Rebel Wilson Claims Adele Hates Her Because of This Reason

The 'Pitch Perfect' actress says people often confuse her with the 'Someone Like You' hitmaker because they are both plus size and the British singer doesn't like the comparison.

AceShowbiz - In her new memoir, "Rebel Rising," Rebel Wilson alleges that singer Adele is uncomfortable around her due to their shared experiences as plus-size women in Hollywood. Wilson claims that she has never directly asked Adele about her suspicions, but infers that Adele dislikes being compared to her iconic "Pitch Perfect" character, "Fat Amy."

According to Wilson, who gained fame for her comedic roles portraying overweight characters, she noticed that Adele would "always quickly turn away" when they crossed paths at events. She speculates that this behavior stems from Adele's discomfort with the association between her and Wilson's larger body type.

Despite her past advocacy for body positivity, Wilson has undergone significant weight loss in recent years. She lost approximately 80 pounds during her "Year of Health" in 2020, a decision she made after facing challenges in conceiving a child.

Wilson's weight loss journey has been met with mixed reactions. While she expressed confidence in her new physique, she also acknowledged feelings of regret for not losing the weight sooner. However, she emphasized the importance of self-improvement and the value of embracing one's current state.

Although Wilson acknowledges gaining some weight back after the birth of her daughter, she remains committed to her health and well-being.

Adele has not publicly commented on Wilson's claims. Representatives for Adele have not responded to requests for clarification.

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