'Squid Game' Star O Yeong-Su Found Guilty of Sexual Misconduct, Handed Jail Sentence

The South Korean actor famous for his role in Netflix's hit series 'Squid Game' has been sentenced to prison after he was convicted of sexual misconduct.

AceShowbiz - O Yeong-Su, the renowned South Korean actor known for his role in Netflix's "Squid Game", has been convicted of sexual misconduct stemming from a 2017 incident.

The 79-year-old actor was initially charged in 2022 after a woman accused him of inappropriately touching her. On Friday, March 15, the Suwon District Court in South Korea sentenced O to eight months in prison, suspended for two years. He was also ordered to complete 40 hours of sexual violence treatment.

According to court officials, the incident occurred in a rural area of South Korea while O was staying there for a theater performance. The court found that O inappropriately touched the victim, including hugging, holding her hand, and kissing her cheek against her will.

O has denied the allegations, claiming that he only held the victim's hands to guide her. However, as per AFP, the court stated that the victim's diary entries and counseling records supported her claims and were "consistent with what happened."

In 2022, O became the first South Korean actor to win a Golden Globe for his supporting role in "Squid Game", a hit Netflix series about contestants competing in deadly children's games for a chance to escape debt. The controversy surrounding the accusations has reportedly led to his removal from an upcoming South Korean film.

O has indicated that he will appeal the decision. Prosecutors originally closed the case in 2021 due to insufficient evidence, but it was reopened after the victim appealed.

Womenlink, a South Korean women's rights group, welcomed the ruling, calling it a step forward in holding perpetrators of sexual violence accountable.

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