Piers Morgan Teases 'Alarming' Rumors About Kate Middleton Amid Health Issues
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Meanwhile, some of Princess of Wales' senior staffers allegedly haven't been in contact with the royal amid the growing concern about her well-being following her abdominal surgery.

AceShowbiz - Piers Morgan weighed in on the drama surrounding Kate Middleton. In a new episode of his show "Uncensored", the controversial TV personality claimed that the Buckingham Palace could be hiding something as he's heard "alarming things" about the Princess of Wales.

Piers said in the Thursday, March 14 episode of his show, "I've been told some stuff that, if even half of it is true, it's pretty alarming what is happening." He continued, "I don't know what to believe, nor do any of us - we're not there."

The 58-year-old broadcaster, however, didn't offer details about the rumors he's heard during the episode. He also clarified that he couldn't confirm if what he had been told was true.

Another report appeared to back Piers' comments. It claimed that several of Kate's senior staffers haven't been in contact with her following her abdominal surgery in January and that those who know about Kate's actual condition remain mum.

"A few of Kate's senior staffers haven't been able to see or speak to her, and they didn't even know about the surgery until it was announced, so it's caught them off guard," a source spilled to Us Weekly on Wednesday. "Only a few people know what's really going on, and they're tight-lipped."

On the other hand, a royal expert claimed that Kate could be traumatized following the Photoshop debacle. Russell Myers shared that the criticism over her editing attempt might make her not want to post any picture again.

"They put the picture out and I suppose they will have to have a review of this process," he said on "Royal Beat" podcast. "What I think is going to be the biggest shame of all is Kate may never put a picture out again."

He added, "And we've had years of her putting out pictures of the children on their birthday, Louis' first day at school, their Christmas card. If she doesn't do that, that's such a massive shame for her."

Kate was forced to issue an apology after people noticed some Photoshop fails in her Mother's Day portrait, featuring her and her three kids. In a statement posted on her and Prince William's official social media accounts, Kate said, "Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused."

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