Travis Kelce Loves His New 'Rugged' Power After Growing His Beard

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end explains why he decided to grow his facial hair in one of the new podcast episodes with his brother, also NFL athlete Jason Kelce.

AceShowbiz - Travis Kelce hasn't clipped his growing beard since before Christmas as he thinks it gives him "rugged" power. The tight end, 34, who will have a showdown with the San Francisco49ers in this Sunday's February 11 Super Bowl alongside his Kansas City Chiefs team, opened up about the reason behind his lack of facial grooming in the latest episode of his and his fellow NFL player brother Jason Kelce's "New Heights" podcast.

Travis replied, "We're growing it. Putting in that work," when Philadelphia Eagles centre, Jason, 36, asked his younger sibling - who has been dating singer Taylor Swift, 34, since last summer, "Dude, what is going on with the beard right now by the way?"

When Travis admitted he hasn't touched his beard since "before Christmas," Jason asked if it was a "playoff beard" or "an ode to your hockey roots."

Travis responded, "My hockey roots. It's also an ode to just like, the ups and downs of the season. Like, I've been working for something. Like, I've been focused on something. Like I've been working towards getting (stuff) done."

Jason, who has also sported a huge beard in the past, was also told by Travis it made him feel rugged, and added, "That's a working man's beard right there."

Travis went on that he could feel "the power" of his face fuzz, and credited it with helping him be better on the field. He said, "I've been playing way better since I've been growing it."

Travis has also created "buzz" among fans with his buzzcut fade haircut. A recent New York Times article labelled it the "Travis Kelce haircut," claiming people across the country had begun asking for the football player's look at barbershops.

But Travis said, "Yeah, can you guys stop telling people I invented the fade? I didn't. I walked in the barber shop one day, didn't even know what I was getting. I didn't invent the fade."

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