis have enjoyed a long-term, loving marriage but have never had any children. The court is expected to hear Jay's conservatorship motion on April 9 in Los Angeles Superior Court.

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