Disturbed's David Draiman Stands Up for Taylor Swift Against Haters at Band's Concert

The heavy metal band receives praises from both their fans and Swifties after defending the pop superstar against haters who appear to diminish her and her music.

AceShowbiz - Different genres doesn't give Disturbed a reason to disrespect other artists. The band has been praised after frontman David Draiman stood up for Taylor Swift against haters, who booed the country-turned-pop superstar, at the band's concert.

During a Friday night, January 19 tour stop in Peoria, Ill, David brought two tween-age girls and their fathers up on stage and had them introduce themselves to the audience. "So I take it that you came to the Disturbed concert, as opposed to the Taylor Swift concert, means that your parents are raising you on rock and roll," he said to the girls, quickly clarifying that he meant no harm towards Taylor, "Hey, don't forget: Taylor Swift still kicks a**."

But the crowd had mixed response to David's remarks, with some people erupting in cheers and others booing. In response to the jeers, the singer said, "You know what? I will stand up and applaud any pop artist that gets up on stage and sings live and plays a guitar live in front of a whole group of f**king thousands of girls and guys, young fans."

He went on defending the "Anti-Hero" songstress, "Don't talk s**t about Taylor Swift. She is for real. And she's making sure that an entire generation of new music fans understand what it means to actually play music live."

After a TikTok user shared a video of the moment, folks showered David and Disturbed with praises for supporting their fellow artist. "Disturbed already had my respect but now they have my love," one person reacted to the video.

Another fan wrote, "Been a disturbed fan for years, and now I love them even more! When worlds collide." A third tried to alert Taylor of Disturbed's positive comments on her, "@Taylor Swift these are the people that take care of your name when you're not in the room."

Someone remarked, "and suddenly the Swifties will stan Disturbed with their lives!" Another fan made a public plea, "Taylor Swift and Disturbed is the collab I never knew I needed," while one other added, "Real artists and songwriters know how talented TS is. She is the most prolific songwriter since [Bruce Springsteen] and [Paul McCartney]."

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