Paulina Porizkova Vows to Embrace Scars From Hip Replacement Surgery
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One week after going under the knife to have her hip replaced, the former 'America's Next Top Model' judge shares an update on her condition and shows off the scars.

AceShowbiz - Paulina Porizkova has vowed to embrace her scars from a recent surgery. One week after undergoing hip replacement surgery, the former judge on "America's Next Top Model" opened up about her thoughts on the two scars.

On Thursday, February 1, the 58-year-old supermodel made use of her Instagram account to share her journey in accepting the scars from the surgery. In the caption of her new post, she wrote, "Going into this surgery, I couldn't help but think about scars. The ones I have, I embrace. But I have no desire to make new ones."

Paulina went on to recall, "On our vacation, I kept saying goodbye to the smooth skin across my hip bones, even as I felt guilty for being vain. When I shopped for orthopedic specialists, I did factor in the way in which they made incisions. @roydavidovitchmd was one who did the 'bikini' scar routinely. And who was entirely game to have a plastic surgeon, his friend Dr. Peirre Saadeh at @nyulangone close up the incisions."

"After surgery, the incisions were covered for three days," she continued. " 'It'll look gnarly when you remove the dressings,' Dr. Davidovitch cautioned me. So pre-warned, I found the incisions mostly - interesting? I studied the placement of the incisions, the way the stitches were made and admired the handiwork of two skilled doctors. It's like they belonged to someone else."

Paulina further explained, "Today is day 7 post op/ 1 week. I know the incisions will soon become a part of me. They will be a reminder of old pain and new victories. They will join all of the other inscriptions on my body and mind - both visible and invisible - all of which, ultimately, will be the glue that holds me together, a netting of past fractures which have healed stronger."

"They will become a part of what constitutes the map of me," the beauty added. "And like all other scars on my outside and inside, I will accept them. I will be proud of them. But I have no intention of courting new ones."

In the same post, Paulina released a series of photos highlighting the scars. In the snaps, it could be seen that the scars were slightly above both of her upper thighs. She also offered a closer look at the two scars, which appeared red.

The post came days after Paulina broke the news about her undergoing a hip replacement surgery. Despite the challenging time, she voiced her gratitude by writing via Instagram, "Even as I'm anxious about the surgery, in a general 'surgery-is-not-how-I'd-like-to-spend-my-free-time,' I'm so grateful this is a fixable problem!"

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