Kevin Hart 'Cheers' Katt Williams From Afar Despite Being Accused of Stealing His Movie Roles
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The 'Jumanji: The Next Level' actor also makes it clear that instead of getting butthurt by Katt's diss in a recent interview with Shannon Sharpe, he finds it entertaining.

AceShowbiz - Kevin Hart has nothing but love for Katt Williams despite his diss. The "Jumanji: The Next Level" actor said he "cheers" Katt from afar although the latter accused him of stealing his movie roles.

When speaking to WSJ. magazine, the 44-year-old addressed Katt's recent rant in Shannon Sharpe's "Club Shay Shay" podcast. Instead of getting butthurt by it, the "Central Intelligence" star called the criticism an "entertainment."

"If that's what he fuels himself off, God bless him," he added. "Good for him. I hope he gets all that he needs and he wants, and I'm here cheering for him from afar."

"That's my real energy," he insisted. "I really mean it! That's how happy and secure I am with my career and my life."

Katt took a dig at him during the headline-making interview. "For a five-year period, every single movie that Kevin Hart did was a movie that had been on my desk that all I had said was just, 'Can we take some of this Stepin Fetchit s**t out and then I can do it,' " Katt said, referencing the 1930s black actor who found fame for playing someone lazy.

"Like it don't need to be overtly homosexual cuz I'm not homosexual right? It doesn't need that to be funny, right? And me saying that and them going, 'Oh yeah, no problem,' and then going to give it to this other guy and having him do it just like it was and acting like I'm a bad person because I keep standing on my standard," Katt went on ranting. "Yeah, it's interesting, but I wouldn't change it for the world. Again, I'm on the winning side of these decisions."

At that time, Kevin hit back via X, formerly Twitter, "Gotta get that anger up outcha champ….It's honestly sad." He then promoted his new movie "Lift" by writing, "In the meantime…. Please enjoy MY MOVIE TRAILER to my next film 'LIFT' which will be dropping on @netflix in 8 days!!!!"

"There is a moment in the trailer where @gugumbatharaw says 'They Really Love You' ….I now know she's talking about 'Katt' Mark yo calendars world!!!!" he further detailed. "This one is SPECIAL!!!!"

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