Rebel Wilson 'Contacted' by Other Women After Accusing Sacha Baron Cohen of Sexual Harassment
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The 'Pitch Perfect' actress reveals other women with similar experiences have reached out to her after she slammed 'Brothers Grimsby' co-star for humiliating experience on set.

AceShowbiz - Actress Rebel Wilson has received support from several women since she made public her sexual harassment allegations against comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. Wilson, 44, claims that Cohen humiliated and degraded her on the set of the 2016 film "The Brothers Grimsby."

"It's up to them whether they want to go public with their stories. Because it is hard to say something against somebody who's high profile, because they hit you with high-price lawyers and crisis PR people and all sorts of little tricks," she said.

Wilson expressed comfort in the support she has received, saying that the women contacted her to share their own stories. "It doesn't feel great when all I'm doing is sharing my story in my memoir, which I am very entitled to do," she stated. "But I always think the truth will come out."

Cohen has vehemently denied Wilson's accusations through his lawyers, claiming they have "no basis in reality" and are a "cynical commercial ploy."

Wilson's allegations are believed to have played a role in Cohen's separation from his wife, Isla Fisher. The couple announced their divorce just days after Fisher was seen out with Michelle Dockery and Naomi Watts.

Wilson's memoir, "Rebel Rising," details her experience on the "Grimsby" set and her regret for not taking stronger action at the time. She noted that the industry's culture at the time was different and lacked intimacy coaches.

"The great thing about having the #MeToo movement is that now if something happened like that, the 44-year-old version of myself would just get out of it, put them on blast publicly, because I won't stand for that," she said.

Wilson's allegations have raised eyebrows in Hollywood, with some speculating that they may have contributed to Cohen and Fisher's decision to divorce. Fisher has reportedly been "embarrassed" by the accusations.

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