Yung Miami Denies Helping Diddy to Smuggle Drugs

The City Girls star insists she had nothing to do with the scandal involving her former boyfriend amid accusations that she served as a drug mule for him.

AceShowbiz - City Girls rapper Yung Miami has been facing scrutiny due to her silence on allegations against her former boyfriend, P. Diddy. Despite distancing herself from Diddy by removing him from her reality show, she has recently been dragged into the controversy following police raids on two of his properties.

Rumors surfaced online that Miami was acting as an informant during the raids, but she has since denied these claims. However, she was then included in a lawsuit filed by producer Lil Rod, who accused her of being a drug trafficker for Diddy. In the lawsuit, Lil Rod's lawyer mentioned Miami directly, claiming she was involved in securing and selling tuci.

Miami's legal team swiftly responded with evidence that showed her in New York for the Met Gala, far from Diddy and his crew in Virginia at the time of the alleged drug trafficking.

Despite these allegations, Miami has remained focused on her career. She recently released a preview of an upcoming single with Skilla Baby and has defended herself on Twitter.

It remains to be seen whether Miami will face any consequences due to her association with Diddy. However, her lawyers have been working diligently to clear her name and protect her reputation amidst the ongoing legal troubles.

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