Courteney Cox Under Fire for Making Fun of L.A. Flooding in Video

The 'Scream' star garners mixed reactions after she posts a hilarious video to make light of California's extreme weather that has 'unleashed at least 475 mudslides in the Los Angeles.'

AceShowbiz - Courteney Cox has landed in hot water after attempting to find humor on literally gloomy days. The actress has sparked debate about whether it's appropriate or not to make fun of the flooding in Los Angeles.

On Wednesday, February 7, the Monica Geller on NBC's "Friends" posted on her Instagram page a hilarious video that saw her pretending to adjust to the extreme weather in California. In the clip, she did some activities in her home which was flooded with waters.

The 59-year-old came home and searched for her dog, which submerged in the waters. After rescuing the pup, she took it to higher grounds, where she pretended to read a book with the dog while sitting in an armchair in the corner of her living room.

The "Scream" star later played the piano underwater. She also quenched her thirst with the imaginary flood water after emptying her first glass. "Finally getting used to the LA rain," she captioned the clip, which was seemingly made with the Lidar AR Filter app to superimpose the visual of water onto existing footage.

The video soon garnered mixed reactions from social media users, with one person sharing, "For someone whose house has flooded, this is not appreciated." Another echoed the sentiment, "As someone whose home was destroyed by hurricane flooding, I fail to see the humor in this, especially coming from a person of privilege."

"Don't see the humor in this; she can fix it with all her money! What about the ones that can't ?" a third critic said. A fourth person similarly noted, "You do know that people have lost their homes due to floods, right?"

"Wow. Amazingly tone deaf considering what other Southern Californians are going through," a fifth user called Courteney out for the video. Another warned the star, "This probably wasn't such a good idea. I doubt it was posted to offend those who were affected, I don't think thought was had as it probably should have... Hopefully she'll delete it."

Some others, however, managed to find the humor in Courteney's video. "I see people get offended by this like it's something that's never happened before. Realize you're privileged as well. ... Grow up; this can be funny," one follower reacted to the backlash.

"Sometimes you have to find humor when going thru difficult times," another wrote in the comments section. Weighing in on the matter, someone penned, "Our home was flooded during a hurricane and I am not offended by this post. It is creative and funny. Stop imposing our issues on other people. She has a right to post what she wants, and you have a right to not watch."

One other defender said, "In a world that is crazy and making everyone stressed, I think this video has a purpose to make us forget our problems for a moment and laugh. @courteneycoxofficial is not here to offend anyone." Meanwhile, Salma Hayek simply praised Courteney for her "brilliant" idea.

Courteney has not responded to the criticism and the video is still up on her account. The extreme weather in California has "unleashed at least 475 mudslides in the Los Angeles" and dumped "more than half the amount of rainfall the city typically gets in a season in just two days," per The Associated Press.

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